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Pink Floyd - The Great Gig On The Moon 1972 (Bootleg)

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This is a good performance and great sound quality, audience noise is perfect and not annoying at all,  from a show from before DSOTM was released, you get the old school version here complete with 'On The Run' jam session and also the 'The Mortality Sequence' the place of Great Gig In The Sky.

The original info says this is the best show from 1972, well I have a bunch to go thru but this one is a pretty solid 4/5, mainly let down by a fairly ordinary performance. I think the commentators on the info must not have heard this version before!

The highlights for me are the old style 'On The Run' and 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene' but here are the notable points...

On The Run: This is the jam version, also known as 'The Travel Sequence', that was a part of the live performances before the vcs3 synth inspired musing that it became. I actually think the jam session is nicer to listen to on the whole but I agree with the vcs3 version being on the album for the feeling of paranoia it conveys and over all is a better experience with good quality sound. But I wouldn't have minded if the Floyd had cranked this out occasionally in the 1994 live performances!

Time: The lower register part of the lyrics seem a little off to me, but it isn't too bad ands they lyrics are indeed slight different as mentioned in the original info, ok so I did need to look up the word supine, it basically means to lay on your back for those of you who are interested.

Great Gig In The Sky: The old 'Religious Piece' or 'The Mortality Sequence', an organ solo with some scripture being quoted, I can’t seem to find what the scripture passage is and I am not sure if it changed, the words are not that clear on that recording. I prefer the real version, such a haunting, beautiful tune. I am glad they changed it.

Money: The sound effects are just pretty repetitive, I much prefer the variety on the album and later performances but it doesn't detract from the show at all. Good bass work. also the first solo is a sax solo and he guitar solo is great, got a real nice fuzzy sound.

Us & Them: This is an ok version, it has some vocal flourishes in there I do not care for but it isn't too bad, also one section is Dave wailing for some reason, still getting the kinks worked out.

One Of The Days - Not the best version I ever heard but pretty good, a little low on energy in my opinion, the first half at least, the second half was better. (compare this to the Return of the Sons Of Nothing bootleg which I reviewed earlier this month to see my point.)

Careful With That Axe, Eugene: It is s very toned down version until the screaming, Roger is in fine form, I think this is Roger's unique talent of seeing the big picture and gauging the overall feel of a song brilliantly and knowing how to jerk the listener out of their comfort zone when he wants to. The transition, because of the low key nature of the first section, is terrific. Great version.

Pink Floyd - The Great Gig on the Moon Sapporo Japan, on March 12th, 1972 

01. Speak To Me                     
02. Breathe                         
03. On The Run                                   
04. Time                            
05. The Great Gig In The Sky        
06. Money                          
07. Us And Them I                   
08. Us And Them II
09. 09 - Any Colour You Like             
10. Brain Damage, Eclipse                    
11. One Of These Days               
12. Careful With That Axe,Eugene  
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Anonymous said...

Thanks you Chris, I was an Old Pink Floyd Head back in my acid daze. Still like to hear them on the head phones takes me back again.

Anonymous said...

hi, chris, thanks for both pink floyd. the dark side is not my favourites album of the floyd (i don't know why all the people like it?) but the soundquality is great. thank you, lg, m

Daniel said...

Not exactly a great sound quality, but a very good one. Chris please keep posting these wonderful bootlegs, they are much appreciated !! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Such an atmosphere.
Love the Floyds.
Thank you