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Various Atrist - SNACK - Part of Benefit Concert 1975-03-23 (Bootleg)

Bob Dylan & Neil Young at Bill Graham's SNACK 1975

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We turn our thoughts to March 23, 1975, when Bill and BGP, with just a month’s notice, organized an all-star “benefit extravaganza” to raise funds needed by San Francisco public schools faced with fiscal cutbacks, in order to continue after-school sports and other extra-curricular activities. Entitled S.N.A.C.K. Sunday (“Students Need Activities, Culture and Kicks”), the event was held at the 60,000-seat Kezar Stadium, with tickets priced at $5.

Bob Dylan at Bill Graham's SNACK 1975
The day featured appearances by Marlon Brando and Willie Mays, among other celebrities; a one-time-only collaboration of Bob Dylan, The Band and Neil Young; and performances by Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Jerry Garcia and Friends, Joan Baez, The Doobie Brothers, and others. The event raised more than $200,000, enough to fund San Francisco after-school programs for an entire year.

Bill was quoted at the time as saying, “We make our living from the youth of San Francisco. This is one of the ways we hope to thank them.”

S.N.A.C.K. Sunday stands as a precursor to multiple-star, mega-benefit concerts that would raise funds for various causes in years to come.

S.F. SNACK Benefit Concert
Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, CA

Disc 1
Neil Young, Bob Dylan & The Band:
This was a one time only mixture of Dylan/Band/Young.  The appearance of Neil Young and company was merely rumored and Dylan's performance was a complete surprise. Completely unrehearsed, some of this music is great.  Dylan debuts I Want You live, but unfortunately he can't be heard for most of the song. Mostly what we hear is Rick Danko shouting the chorus. Hearing the Band without Robbie Robertson is weird at first, but Ben Keith makes up for it very nicely. The oddest thing on this tape is the Helpless/Knockin' medley where Dylan substitutes "knockin' on the dragon's door" for "knockin' on heaven's door". I have no idea what he meant by it! The entire set is approximately 45 minutes.

Neil Young (piano, guitar)
Tim Drummond (guitar)
 Ben Keith (pedal steel guitar)
 Levon Helm (drums)
 Garth Hudson (keyboards)
 Rick Danko (bass)

01. Are You Ready For The Country 04:14

02. Ain't That A Lot Of Love 04:48
03. Looking For A Love 04:01
04. Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever 04:07
05. I Want You 03:54
06. The Weight 04:59
07. Helpless / Knockin on Dragon's Door 04:29
08. Will The Circle Be Unbroken  03:55

Disc 2
Jerry Garcia & Friends:
The Interview section, with Jerry, was done before the show on 3/23 and, while he mentions Crosby as being with the band, he never showed! The "aircheck" segment is a recording of 3/21/75 which was a "practice session" for the SNACK show and DOES feature Crosby, although his inputis fairly negligable.

This was the first time that Blues For Allah was performed live.

 Jerry Garcia - Guitar
 Phil Lesh - Bass
 Keith Godchaux - Organ
 Bill Kreutzman - Drums
 Micky Hart - Drums
 Bob Weir - Guitar
 Merle Saunders - Organ
 Ned Lagin - Organ
 David Crosby - Guitar

01. Interview With Jerry Garcia by James Cameron 09:26

Jerry Garcia & Friends
02. Intro By Bill Graham 00:40
03. Blues For Allah (sans vocals) 09:08
04. Milking The Turkey 06:51
05. Drums 03:25
06. Milking The Turkey 09:31
07. Blues For Allah Intro Theme Jam 03:15
08. Crowd & DJ Talk 00:57
09. Johnny B Goode 04:10

10. Milking The Turkey/Blues For Allah/Slipnot Theme/Jam 16:28
11. King Solomon's Marbles Jam (2) 01:02
12. Milking The Turkey Theme Jam 05:17
13. Blues For Allah Intro Jam 02:21

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Part 1: Link
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Neil Young at Bill Graham’s SNACK 1975
Jerry Garcia at Bill Graham’s SNACK 1975

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I was 13 at the time this show took place and was oblivious to it happening as well. Thank you so much for the post! It is wonderful to discover great events like this one and have it captured on tape. Quality is fantastic! Thanks again!