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Not to be missed...The Byrds - 1968-11-02 and 1969-05-23 (Bootleg) (Superb Sound Quality)

Size: 339 MB
Bitrate: 320
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Some Artwork Included

Notes from the sleeve... 
Possibly the earliest recorded show to feature the Clarence White - Gene Parsons - John York lineup, and in fact, York couldn't have been in the Byrds more than a week or so. And, as Roy Josephson comments, there are some real highlights and some disappointments. Clarence is absolutely incredible here, especially in the first part of the tape. His guitar is very out front. There appear to be 2 sets. Old Blue is great; Time Between excellent - McGuinn forgets what album it's on. Clarence adds a whole new dimension to Mr. Spaceman - possibly his best work at this show. Blue Suede Shoes is a real hoot. 

Goin Back, Rock 'n' Roll Star, This Wheel, Back Pages and He Was a Friend are the same versions as on the FM broadcast tape. Drug Store Truck Driving Man is a dasslc with a long Ralph Emery story from Roger, harmony from Clarence, and Clarence doing the steel part on his stringbender. Stanley's Song is incomplete but good, done during the pre-show sound check I'd say, although it's In the middle of the tape. Pretty Boy Floyd is done with all guitars - it appears McGuinn says he left the banjo at the hotel. A strong version indeed. 

The show deteriorates toward the end of the tape in the second set. 

A second R & R Star is not as strong as the first. McGuinn just can't cut Hickory Wind, and York is no better. And King Apathy and Bad Night at the Whiskey are just shadows of what's on the album. There are feedback problems. York gets a little carried away on harmony. Clarence's guitar fades to the back of the mix on some numbers. There's feedback, bad distortlon, poor mix and cutting out. I don't hear Gene Parsons on anything but drums. There's lots of commentary from McGuinn. Some guy In the audience hollers for 100 Years and McGuinn does an impromptu first verse. It really didn't sound like there were many people in the audience. Nashville West is a strong closer though. I think Clarence and Gene could play that in their sleep by then. 

Recorded in late '67 and released early '68 the album "The Notorious Byrd Brothers" became a Byrds masterpiece and one of the greatest rock albums ever. Struggles within the band led to a creative high peak  but also to the firing of David Crosby. Although the album sleeve showed only the remaining members Crosby had contributed his part on almost half of the songs on the album. Soon after its release Michael Clarke also left the group.

McGuinn and Hillman who had proved their potential as a songwriting team on "Younger" and "Notorious" were joined by  Hillman's cousin Kevin Kelly on drums and Gram Parsons on guitar and vocals. McGuinn and Hillman at first intended to continue the folk-jazz-country-rock direction of the "Notorious" album but Parsons convinced Hillman to do some more pure country stuff.

After McGuinn had accepted the idea the album "Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" became another innovational work of the band who had always refused to walk the easy road. The Byrds toured Europe in May 68 with Doug Dillard (picture right) on banjo as touring member but, after more hassles within the band Parsons quit not long after, followed by Kevin Kelly. The lineup during the South Africa Tour in July wasHillman, Carlos Bernal, McGuinn, Kelly

McGuinn and Hillman added Clarence White and Gene Parsons to the line up and fulfilled some contractual obligations but it didn't take long and Chris Hillman left the band to form The Flying Burrito Brothers  together with Gram Parsons leaving Roger McGuinn as the only original member. McGuinn decided to go on with White, Gene Parsons and bassist John York. The Burritos'first album "The Gilded Palace Of Sin" was released March '69.

In the summer of 1968 Gene Clark  teamed up with Doug Dillard to form  Dillard And Clark . They recorded "The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard And Clark"  mostly with Clark originals and cooperations between Clark, Dillard and Bernie Leadon combining bluegrass, folk and rock. Although a minor classic of its era and with good reviews the album sold dissapointingly. 

The Byrds were back in the studio  in 1969 to record the album "Dr.Byrds And Mr.Hyde", released in March with a new Dylan song "This Wheel's On Fire" and some strong McGuinn compositions, one of them a collaboration with Gram Parsons from the "Sweetheart" days, "Drug Store Truck Drivin'Man". The new line up could set stages on fire, especially with White's lead playing but missed the vocal quality of the original band.

The Byrds - Netherland Single 1969
Dillard & Clark recorded their second album "Through The Morning, Through The Night" in the summer of '69 with the help of Hillman, Sneaky Pete amongst others. Bernie Leadon had quit the band before to join the Burritos. The album included some Clark classics like "Kansas City Southern" and "Polly" but missed the freshness of the recordings in '68. Michael Clarke joined the band in summer but became jobless again when Dillard & Clark broke up. Michael found a new engagement in the Flying Burrito Brothers the same year and took part on the recording of the group's second album "Burrito Deluxe", released in May 1970. 

Soon after its release founder member Parsons was fired because of his unreliability towards band's obligations. He was replaced by Rick Roberts with whom the Burritos recorded their third album "The Flying Burrito Brothers" in 1971. Another change within the band happened in 1969 with the quitting of Chris Ethridge who was replaced by Bernie Leadon. The band's last album "The Last Of The Red Hot Burritos" was recorded live in 1971 and released in February 1972. At that time the line up had changed again with Al Perkins replacing Sneaky Pete on pedal steel guitar and Kenny Wertz replacing Bernie Leadon on guitar. Bernie Leadon had left after their third album to form The Eagles.

The Byrds - Netherland Single 1965
After the "Red Hot" release Hillman called it a day and disbanded the group. Relived in 1975 by Pete and Ethridge and performing in different line-ups this kind of Burritos never found the acceptance of Hillman.

After having been fired from the Byrds David Crosby found new partners in Stephen Stills (ex-Buffalo Springfield) and Graham Nash (Hollies) to form American supergroup Crosby, Stills and Nash. Their first album "Crosby, Stills And Nash"  became a huge success with its sparkling harmonies and fantastic guitar work. CSN were accompanied by Dallas Taylor on drums. The Byrds recorded the album "Ballad Of Easy Rider" in the autumn of 1969 bringing the band back to a minor fame. The bad times for McGuinn were over and there was even a new audience especially in Europe that didn't mourn after the loss of the original members but enjoyed the Byrds' full power stage appearances.

The Byrds
Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco 
California November 2 1968
Excellent stereo soundboard

01. Old Blue
02. My Back Pages - Baby What You Want Me To Do
03. Mr Spaceman
04. Time Between
05. Goin' Back
06. Blue Suede Shoes
07. He Was A Friend Of Mine
08. So You Want To Be A Rock N Roll Star
09. Drug Store Truck Driving Man
10. This Wheel's On Fire
11. Stanleys Song
12. Pretty Boy Floyd
13. Eight Miles High
14. You Don't Miss Your Water
15. So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
16. Hickory Wind
17. King Apathy III
18. Bad Night At The Whiskey
19. Nashville West 

Bonus Concert:
The Byrds Ash Grove 
Los Angeles May 23, 1969
Excellent stereo soundboard

01. Lover Of The Bayou
02. You AIn't Going Nowhere
03. Welcome Back Home
04. Old Blue
05. My Back Pages
06. Baby What You Want Me To Do
07. He Was A Friend Of Mine
08. Truck Stop Girl
09. guest intros
10. Break My Mind - with Linda Rondstat
11. I'm Moving On - with John Hammond
12. Take A City Bride
13. Chestnut Mare
14. This Wheel's On Fire
15. It's Alright Ma - Ballad Of Easy Rider
16. Jesus Is Just Alright
17. Turn! Turn! Turn!
18. Mr. Tambourine Man
19. Eight Miles High (incomplete)

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Part 1: Link
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Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco today
Avalon Ballroom in the 60's concert picture (Band Unknown)


Bob W. said...

That is not a band in the Avalon photo (from behind stage), that is Stephen Gaskin teaching his "Monday Night Class".

david said...

The Ash Grove show is the wrong date. The correct date is actually Feb. 6, 1970, not 69.

hanwaker said...

and gaskin is doing the "class" at the family dog at the great highway