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Pink Floyd - BBC 1970-07-16 + 1971-09-30 (Bootleg) SoundQuality A+

Size: 308 MB
Bitrate: 320
Found in OuterSpace
Some Artwork Included
SoundQuality A+

Pink Floyd 16 July 1970, BBC Mono Master
BBC Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street
London, England

01. John Peel intro 00:28
02. The Embryo 10:23
03. John Peel 00:15
04. Fat Old Sun 05:29
05. John Peel 00:21
06. Green is the Colour >> Careful with that Axe, Eugene 11:22
07. John Peel 00:27
08. If 04:55
09. John Peel 00:50
10. Atom Heart Mother 26:33

Sound quality speaking, this is the best version of the BBC mono masters from 16 July70! Absolutely unprocessed ("BBC Radio One Master Reels" seems to have been dehissed a bit and suffers from slight metallic noise in the high end, and the HRV version "Mooed Music Rev.A" has some NR artefacts), this is superior sound!

However, a problem is the speed, much too fast (I compared with the live version of CWTAE on Ummagumma CD, with the studio versions of If and AHM from AHM CD, and with the versions available on BBC transcription CDs, all these comparisons lead to the same conclusion: a 102.5% stretch is needed to have correct speed).

Other problem with the SHN files is the existence of micro-gaps near the tracks transitions.

This RoIO would be absolutely perfect at correct speed and with micro-gaps fixed.

Pink Floyd - BBC Archives 1971 
Paris Cinema, Lower Regent Street, London, England, September 30, 1971

01. Fat Old Sun 15:04
02. One Of These Days 07:50
03. The Embryo 10:51
04. Echoes 27:10
05. Blues 04:54

Sources: BBC Transcription LP (Fat Old Sun, One Of These Days, Echoes)
1st gen cassette (Embryo, Blues)
BBC Radio One Master Reels* (John Peel intros) *mono

This is an upgrade of the second disc of Harvested's BBC Archives 1970-1971 (HRV CDR 007) which features the complete 1971 performance. The previous version, which we created over 6 years ago, used the same sources as above except that "One of These Days" and "Echoes" were taken from broadcast transcription CDs that were sent to radio stations in the 1980's. Back then I foolishly assumed that this "new" CD format would yield better sonic results than the vinyl transcription LP that I had. Wrong! 

This new version features a brand new 48kHz/24Bit transfer of the BBC vinyl (BBC Rock Hour) that was done at a professional recording studio and captured with ProTools. All pops, clicks, and imperfections were manually removed one-at-a-time. No EQing or NR was applied.

The BBC only have a mono version of this show in their archives which we used as a blueprint to reassemble this TRUE stereo version. Since "The Embryo" was never included on the transcription LPs, we used a 1st generation audio cassette recording from a WNEW broadcast and edited it into the show in its proper sequence. We did the same for the improv "Blues" jam which was also sourced from the WNEW broadcast.

Our previous sources:
All of Peel's intros + dial = BBC mono masters
FOS = BBC Transcription LP
OoTD = BBC Transcription CD
The Embryo = FM broadcast
Echoes = Mostly BBC Transcription CD/Open and close Transcription LP
Blues = FM broadcast

RevA sources:
All of Peel's intros + dial = BBC mono masters
FOS = BBC Transcription LP
OoTD = BBC Transcription LP
The Embryo = FM broadcast
Echoes = BBC Transcription LP
Blues = FM broadcast

Once again we feel that we have created a definitive version of this show. We hope that you all enjoy it.

RonToon, MOB, and Big Ed
Harvested Records

Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link


snakeboy said...

Fantastic! Thank you Chris.

Anonymous said...

Magnifico.Muchisimas gracias.Sonido espectacular.

MoiValentin228 said...

I found on this site a torrent of the July, 16 1970's Peel Session
And the tracklist is different, but it's the same live recording:
1. John Peel Intro (Live) 00:29
2. Embryo 10:43
3. Fat Old Sun 5:52
4. Green is the Colour 3:23
5. Careful With That Axe Eugene + Cymbaline 8:27
6. If 5:49
7. The Atom Heart Mother 25:05

Download here:

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The links are broken :( Reupload please i been looking for this a long timeeee

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Ask for it in my chatroom. I cannot upload all broken links, sorry


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