Monday, 11 January 2016

Not to be missed: The Diddys Featuring Paige Douglas - Agony & Extasy (Superb Soul/Funk/Jazz Album US 1977)

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A very cool, really rare soul album from the Philly scene – one that was written, produced, and arranged by Hammond organist Charles Earland – but which is a sweet soul album with a really great feel! There's definitely a touch of Earland's keyboard work on the set – especially some of those non-organ lines he brought to his records for Mercury – and there's a jazzy groove that really sets The Diddys apart from other east coast groups of the time – a more complex approach to rhythm and instrumentation that almost makes some of the tunes feel as if they came from the James Mason side of the spectrum! The whole thing's wonderful – as unique as it is rare – and titles include "Intergalactic Love Song", "Strange Love", "Your Love Is Like A See Saw Baby", "How Long Have You Loved Him", and "My Special Love". CD features lots of bonus tracks – alternate takes of nearly every number on the record!

Rare groove Classic! Cult Soul album organist Charles Arland has left the world's first reprint. Masterpiece Cosmic Soul, which is known as Gilles Peterson FAVORITE "Intergalactic Love Song", there is no so much heart songs that are dissolved. The alternate mix of the world's first appearance it was 7 version add recording. Soul album with a fascinating a centripetal force in the rare album that was left on the small label Bam-Boo of Philadelphia. 

In jazz organist Charles Arland was produced in late 70's who had crowded blow the Cosmic Fusion album on Mercury work, I will think that those in the group name that relationship on a di Deeds of exclusive contract. Featuring the page Douglas made ​​male vocalist, and showcase original songs on the theme of LOVE in the whole volume. Cross Over, disco, boogie feeling and spacey effects are rare groove enough feeling. 

The Diddys featuring Paige Douglas and lifted from the Agony And Extasy album from 1977 produced by Charles Earland for the Bam Buu label. Soulful Disco Funk with tight drums and an overload of lead guitar and that killer vocal melody that will stick in your brain for weeks...

01. My Special Love (Disco Mix)
02. Intergalactic Love Song
03. I Love You Baby
04. My Special Love
05. Strange Love
06. Your Love Is Like A See-Saw Baby
07. I Love You Girl
08. How Long Have You Loved Him

Bonus Tracks:
09. My Special Love (Alternate Take)
10. Intergalactic Love Song (Alternate Take)
11. I Love You Baby (Alternate Take)
12. Strange Love (Alternate Take)
13. Your Love Is Like A See-Saw Baby (Alternate Take)
14. I Love You Girl (Alternate Take)
15. How Long Have You Loved Him (Alternate Take)

Mini LP CD from Japan (Shout Records)


Doug said...

Never heard of this album.Will check it out.Thanks.

Carlos Mad said...

Hi Chris, thanks for this one and all the gems you have shared thru all this years! take care and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

PETER GUNN said...

Great stff