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Salem's Bend - Salem's Bend (Classic Retro-Rock US 2016)

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Three dudes crawled into a garage-turned-studio and dug out some tracks from the nether realms of Sabbath, Priest, Toad, Zeppelin, and other '70s rockers. Infusing those with a multitude of other musical entities, they subsequently slithered out as Salem's Bend.

As Ozzy once famously said to Tony Iommi during one of the 1972 recording sessions for Black Sabbath's Vol. 4 album, "I've had enough drugs at the moment, thank you, just pass me the coconut water- and Bill, can you play that funky beat again? Oh and Geezer, pass me those fruit-shaped maracas, I have an idea." Shortly thereafter, true genius flowed onto tape and history was made. Of course, nothing like this was ever actually said, but these are the things that Los Angeles-based trio SALEM'S BEND likes to think about while sweating bullets in their garage-turned studio.

This heavy rock band has musical influences that run the gamut from '70s classic rockers to the modern heavy-hitters in the desert, doom, and stoner rock scene, along with any music from any decade or genre that grooves and/or rocks. Having cut their teeth in various bands around LA for the past 5 years, the time was right in mid-2014 to coalesce in the studio and start turning heavy riffs and beats into catchy tunes. Seven songs made the cut onto the self-titled debut album 'Salem's Bend', which was released on Bandcamp in the tail-end of December 2015. 

The album garnered some early praise at heavy music blogs, with one great reviewer commenting: "You want dynamics? Salem’s Bend is practically a liquid. 'Dynamics' is just a buzz word until it’s wielded by these sprightly upstarts." Another reviewer graciously wrote, "They have forged their own searing, raucous guitars; intense, deep bass; and athletic, punctuated stickwork around some of the most intelligently interesting melodies to float through the stonersphere in quite some time." 

Salem's Bend subsequently signed their debut album with Ripple Music, who will be giving it a world-wide release on multiple formants as well as pressing vinyl. In the actual words of Ian Gillan, "Buy real records in real shops, or I'll come round your house and scream at your mother."

Bobby - Guitar and Vocals
 Kevin - Bass and vocals
 Zach - Drums 

01. Balshazzar  04:17
02. Queen of the Desert  04:15
03. Silverstruck  04:17
04. Losing Sleep  02:53
05. Sun and Mist  05:16
06. Mammoth Caravan  05:25
07. A Tip of Salem  06:05

1. Salems Bend
2. Salems Bend
3. Salems Bend

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