Saturday, 30 June 2018

Need Help To Find Their 2nd Album: "White Boy and the Average Rat Band - II (US 2012)"

Hi all. I need help to find: White Boy and the Average Rat Band - II (US 2012) Only CD-R copies are made with this artwork:

Full CD-R Album Tracks:
01. Washed in the Blood  
02. Tomcat  
03. Lovestone  
04. This Heart Has a Ghost  
05. Talking Me Down  
06. Footprints  
07. Shadow of the Railroad  
08. Love My Ride  
09. Kickin' that Can  
10. Over  
11. You Gotta Pay  
12. Whisker Biscuits  
13. Thousand Hail Marys  
14. Playing with Fire  
15. High on the Mountain  
16. Mirage  
17. Go to the Light

If any of you out there have a copy, i would be very glad if you could give me a link with with the tracks (Flac or 320 Bitrate and artwork in high resolution)

//ChrisGoesRock, Sweden
Email: Link

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