Tuesday, 26 November 2013

PayPal Donation Button Now Added


I have added a "PayPal Donation button" on left side today because Rapidshare is not for free for uploads anymore. 

I must pay 20.00 Euro every month for my uploads. I hopy that you will help me with some of this cost because Rapidshare as far better than other upload sites.

Looking forward for your helping hand soon.



theoldman said...
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theoldman said...

Hi Chris
Like I said iam happy to help.
I think I might be the first. :-)
All the best John.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris
I really would like to help You but the exchange rate in my country is too high.
By the way is it essential to use Rapid? For downloads they are awful.
Thanks for evething and good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the rapidshare comment , they are useless and a pain to try and download from.

Anonymous said...

at the best of times, Rapidshare is rubbish. Try Zippyshare or Mega.

Anonymous said...

Fine,sure I will help.
Really good that you use Rapid.
Always use them myself.
Unlike the others they rock.
Do you need any other kind of help?

Anonymous said...

hello mr LongFilesNames

RS is useless for me;
impossible to download something there.
for me Rapidshare is dead.


Anonymous said...

I really would like to help You but Rapidshare is very bad Sorry

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Better, really? They may be better for uploads,, but they suck for download. They've been getting worse again. I prefer Mega (super fast) or Filefactory, myself, plus that Dutch site Versend or whatever it's called.
I will throw something in the pot though next time I have anything in my PP acct...

Anonymous said...

I'm not too keen on the Rapidshare download, but if it's useful to you, I'll share a few $ in the pot! Another way to say "thank you" to you Chris !

Timmy said...

Zippyshare is definetly the way to go...