Saturday, June 25, 2016

dBpoweramp Reference 16.0 Created for Audio Professionals

Audio conversion perfected, effortlessly convert to mp3, FLAC, Apple lossless and more. dBpoweramp Music Converter™ has become the standard tool for audio conversions, over 30 million users world trust their converting to dBpoweramp.

mp3 Converter
Convert mp3, m4a (iTune

& iPod), WMA, WAV, AIFF, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC) to name a few.

High Speed Conversions
Look for a mp3 converter which encodes using all CPU cores simultaneously, get the job done in double quick time.

No Malware
Free converters come with a little extra (a spying toolbar, Trojan, malware, or virus), dBpoweramp has never bundled in 15 years, those wanting an mp3 converter, get just that and only that. No Trojan, no malware, no viruses.

Batch Convert
Large numbers of files with 1 click, filter on mp3 or other file type.

DSP Effects

Process the audio with Volume Normalize, or Sample / Bit Rate Conversion. dBpoweramp is a fully featured mp3 Converter.

dBpoweramp integrates into Windows Explorer, an mp3 converter that is as simple as right clicking on the source file; Convert To. Popup info tips, Edit ID-Tags are all provided.

It is safe to say, no other audio program converts more multi-format audio files than dBpoweramp, we have spent 15 years perfecting format-compatibility and conversion stability. If converting FLAC to mp3, wma to mp3, or wav to mp3, dBpoweramp is the right choice.


  • New visual style, high DPI aware, 200% and 300% compatible 
  • Configure dBpoweramp repurposed as dBpoweramp Control Centre, only elevates on changes to shell settings Configuration, if proxy server is enabled but no proxy server is set, it is disabled. 
  • DSP Effects included as standard in all installs, DSP version number is now dBpoweramps version number 
  • dBpoweramp Shell Tag Editor - looks up art with PerfectTUNES 
  • Naming Section total rewrite Naming Added new values [track_unpad] [track_total_unpad] forunpadded track number and count 
  • Naming [IFEQUALS] check will match from multiple stored values, such as one match from 3 genres 
  • Naming added [REPLACE] function 
  • Naming added [WORD] function to limit word count
dBpowerAMP Music Converter:

  • Can add or remove CPU Cores from converting whilst converting Nearly instant when converting 1000's of files if the file naming does not require ID Tags reading for filenames 
  • Works with DSP effect 'conditional encoding' to allow programmable actions on files depending on their settings (such as copy 1:1 mp3, not encode) 
  • Option to precache read the source file, more for non-ssd systems, improves read performance by 100% 
  • New option (in configuration) 'Filename restricted characters' 
  • When finalizing DSP Effects (such as 100K RG album gains being written), the display is now responsive 
  • dBpoweramp Codec Central Link: Codec Central
  • "Spoon's" Setting Guide, Link: Spoon's Setting Guide

dBpoweramp Music Converter Reference 16.0

1, 16.0
2. 16.0
3. 16.0

Would be glad for some comment about this ripper. I have not found any better ripper than this one.

Lars Ulrich (Metallica) Talking & Play Songs by Swedish Broadcast Saturday June 25, 2016, 24.00-01.00

     Lars Ulrich in Swedish Radio 6 hours ago

MUSICIAN, SONGWRITER, DRUMMER - “Summer" is a Swedish radio show where a person is given free hands to speak about whatever they want and play their own choice of music.

- I am more comfortable speaking in English after my 35 years in the USA, but I can still speak Danish and some Swedish: Systembolaget, Sportspegeln and Kungliga Tennishallen, for example! I am going to talk about life, work, and the music that got me on the right track in life.

About Lars Ulrich:

Lars Ulrich has for the last 35 years been the drummer in the heavy metal band Metallica, which he also founded together with James Hetfield in 1981.

The band has sold over 110 million records and been awarded nine Grammys and numerous other awards. In 2013, Metallica played concerts on every single continent in the world, including Antarctica.

This spring, Metallica released a special live recording from 2003, recorded in the Bataclan concert hall in honor of the victims of the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks. All proceeds from the live album goes to charity.

He is son to the Danish tennis player and jazz musician Torben Ulrich and saxophone player Dexter Gordon was Ulrich’s godfather.

Lars Ulrich is also an avid collector of modern art.

1. Lars Ulrich
2. Lars Ulrich
3. Lars Ulrich



Monday, June 20, 2016

Bobby Williams - Anybody Can be a Nobody (Soul US 1976)

Size: 64.6 MB
Bitrate: 256
Ripped by: ChrisGoesRock
Artwork Invluded
Source: Japan 24-Bit Remaster

Soul/funk LP from 1976 with the incredible crossover soul tune "You need love like I do". 

The cliché says that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but few muster the sincerity of Bobby Williams -- a James Brown acolyte with a style and energy comparable to the Godfather himself, Williams transcends his faux-funk origins with grooves that are undeniably genuine. His second LP, 1976's Anybody Can Be a Nobody, moves past the low-budget grit of his debut Funky Superfly with a sound evoking the silky-smooth sensibilities of Miami funk. 

Williams is more of a singer than a shouter this time around, and while some listeners may miss the gutbucket grooves of his previous disc, the record's maturation and sophistication are convincing.

One of the all time indie funk classics of the 1970's, obscure vocalist Bobby Williams' gave James Brown a run for the money when he released "Funky Super Fly" in 1974. 

The style of the album recalls James Brown at his funkiest, but with a sound that's even grittier featuring a tight horn section and some heavy funk jamming that really gets in the groove and stays there. 

On his second LP, 1976's "Anybody Can Be a Nobody," Williams moves past the grit of "Funky Super Fly" to reveal a more sophisticated style evocative of Curtis Mayfield mixed with the smooth stylings of Miami funk to produce a more mature sound, showing that he can be more of a singer than a shouter. 

Copies of the original LP fetches big bucks on the rare groove collector's market and fans of the album will be delighted to see it make its long overdue debut in the digital realm. All selections newly remastered.

01. Anybody Can Be A Nobody   05:00
02. You Need Love Like I Do  05:09
03. Portrait Of My Stepfather   04:40
04. These Arms Of Mine   04:00
05. Think I'd Better Rest   02:45
06. I Will Sing For You   04:15
07. Drop It On Me   03:32
08. Everybody Needs Love Sometime  05:09