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Pink Floyd - Disgusting, Hardly Music 1970-12-22

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Bitrate: 320
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Some Atwork

Backround info:
This was a very special performance by the band. This is the only known live recording of Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast but also hosts an amazing performance by the band which included them making morning tea on stage which is audible. Just like most of their earlier performances, the performance of Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast slightly differs from the album version due to some nice jamming done by the band, especially Gilmour with his delay pedal. 

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The rest of the show is very spacey and relaxed. A Saucerful Of Secrets is a stand out due to being such a strong  performance compared to most other live 1970 renditions. In many renditions, the third part "Storm Signals" never really is a strong point of their performances but its given a good ol' heave ho in this performance with the help of Gilmour and Wright but is unexpectedly drawn to a hault by a power failure during the fourth part, "Celestial Voices". It didn't take the road crew long to quickly correct the problem but while the power was out, Wright treated the audience to a nice, accoustic and slightly up-beat version of Celestial Voices on the grand piano. He must've really hit the keys on that piano hard because it is clearly audible on the recording. 

The performance ends in a massive and powerful version of Atom Heart Mother in which the band was joined on stage by an ensemble of brass and a small choir for one of very few performances they gave of the song with the "full band album version" of the song. Most live versions of the song was done by just the four band members on stage, and from memory, only eight performances of the song were played with the brass ensemble and choir which makes this recording a must for
all fans.

Recording info:
Pete Austin was kind enough to contact me through the Neptune Pink Floyd torrent tracker and he let me know he had this and was willing to lend it to me to see what i could do to make it sound pretty and release it back into the trading community. these notes are directly from a private message he sent me...

"i have what i believe to be is a 2nd gen copy of Sheffield 22-12-70... which i bought from a post-grad when at University in Sheffield in 1981-4. From my recollection the tapes I got were from his first gen copy of the masters. Theyare definitely not from vinyl and it predates CD bootleg era."

While still in possession of the wav files, Pete dehissed and equalised them in Adobe Audition then made them into Flac  files for me. Upon hearing the Flac files that he sent, my eyes lit up, i quickly grabbed my other releases of the show to compare, and this was by far the clearest recording of the lot. I decoded the Flac's back to wav using Flacfrontend and fixed up some levels, made sure nothing was peaking and did the fade in and outs for CD purposes to make it a little  cleaner and more presentable. I also re-indexed the tracks so the start of the track was the actuall start of the song. Pete's indexing comprised of anywhere in between the songs so i just quickly fixed that, again for presentation purposes.

I believe this completely kicks ass over any release of this show in sound quality. Compared to the versions i have everything seems to be so damn audible, which is where i drew the title for the release from. When the band is making morning tea on stage, either Rick or Nick is easily heard saying "well this is pretty disgusting isn't it, it's hardly  music!" which ammused me quite a bit. Due to Nick being quite the comedian i'm leaning towards him for being the one 
who said it.

The recording is still a little hissy but overall much better and clearer than anything i've heard from this show. But, considering its still not the best audience recording i'm going to give this an 8 out of 10 for sound quality, but compare that to "Sheffield (longer version)" and its quite an improvment. 

Fat Old Sun Records would like to give a big thank you to Pete Austin for offering this great recording, "Damn!t" from  Neptune Pink Floyd for doing a bloody awesome job on the artwork, Keith Jordan for helping us share our glorious PF roio'son his torrent tracker, for all the floyd fans, but most of all, Pink Floyd for their awesome Music.

Pink Floyd 22nd Of December, 1970
City Hall, Shefield, Yorkshire, Uk

Disc 1:
01. Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast [29:21]
02. The Embryo [14:33]
03. Fat Old Sun [15:06]
04. Careful With That Axe, Eugene [15:59]

Disc 2:

01. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun [12:21]
02. A Saucerful Of Secrets [25:21]
03. Atom Heart Mother [32:54]
04. Atom Heart Mother (encore) [2:48]

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Part 2: Link
Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Pink Floyd Meddle Advertise 1971 (Melody Maker)

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Freedom - Freedom at Last (Great Hardrock UK 1970)

Size: 98MB
Bitrate: 256
Ripp by: ChrisGoesRock
Artwork Included
Source: Japan 24-Bit Remaster

Heavy Blues outfit founded by drummer BOBBY HARRISON" and guitarist Ray Royer in late 1967, both having departed from the hit group PROCUL HARUM" PROCUL HARUM in less than harmonious terms. Royer's replacement in PROCUL HARUM" PROCUL HARUM was none other than ROBIN TROWER. As FREEDOM evolved they turned from Blues Rock to a more Progressive sound with each album.

Before FREEDOM got under way the duo reached an out of court settlement with their former band mates in PROCUL HARUM">PROCUL HARUM and set about a commission piece for a musical score to the film 'Nerosubianco' for director Dino De Laurentis. The project was shelved but did eventually emerge in Italy on the Atlantic label. Bass was supplied by Steve Shirley, a man who had just turned down the job in the INBETWEENS, the act that shortly after evolved into SLADE. Tony Marsh (ex-TORNADO) completed the line up on keyboards, however Marsh was soon supplanted by Mike Lease.

FREEDOM delivered some German issue singles and an album for Metronome in 1969 titled 'At Last' which are now highly sought after before signing to the Probe label in America but not before losing keyboard player Mike Lease, his position being taken by Robin Lumsden. 

FREEDOM's fortunes took a turn for the better when at a gig at the Bridgehouse pub in London they were approached by Patrick Meehan, BLACK SABBATH's manager.

Further line up changes saw both Royer and bassist Steve Shirley opting out, the guitarist leaving the musical scene altogether to become a Scientologist. The gap was filled by former WASHINGTON DC'S men guitarist Roger Saunders and ex RUST" bassist Walt Monaghan.

With this line up FREEDOM toured extensively with BLACK SABBATH and also hit the east coast of America opening for JETHRO TULL before headline shows of their own on the west coast. Further touring with THE JAMES GANG had the band back in America and mainland Europe.

The official British debut eponymous album for Vertigo saw FREEDOM now with bassist Peter Dennis and second guitarist Steve Jolly, the latter specializing in double neck guitar. 1972's album 'Is More Than A Word', now featuring Matt Monoghan on bass commands staggering prices in the collectors market.

With FREEDOM's demise Monaghan joined the MICK ABRAHAMS BAND and IF before a short stint with TED NUGENT on his 'State Of Shock' album in 1979. Saunders forged ahead with an orchestral solo album 'Rush release' for Warner Bros. in 1970 prior to hitching up with MEDICINE HEAD THE GLITTER BAND and a brief spell with CHICKENSHACK. Saunders would operate a Blues outfit THE NOYZ BOYZ.

BOBBY HARRISON meantime busied himself with a solo album recorded for Capitol Records in America. Titled 'The Funkist' it features a whole host of names including BLACK SABBATH guitarist TONY IOMMI, DEEP PURPLE drummer Ian Paice, JUICY guitarist MICKY MOODY, THE GREASE BAND's bassist Chris Stewart and PROCUL HARUM keyboard player and co-producer Matthew Fisher.

Harrison then forged a more permanent union with Moody to create the highly rated SNAFU. Harrison's solo album release being delayed until after the debut SNAFU album was released in 1973. 

Sadly Roger Saunders succumbed to cancer in February of 2000.

Freedom was a psychedelic rock band active in the late 1960s and early 1970s, formed initially by members of Procol Harum.

Ray Royer and Bobby Harrison, who had performed on the hit Procol Harum single "A Whiter Shade of Pale", were kicked out of the Harum by vocalist Gary Brooker, and replaced by Robin Trower and Barry Wilson. Royer and Harrison then formed Freedom with Steve Shirley and Tony Marsh, who was immediately replaced by pianist/organist Mike Lease, releasing a two German singles and the soundtrack for the Tinto Brass/Dino de Laurentiis film Attraction (Original title Nerosubianco, also known as Black on White).

In 1968, Harrison entirely overhauled the group's membership, and the new line up began recording with more of a hard rock sound, scoring tour dates with Black Sabbath, Jethro Tull, and The James Gang. They achieved great renown for their excellent version of the Beatles song "Cry Baby Cry" on their second album Freedom at Last. Further lineup changes occurred before the band finally splintered in 1972, with Harrison going on to Snafu.

A spin-off of Procol Harum, Freedom was formed by guitarist Ray Royer and drummer Bobby Harrison. Both of them were in Procol Harum's lineup at the outset for their debut "A Whiter Shade of Pale" single, but were ousted almost immediately when Procol singer, Gary Brooker, enlisted his former bandmates from the Paramounts, Robin Trower and Barry Wilson, as replacements. Freedom's early sound, perhaps unsurprisingly, echoed Procol Harum's in its prominent use of organ and piano, as well as heavy rock guitar, and like Procol Harum's early records, captured late British psychedelia as it was starting to inch toward progressive rock.

Freedom wasn't a Procol Harum clone, though, with a somewhat poppier take on psychedelia that was closer to Traffic than Procol Harum. Their initial lineup only released two singles in 1968 before breaking up, also recording a soundtrack for an obscure Italian film by Dino De Laurentis, Attraction/Black on White. The soundtrack LP was given a limited release in Italy -- so limited, in fact, that the group members themselves were unaware that it had come out. Recorded with noted future producers Eddie Kramer and Glyn Johns engineering, this was reissued on CD in 1999, and is actually a pretty good if derivative slice of late-'60s British psychedelia.

In 1968, Harrison decided to reorganize the band completely -- in fact, so totally that he was the only remaining original member. More albums came out in the late '60s and early '70s which, in keeping with overall British rock trends of the period, were in a much heavier, hard, bluesier style. These were middle-of-the-pack, or a little lower than the middle-of-the-pack, efforts with nothing to make them stand out from the crowd in a clogged field. They did get to tour the U.S. as support for Black Sabbath and Jethro Tull, and broke up in 1972 after some personnel changes. Harrison became the lead singer in the little-known Snafu, while guitarist Roger Saunders, from the later incarnation of the band, did some session work, joined Medicine Head, and played in Gary Glitter's group during the '80s.

♣ Peter Dennis - vocals, bass, keyboards
♣ Bobby Harrison - vocals, drums
♣ Steve Jolly - guitar 
♣ Roger Saunders - vocals, guitar, keyboards
♣ Ray Royer - guitar

01. Enchanted Wood  2:54
02. Down In The Bottom 4:25
03. Have Love Will Travel  2:48
04. Cry Baby Cry  3:38
05. Time Of The Season  4:50
06. Hoodoo Man 4:23
07. Built For Comfort  4:23
08. Fly 3:15
09. Never Loved A Girl  4:35
10. My Life  2:50
11. Can't Stay With Me 4:06
12. Dusty Track  3:33

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2. Link

American Folk and Blues Festival - Jazz House Germany 1964-11-16 (Bootleg)

Size: 295 MB
Bitrate: 320
Found in Exploer World
Some Artwork

The American Folk Blues Festival was a music festival that toured Europe as an annual event for several years beginning in 1962. It introduced audiences in Europe, including the UK, to leading blues performers of the day such as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, John Lee Hooker and Sonny Boy Williamson, most of whom had never previously performed outside the US. The tours attracted substantial media coverage, including TV shows, and contributed to the growth of the audience for blues music in Europe.

German jazz publicist Joachim-Ernst Berendt first had the idea of bringing original African-American blues performers to Europe. Jazz had become very popular, and rock and roll was just gaining a foothold, and both genres drew influences directly back to the blues. Berendt thought that European audiences would flock to concert halls to see them in person.

The concerts featured some of the leading blues artists of the 1960s, such as Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker and Sonny Boy Williamson, some playing in unique combinations such as T-Bone Walker playing guitar for pianist Memphis Slim, Otis Rush with Junior Wells, Sonny Boy Williamson with Muddy Waters. The Festival DVDs include the only known footage of Little Walter, and rare recordings of John Lee Hooker playing harmonica.

Attendees at Manchester in 1962, the first ever venue for the festival in Britain, included Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones and Jimmy Page. Subsequent attendees at the first London festivals are believed to have also included such influential musicians as Eric Burdon, Eric Clapton, and Steve Winwood. Collectively these were the primary movers in the blues explosion that would lead to the British Invasion.

Sonny Boy Williamson's visit to London with the 1963 festival led to him spending a year in Europe including recording the Sonny Boy Williamson and The Yardbirds album, (first released on Star-Club Records in 1965), and recording with The Animals.

On 7 May 1964, Granada Television broadcast Blues and Gospel Train, a programme directed by John Hamp featuring Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Rev. Gary Davis and others. For filming, the company transformed the disused Wilbraham Road railway station into " Chorltonville", giving it the supposed appearance of a southern U.S.-style station.

Promoters Horst Lippmann and Fritz Rau brought this idea to reality. By contacting Willie Dixon, an influential blues composer and bassist from Chicago, they were given access to the blues culture of the southern United States. The first festival was held in 1962, and they continued almost annually until 1972, after an eight-year hiatus reviving the festival in 1980 until its final performance in 1985.

"This time, a contingent from Chicago was chosen, with Howlin' Wolf at the helm. The Chess recording star had brought along his guitarist Hubert Sumlin. The rhythm section consisted of Sunnyland Slim, Willie Dixon and Clifton James. A highly respectable and dependable line-up that fit together very well, as proven by the official studio and live recordings done during this tour, as well as unofficial live recordings circulating among collectors.

The appearance at the Jazz House in Wiesbaden was also captured privately on tape. The date was Monday, Nov. 16th, 1964. The influence of various alcoholic beverages can be noticed on the pictures, as well as on the recordings. An apparently highly revved-up Howlin' Wolf took the rather small house p.a. system to an endurance test, which made the proprietor kind of nervous: "I thought he was about to eat up my microphones." The man operating the tape recorder had no chance of following Wolf's outbursts of sound. On the whole, however, the audience witnessed a varied and musically successful evening with interesting contributions by Sunnyland Slim and Willie Dixon."

American Folk and Blues Festival 1964-11-16 
Live at Jazz House, Wiesbaden, Germany

(Soundboard: Not a perfect soundquality but good enough.)

Disc 1
01. Sunnyland Slim: It's You Baby
02. Sunnyland Slim: Everytime I Get To Drinkin'
03. Sunnyland Slim: Bassology
04. Sunnyland Slim: One Room Country Shack
05. Sunnyland Slim: Come On Home, Baby
06. Sunnyland Slim: Goin' To California
07. Howlin' Wolf: Shake It For Me
08. Howlin' Wolf: May I Have A Talk With You
09. Howlin' Wolf: Dust My Broom (w. hca)
10. Willie Dixon Announcement
11. Willie Dixon: God's Gift To Man
12. Willie Dixon: Big Legged Woman
13. Willie Dixon Announcement->Sunnyland Slim: Train I Ride (Love My Baby)
14. Sunnyland Slim: I'm Torn Up (incomplete)

Disc 2
01. Sunnyland Slim Announcement->See See Rider
02. Willie Dixon: Nervous
03. Willie Dixon: My Babe
04. Willie Dixon Announcement of Howlin' Wolf
05. Howlin' Wolf: 300 Pounds of Joy
06. Howlin' Wolf: I Didn't Mean To Hurt Your feelings
07. Howlin' Wolf: I Asked For Water
08. Willie Dixon & Sunnyland Slim: C-Jam Blues
09. Sunnyland Slim: I Done You Wrong
10. Sunnyland Slim: Tin Pan Alley
11. Sunnyland Slim: Theme Song
12. Sunnyland Slim announcement of Howlin' Wolf-> Howlin' Wolf: For My Darling
13. Howlin' Wolf: How Many More Years (w. hca)

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Part 1: Link
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