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Cat Stevens - ABC In Concert FM Broadcast 1973-11-09 (Bootleg)

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Review from the TV show:
As the first anniversary of the late night TV rockers approaches, and the news of prime time music shows also breaks, it’s equally exciting to see the first attempts at screening entire shows built around strongest pop stars. ABC-TV’s " In Concert" has been first through the gate with "Moon and Stars," screened November 6 in the series' usual late night slot. 

Cat Stevens - France Single 1973
The Stevens special pointed up both the inherent strengths of such an approach, and a few of the pitfalls. Viewers were treated to a portrait of Stevens’ music of unusual depth, as Stevens moved through material from various phases of his recording career since joining A&M’s roster. The quality of the stereo-FM track for simulcast was excellent. Showcasing the possible technical heights this medium could reach, and both Stevens and a superb back-up including stalwarts Alun Davies, Jean Roussel and Gerry Conway, long time Stevens collaborators, made that aspect of the show more than just a technical triumph.

Visually, the show was also a tasteful effort, free from the surplus of quick cutting and "action" slots that have often plagued rock on television and proved distracting rather than compelling. The current addiction to star filters – that turn points of light on the image into prismatic flares – was probably the only flaw here, being rather overused.

Yet, the show itself hit many lulls, despite some strong changes of pace provided by Linda Rondstadt and Dr. John. Each performing a Stevens' composition, and by one of the show’s highlights, an excellent animated version of Stevens’ drawings of Teaser and the Firecat riding an moonshadow (and naturally framed by that song). The shows flow was broken by the necessary flurry of commercial breaks. Late night shows have long been plagued by those breaks, but here it was the sheer frequency that proved the problem.

Stevens is a dark and quiet personality and the show was virtually without any spoken comment. While small screen addicts might have been disappointed by the lack of chatter, it was a refreshing departure from the usual inanity of forced conversations that are often included to provide humor or personality. There may well be artists who in such a special could talk to us as well; Stevens seemed more comfortable just singing and it helped give the show a more natural feel.

1971 Album
Cat Stevens broke a guitar string in the middle of a song and the jam-packed audience at theIn Concert Songbook Aquarius Theater in Hollywood applauded the full 55 seconds it took him to replace it. And when the British superstar politely asked director Joshua White if he could do one song over again for the cameras, the audience went wild.

That’s how eager the hundreds of Cat Stevens fans were to groove on his music.

The memorable occasion was the taping of the "In Concert" segment starring Cat Stevens, on the ABC Television Network’s "ABC Wide World of Entertainment." The show marks Stevens’ American television debut and is his first American appearance in a year.

His powerful performance put to rest rumors that the 25-year old star’s absence from the stage was due to a recurrence of the respiratory ailment that hospitalized him several years ago.

It was the inevitable conflict between art and commercialism that eventually took its toll on the young singer-composer, who was born Steve Georgiou. Following instant stardom at the age of 17, came the unending TV interviews, recording sessions, performance dates, tension, hassling and bad feelings.

Cat Steven's Guitar
Recalling those turbulent days, Stevens says, "I used to dread recording. For days I’d worry and think about that studio, full of blank, uncaring, bored session men who were going to play my music.

"And every time, in would go my music and out would come their music — technically perfect and perfectly antiseptic. It was my music and they would kill me with it."

During his convalescence Stevens came to grips with the problem that so often plagues creative artists.

"Once you’re a success it becomes very difficult to judge things; people love anything you do," he says. "But it’s important for me to try new things, different things, even if they fail."

When Stevens left the hospital and returned to a recording studio he was assured complete artistic integrity. He came out with "Mona Bone Jakon" (1969), an album that swept across Europe and rose into the Top Ten in France. He played to sellout crowds in Holland and Germany, and did a national television concert in Paris.

This year, Stevens recorded "Foreigner," the first album on which he is also producer, and the LP is currently rising to the top of the charts. It features "Foreigner Suite," an 18-minute tour de force he performs on "In Concert."

Cat Stevens - ABC In Concert 1973
With Dr. John & Linda Ronstadt
Aquarius Theather, Hollywood, California Aired November 9th, 1973 Quality A+

01. Father and Son (4:02)
02. Wild World (3:25)
03. Morning Has Broken (3:20)
04. 18th Avenue (4:34)
05. Moonshadow w/Story (5:28)
06. (Dr John) - Pop Star (6:00)
07. King of Trees (4:07)
08. A Bad Penny (3:53)
09. (Linda Ronstadt) - Fill My Eyes (3:05)
10. (Linda Ronstadt) - First Cut Is The Deepest (2:56)
11. The Boy With The Moon and Star on His Head (6:16)
12. The Hurt (4:45)
13. Foreigner Suite (20:15)

1. Cat Stevens
2. Cat Stevens
1971 Album

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Jason Bonham Band - Rockline 7 April 1997 FM Broadcast + Bonus Album

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In the Name of My Father – The Zepset – Live from Electric Ladyland is a recorded album by Jason Bonham, released in 1997 under the name The Jason Bonham Band. The album consists entirely of cover versions of various songs by English rock group Led Zeppelin, as a tribute to the band's drummer, and Bonham's late father, John Bonham.

The album evolved after Bonham's band began performing Led Zeppelin songs at their live shows. Bonham would occasionally tape a show to listen to, and impressed with the results, he decided to record a set live in-studio at Electric Lady Studios in New York City. All proceeds of the album were donated to the John Bonham Memorial Motorcycle Camp and the Big Sisters of Los Angeles.

The live album "in the name of my father: the zep set" was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in N.Y.C. on June 17, 1996 and released on April 1, 1997. This performance was just days after that release, and to promote the record which features several Led Zep songs performed by John Bonham's son and band. Although that is a longer set (10 songs) this one includes 4 songs not played in the Electric ladyland official set
(heartbreaker, nobody's fault, baby I'm gonna leave you and the battle of evermore) and is probably one of the  1st live performances of this material after the recording of the official release. only 2 of these songs are heard (the song remains... and since I've been lovin' you, from different performances) in the official performance.

Instead of running away from his father's enormous legacy, Jason Bonham embraced it on his first official solo album, In the Name of My Father: Zepset. Recorded live in New York City, the album features Bonham and his backing band running through a number of Led Zeppelin classics, and he expertly mimics the style and subtle funk of his father, John. While it proves his technical skill as a musician, the record doesn't offer any significant new interpretations of the material, suggesting that his vision may be limited. Nevertheless, In the Name of My Father is a warm, loving tribute to one of the giants of hard rock that is entertaining in its own right.

Jason Bonham Band, a Biography:
Jason John Bonham (born 16 July 1966) is an English drummer. Jason's father was Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and his mother is Pat Phillips. After his father's death in 1980, he played with Led Zeppelin on different occasions, including the Ahmet Ertegün Tribute Concert at The O2 Arena in London in 2007.

Bonham first began playing drums at the age of four, and appeared with his father in the film The Song Remains the Same, drumming on a scaled-down kit.[1] At 17, he joined his first band, Airrace. In 1985, he joined Virginia Wolf, making two albums and touring the U.S. supporting the Firm.

In 1988, Bonham joined former Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page for his Outrider album and tour. In May of the same year, Bonham appeared with the three surviving members of Led Zeppelin for a performance at Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary concert in New York.

In 1989, Bonham appeared as a special guest at the Moscow Music Peace Festival, performing the song "Rock and Roll" with many major rock stars of the day. That same year, he formed his own band, Bonham, whose Zeppelin-inflected first release The Disregard of Timekeeping had a hit single, "Wait for You" and the music video for the subsequent single "Guilty" did get some play; however, after a lukewarm reception for their 1992 release, Mad Hatter, the band was dissolved, and Bonham concentrated on session work and guest appearances.

On 28 April 1990, Bonham married Jan Charteris, in Stone, Kidderminster. His wedding reception included a jam with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. The Bonhams have two children: a son named Jager and a daughter, 

Bonham drummed for Paul Rodgers on the Grammy nominated Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters project. A year later with Slash and Paul Rodgers, he appeared at Woodstock II in 1994. Bonham reformed his band with a new lead vocalist, Marti Frederiksen, replacing Daniel MacMaster. Renamed Motherland, they released the album Peace 4 Me later in 1994; however, his down-to-earth nature always showed—on one occasion making an encore drumming appearance for local Led Zeppelin tribute bands Fred Zeppelin and Led Zepagain.

In 1995, Jason represented his father when Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with his sister Zoe by his side. Bonham soon put together another solo project that culminated in In the Name of My Father - The Zepset, which featured the songs of Led Zeppelin. Proceeds from the album went to charity. The album followed up with When You See the Sun.

John Bonham
Following an album and tour with his aunt Debbie Bonham, Jason Bonham was invited to drum for hard rock group UFO. In 2006, he recorded with Joe Bonamassa.

Jason Bonham also appeared in the movie Rock Star, 2001. Bonham played drummer A.C., of the fictional band Steel Dragon. The film also featured performances by musicians such as Zakk Wylde, Jeff Pilson, Myles Kennedy, Jeff Scott Soto, Brian Vander Ark, Blas Elias and Nick Catanese. He also played on the film's soundtrack.

Bonham starred with Ted Nugent, Evan Seinfeld (Biohazard), Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), and Scott Ian (Anthrax) on the VH1 reality television show, Supergroup, in May 2006. The musicians formed a band called Damnocracy (after ditching the names FIST, God War, and Savage Animal) for the show, during which they lived in a mansion in Las Vegas for twelve days and created music. Jason also played drums live with Foreigner from 2004 to 2007 and part of 2007 to 2008.

Bonham joined the group Black Country Communion late in 2009 and stayed with them until they broke up in March 2013.

In 2010, Bonham formed Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience, a live homage to his father's band, which toured worldwide during 2011.[2] Bonham more recently played drums, along with sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson of the group Heart on vocals and guitar respectively, for a performance of Stairway to Heaven during the Led Zeppelin tribute at the Kennedy Center Honors in December 2012 while band members Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones looked on. The honors are awarded annually for exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts.

Zoso John Bonham
Sigil Three Intersecting Circles
In 2013, Bonham's Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience toured with Heart.

Later that year, he teamed up again with Glenn Hughes to form a new rock band, which became California Breed, adding the young guitarist Andrew Watt.

Deborah Bonham Band, a Biography:
Born in Worcestershire, the younger sister of the late John and Michael Bonham. Deborah was only five when John joined Led Zeppelin, and this powerful introduction sparked in her the overwhelming desire to write and perform. Her home was The Old Hyde farm, where she lived with her father, John Henry Bonham snr, known as Jack, in the cottage at the back of The Old Hyde Farm. Her brother, John and his family, lived in the main House. While living there, Deborah and John's son Jason started writing and recording their own songs. At the age of 17, at Robert Plant's house in a nearby village, she recorded her first demos. Deborah sent out the songs anonymously and soon landed her first record deal with the major label Carerre Records, for whom she recorded the critically acclaimed album 'For You and the Moon'. The album reached the top 5 in the NME chart, was Simon Bates Record of the Week on BBC Radio 1 and sold extremely well in Europe, being voted 'Record of the Year' by Musik Mart, Germany. A period of recording for the Japanese label SAM Co. followed, and with press and radio promotion including interviews for Burrn and J Wave Radio. English label RPM, released the single, 'Perfect World' in 1995. 

John Bonham's Drumset
1997 saw two extremely successful trips to the US. Firstly, she performed live on LA's Rockline radio to three million listeners throughout North America and Canada, followed by a guest appearance with Jason Bonham and his band at the Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles. The success of the first trip led to a US tour with her band to open for The Jason Bonham Band kicking off in Los Angeles at the 'House of Blues' with guests SLASH and TERRY REID. Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, New York and Chicago 'House of Blues' subsequently followed. 

Back in the UK Deborah began recording 'The Old Hyde' (2004), the long awaited follow up to her debut album, which featured Jason Bonham on drums throughout and a special guest appearance from Mick Fleetwood. Reviewers were equally impressed - Classic Rock lead the compliments '...the album has balls...a classy set of bluesy hard rock' 

Country Music Round-Up simply said '...quite superb' and the influential All Music Guide judged that it was ' of the best blues-rock albums of the early 21st century, not a bummer in sight'. 

Deborah's last album 'Duchess' (Warner Rhino 2008) was perceived by the press as her finest work to date. Consisting of 13 original compositions, it featured her forceful working band bassist Ian Rowley, keyboardist Gerard Louis, guitarist Peter Bullick and Jerry Shirley of Humble Pie on drums. Each song showcases Deborah's soulful singing and her effortless, sensitive approach to a gamut of styles from blues and soul to country and rock, and includes a moving duet with Paul Rodgers on 'Hold On' with Jason Bonham on drums. Reviews of 'Duchess' were glowing: Blues Matters! described Deborah as '...a blues mama par excellence'; the USA's Blues Revue listed her as ' of the New Women of Blues' and Modern Guitars proclaimed '...a celebration of soul, strength and family... the album stands as her finest work to date'. 

A blistering live set adds to the magic of Deborah Bonham and suggest that this is a band that must be seen and heard live. Having played festivals from Canterbury to Glastonbury, Bulldog Bash to Donington, Cambridge to Cropredy, Ripfest to Harley Davidson's European Festivals, Deborah's live performances have seen her open shows and duet with such luminaries as Paul Rodgers, Jools Holland, Fairport Convention, Ann Peebles, Paul Weller, Robert Plant, Foreigner, Nazareth, (Dan McCafferty performed his first-ever duet on tour in the UK with Deborah, singing the Lorraine Ellison soul classic 'Stay With Me Baby'). Humble Pie, Lonnie Donegan, Van Halen, Alannah Myles, Peter Frampton and Donovan. Deborah also performed alongside Ozzy Osbourne in the Czech Republic, where she returned for more shows in January 2011, and France, Germany, Portugal and Austria in 2012.

Performing live in Rockline studios April 7, 1997 promoting their album 
"In the Name of My Father": "The Zep Set Live From Electric Ladyland"
Master FM broadcast recording

Jason Bonham band:
Charles "Chas" West: vocals
 Tony Catania: guitar, backing vocals
 John Smithson: bass and keyboards
 Jason Bonham: drums
 Deborah Bonham: vocals on last track

01. Radio Introduction :46
02  Heartbreaker 5:35
03. Since I've Been Lovin' you 8:03
04. The Song Remains the Same 6:07
05. Talk 1:10
06. Nobody's Fault But Mine 6:37 (short gap at 1:34)
07. Baby I'm Gonna Leave You 6:16
08. Talk 2:18
09. The Battle of Evermore 5:50
10. Talk (end cuts) 3:32

+ Bonus Album

1. Link
2. Link

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Pete Brown & Piblokto - 1970 UK Unreleased Demos + Bonus Album

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Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

CoolSonics 104 ::: Thanks to the original taper & traders! ::: Corrections welcome ::: Swim to the deepest depths of yer temporal brainpan & stir memory's cobwebs to return to the glistening suns of your misspent youth on planets afar with the eccentric & mind-altering sounds of Piblokto! Though featuring some different msuicians in the band, these demos harken from the same year as the band's 2nd pivotal Harvest albums, "Thousands On A Raft", (following the musical revolution of their first, "Things May Come & Things May Go But The Art School Dance Goes on Forever". Of course, up until the advent of import CD's & the internet, most American freaks were left out in the cold as regards Piblokto! as it was scarce wax Stateside, though many of us had glimpsed the groovy looking Mal Dean covers on inner sleeves of other imports. You Brits were a luckier lot, swimming in Harvest thirty three & a thirds. This band broke some ground with genre crossover, the lyrical poetic aethetic of Mr Brown mixed with the an onslaught of deep psychedelic-tinged progressive voyages of rock & jazz leaves one kind of gasping for explanations of what they have heard or where it has taken their thoughts, but with the recognition it was heavy stuff should be treated with admiration & respect. 

So now you can travel there with some "new" tunes, 40 years on. This was some kind of extensive collection of Pete's unissued work, presumably compiled by him in the 1980s, pre"Before Singing Lessons", as many tracks ended up being used for that album. As for low generation claim, there were some other demos on my cassettes now officially released where my tape sounded better than the issued ones... go figure! Don't just do the 5 minute headphone, computer speaker, quick run out to the convenience store type of listen. Take a half hour of your life for the full journey, a choice voice & a band of fine craftsmen, set yourself down in front of yer speakers & enjoy your travels. As the album cover reported so succinctly, Piblokto! was a, "wart on the regal ear" and you know how hard it is to get rid of warts.

More recordings on the way, making up for years of slow netspeed. Kudos to Zongo for life support, Lochner for mikes & much more, & to Fast Freddie for runnin' Video Dick's Record Emporium with the bathroom office full of tape decks. Thanks to Hanwaker (few among us can keep his pace) for over 30 years of trading & friendship. Mountains of gratitude to Davmar, D.White, Sanchez, Elliot, The Florida Kid, Kloiber, Zingg, JTW, Bershaw, Boston Gold, Weeks, Dixon, Moore, Gough & SO many more for all that collecting & sharing... Royal thanks to The Man In The Palace, Doc Tinker, Brinkhoffs, Barely Eatin', Reel Master Gaule, Parrish & all the traders who housed me thru my music acquisition & travel years. Hats off to Brother Kent, Uncle Jake, Little Queenie (& her neighbor Frank) & his honor Ptomaine Thomas. Glasses raised to Byron for musical horizon expansion & much obliged to J & Thurston for keepin' my concert fires burnin' since my continental shift. Thanks to the Mods for keepin' DIME alive. Enjoy, share, give, spread peace. Yers truly, Knees

Pete Brown & Piblokto! 
1970-xx-xx United Kingdom  
Unreleased Studio Demos

♣ Pete Brown - vocals, trumpet, etc!
♣ Taff Williams - guitar  
♣ Phil Ryan - keyboards  
♣ Steve Glover - bass  
♣ Rob Tait - drums  

01. Welsh Are Blunt  08:06 [Demo]
02. Mermaid & Chips  05:35 [Demo]
03. Autumns In Spanish Galleons  04:16 [Demo]
04. C.F.D.T. (Colonel Fright's Dancing Terripins)  07:25 [Demo] 

Track 4 is a very different version than on Brown & Bond's "Two Heads Are Better Than One".

+ Bonus Album!

1. Link
2. Link

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A Must Have: Henry's Funeral Shoe - "Gimme Back My Morphine" From the Album Donkey Jacket

Henry's Funeral Shoe - Donkey Jacket Album

"A raw, fuzzed-out, garage-boogie attitude and a riff-o-rama sensibility. Their sound can be heavy as a 2000 lb. budgie, menacing as a back-alley swaying drunk, and when they crank up the riffing or let rip with some high-octane slide, it's as transporting as anything by post-Mississippi Fred McDowell".

Following on from a highly-praised debut, South Wales duo Henry's Funeral Shoe unleash their distinctive punk-energy-blues-drenched-rock 'n' roll, on second album "Donkey Jacket". With their incendiary guitars and hard rock-like energy, fans of Radio Moscow, Left Lane Cruiser, and The Black Diamond Heavies will find much to like in Henry's Funeral Shoe.

The duo has shared the stage with classic acts such as The Groundhogs, and Status Quo, and will soon be playing with Ten Years After. Comprised of brothers Aled and Brennig Clifford, this second offering evokes images of the Deep South, rather than the Welsh Valleys from which they hail. "Donkey Jacket" features a number of guest appearances from a plethora of acclaimed musicians, including long time Van Morrison collaborator John "Ned" Edwards on harmonica, slide guitar and mandolin, Pete Hurley of legendary 70s Welsh band Lone Star on bass, and Justin Beynon of the Broken Vinyl Club tinkling the ivories. Taking its name from the coat worn by Welsh miners, "Donkey Jacket", is a collection of rousing numbers ranging from the hard-hitting 'Love Is A Fever', 'Dog Scratch Ear' and 'Anvil & Chains', to their contrasting softer side on acoustic-driven tracks 'Heart on Fire' and 'Across The Sky'. Henry's Funeral Shoe recorded the album in Wales with Tim Hammill at the helm, whilst mixing duties were undertaken by Jim Diamond (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Go) in Detroit.

Playing bluesy hard rock with plenty of attitude, a classic rocker's appreciation of history, and a punk's sense of concision, Henry's Funeral Shoe is a power duo from South Wales consisting of Aled Clifford on guitar and vocals, and his younger brother Brennig Clifford on drums. Aled's early musical inspiration came from his father's collection of LPs, as the youngster began checking out the work of iconic rock bands such as the Beatles, the Who, and Creedence Clearwater Revival, as well as a variety of blues acts ranging from Robert Johnson to Peter Green. Aled took up the guitar, mentored by musician Ned Edwards (best known for his work with Van Morrison), and he began playing solo acoustic shows, focusing on blues-oriented material.

After several unsatisfying experiences playing with bands, Aled chose to return to solo work when he was asked by his brother Brennig to get together and jam. Brennig, ten years younger than Aled, was inspired to take up drumming by the fiery stickwork of Keith Moon, and the brothers soon found that Aled's forceful, blues-rock style and Brennig's frantic percussion made for an effective combination. In 2008, the two began performing as Henry's Funeral Shoe (the name coming from an unpublished short story written by Aled), and while several bassists were auditioned to round out the group, the Clifford brothers felt that they worked well enough as a two-piece to do without.

The group came to the attention of Alive Natural Sound Records, an American label that's home to several contemporary punk-blues acts, and in 2009, the label released Henry's Funeral Shoe's first album, Everything's for Sale. After extensive touring in Europe and the U.K., the duo returned in 2011 with their second LP, Donkey Jacket, featuring guest appearances by Justin Beynon of Broken Vinyl Club on keyboards, Pete Hurley (a former member of Welsh hard rockers Lone Star) on bass, and Aled's one-time teacher Ned Edwards on harmonica.

Buy the album on vinyl/CD at: Link

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