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Temporal Sluts - Modern Slavery Protocol (Fast Energy Rock Italy 2016)

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Finally. After more than 20 years, Temporal Sluts are putting out their very first full length album: Modern Slavery Protocol, 10 songs of the same furious punk rock they've been playing since day one.

Born in Como in 1995, Temporal Sluts are veterans of the Italian punk rock scene with several 7"s and EP's released, a lot of European tours, and shows supporting legendary bands like Leaving Trains, Hypnotics, Humpers and Radio Birdman. Their name has always been well known among underground punk/rock&roll fanatics.

Temporal Sluts' line-up has been through a lot of changes during the last 20 years, but since 2014 they are rock solid: founding members Rob Slut and Killer Tony - voice and drums, Luca Slut - lead guitar, Steve - bass, Miguel Basetta - rhythm guitar.

Modern Slavery Protocol was recorded at New Recorded Studio in Como by Frederic Mazzei (guitarist of the Leeches, good ol' friends of Temporal Sluts). It's a straight in your face album, fast guitar-driven punk rock, certainly influenced by Stooges, Dead Boys, Saints, Lazy Cowgirls, Adolescents and New Bomb Turks, but definitely 100% sweaty Temporal Sluts.

This band starts kicking out in 1995, The Temporal Sluts realizes its first record, a 10" split with Californian The Humpers called "A touching date" (Hate records) after the American tour.
1996 is the year for the first album "Bad news never comes alone", celebrated with a live showcase in Milan together with the Empty Set, from Detroit (the band of Ron Asheton and Mike Davis).

Probably you didn't get most of our records because we were exactly between the new digital explosion and the old fashioned "taste" of vynil... that's why we're putting out a new and remastered album on cd and a new master for the vinyl acetate.

We were working on the recording of the new album with Mike Davis as a producer who passed away in February 2012, we lost a dear friend, so we postponed the realization of the new album at the end of 2014.

We toured Europe several times and shared the stage with a lot of bands. 

The next projects are about a Japanese tour and why not? A new American tour.

Released January 1, 2016

The Band:
♦♫♦ Slut (vocals)  
♦♫♦ Luca Slut (guitar) 
♦♫♦ Tony (drums)  
♦♫♦ Stefano (bass) 
♦♫♦ Syl (guitar)

01. Cosmocracy 02:28
02. Flash Crash 02:24
03. Fractured Mantra 02:53
04. To Get Her 02:58
05. Black Clouds (Red Knees) 02:46
06. Rum Dark Room 02:02
07. MSP 02:40
08. Liquid Fever 02:42
09. Tarzana Cigarette Girl 02:33
10. Zero Killed 02:48

1. Temporal Sluts
2. Temporal Sluts