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Paul Brett - Selftitled (Very Rare Folkrock UK 1972)

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Paul Brett (Sage)  began his career appearing (while still a teenager) as an uncredited backing guitarist on ROY HARPER's 1966 debut 'Sophisticated Beggar' which is generally acknowledged as contemporary British folk classic although not especially progressive when compared to some of Harper's later work into the mid-seventies and beyond. 

The same can be said of AL STEWART's 'Zero She Flies', recorded in 1969 with Brett again appearing as a nameless studio musician while other studio players such as Trevor Lucas and Gerry Conway of FOTHERINGAY do appear in the liner notes. 

Brett appeared (with credits) on the STRAWBS' 'Dragonfly' studio album which was also recorded in 1969, and cut a couple of singles with ARTHUR BROWN

That same year he played guitar on most of ELMER GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA second and final release 'Ride a Hustler's Dream', and closed out the decade as a member of the short-lived psych band FIRE, largely leading the studio effort for the now ultra-rare 'The Magic Shoemaker' LP.

After his work with the STRAWBS Brett formed his own band (PAUL BRETT SAGE) and released three studio albums between 1970-1972. That group consisted at various times of Nicky Higginbottom (flute, saxophone), Mike Piggot (later of the PENTANGLE), bassist Dick Dufall (STRAWBS, FIRE), Stuart Cowell (guitars) and percussionist Bob Voice (FIRE), among others. The band's sound ranged from contemporary to progressive folk and mildly heavy rock with occasional blues-rock and even a bit of jazz. 

Brett would go on to a lengthy solo career as a mostly 12-string guitarist, recording contemporary rock albums, along with a few progressive works including the complex guitar instrumentals 'Earth Birth' and 'Interlife'. 

In later years he would release a number of modern folk, instructional and mainstream albums including several K-Tel records. He also amassed a lengthy body of work as a session and touring musician, appearing with the likes of STEVE HILLAGE, JIMI HENDRIX, VAN DER GRAFF GENERATOR, MOTT THE HOOOPLE, STATUS QUO, FREE and many others.

Paul Brett (born 20 June 1947, Fulham, London) is an English classic rock guitarist. He played lead guitar with Strawbs (though he was never actually a member), The Overlanders, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera, The Velvet Opera, Tintern Abbey, Fire, Roy Harper, Al Stewart, Lonnie Donegan, and switched to twelve-string guitar in the 1970s.

His first twelve-string guitar suite, Earth Birth, was released on his own label, Phoenix Future, and was produced by artist Ralph Steadman of Fear and Loathing fame. Critical acclaim led to Brett being signed on a four-album deal with RCA Records. His K-tel Romantic Guitar album went platinum in the UK, but Brett stopped recording soon afterwards. He started recording again in 2000, with long-time friend and fellow twelve-string guitarist, John Joyce.

Brett wrote for music magazines Melody Maker, Sound International and International Musician and continued working in the music industry in the later part of his career. He now writes a regular column for Acoustic, a magazine specializing in acoustic guitars. He is also the Associate Editor and Features Writer for Music Maker and Live in London magazines.

01. The Ant (instrumental) (2.13)
02. Mr Custer (3:04)
03. Goodtimes, Hardtimes (3.23)
04. 18 Years (2.30)
05. Handful Of Rain (4.45) 
06. Antiques, Flowers And Music Box Dancers (instrumental) (2.46)
07. The Spanish Main (4.27)
08. Jim Crow (3.15)
09. Motherless Child On A Merry-Go-Round (3.29)
10. Here Comes The Sun (2.43)
11. Who Am I ? (3.57)
12. March Of The Hedgehogs (instrumental) (3.19)