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The Book Of Intxixu - Selftitled (Superb Psychedelia 1977-82)

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Recorded in the late '70s and early '80s by Juan Arkotxa, Leslie MacKenzie and Carmeta Mansilla, and previously only (partly) issued on cassette, 'The Book Of Intxixu' basically is the follow-up to the magnificent 'Book Of Am'. Once again, 'Book Of Intxixu' is a combination of illustrations and ethereal trip/acid-folk. For this project the trio recorded about three hours of music, from which the highlights (some heavier and more electric than probably expected!) are now brought together on this DOUBLE-LP. 

Among the guests we find Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, while Cosmic Trip Machine's Will Z, oG, Majnun and Sammy helped Juan and Leslie to rescue the material and shape it into this gorgeous set. The accompanying illustrations are included in a 24-page booklet. This release is manufactured in an edition of 500 units.

The Book Of Intxixu is the follow-up to the magnificent The Book Of Am. Originally recorded in the late '70s by Juan Arkotxa in the Sant Mateu church (Ibiza) with the collaboration of Daevid Allen, Jerry Hart, Carmeta Mansilla and Gilli Smyth, and newly arranged and recorded in 2016 by Will Z. who has helped, with Cosmic Trip Machine, Juan and Leslie to rescue the old material.

Juan Arkotxa, Leslie MacKenzie and Carmeta Mansilla were the creators of The Book Of Am. The Book Of Intxitxu was another of their works, they began working on its songs and illustrations just after they finished the four parts of The Book Of Am in the late 1970s. It contained, again, a collection of illustrations plus three hours of music. The book was first published in 1982 by Desclee de la Brouwer (Bilbao) in a bilingual Basque-Spanish edition. In 1983 IZ issued a cassette containing a selection of the songs sung in Basque by Juan. A part of it was later performed with mime artists at the short-lived Stonehenge Festival in 1983. Conceptually it is again influenced by ancient myths and cults, you can find references to Sumerian hero Gilgamesh, the Meditarranean Moon Goddess cult, the hallucinogenic mushroom taker and healing woman from Oaxaca Maria Sabina, the works of Robert Graves, etc.

Musically, it follows the ethereal folk path set by their previous works, with an acid atmosphere and a progressive appeal that offers some heavier psychedelic passages due to a higher use of electric guitar pyrotechnics. Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth guested as musicians, so here's one of his last recordings, as are also the last by Carmeta Mansilla, since sadly she also past away recentlyl. Will Z, oG, Majnun and Sammy helped Juan and Leslie rescue the old material and shape it into this gorgeous 2LP set with a 24 page booklet containing all the illustrations made for the Book. Please note it is a limited edition of only 500 copies, do not miss it and complete your Book Of Am saga collection!

Juan Arkotxa - vocals, flute, fiddle, sitar, tanpura
 Leslie MacKenzie - percussions
 Carmeta Mansilla - vocals
 Will Z. - vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, synthesizers, sitar, percussions
 oG -  bass, glissando guitar
 Majnun -  electric guitar
 Sammy Goldstein -  drums
 Brian Abbott -  glissando guitar

Disc 1
01. Triple Personality And The One Mind 04:51
02. Dream Vision 02:36
03. The Pass Through The Set Of Squares 05:35
04. The Hot Bath 03:59
05. The Cromlech 03:09
06. Finding Immortality 04:14
07. Through Desert Wastes 03:51
08. The Master Of Dancers And Singers 02:22
09. The Old Man 03:57
10. Transmuting Immortality 02:42
11. Crossing The Great Waters 03:05
12. Ocean Moon 05:20
13. Epilogue 02:38

Disc 2
01. Start Here 02:40
02. Awakening The Organic 07:03
03. Imagination 03:52
04. Take Off 02:55
05. On The Other Side 07:06
06. Come Join The Mountain 08:49
07. Grandmother Moon 04:56
08. God Says But The Moon Says 03:13

Part 1: Intxixu
Part 2: Intxixu
Part 1: Intxixu
Part 2: Intxixu