Sunday, July 22, 2018

Willie Dixon - The Quiet Night, Chicago FM Broadcast 1974-01-24 (Bootleg)

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Friends, here's a classic, exellent sounding Blues show of the great Willie Dixon with his All Star Band, broadcasted by WXRT-FM Chicago & recorded by Bob Craig to reel. This flawless recording shows Willie & his men in topform!

Willie Dixon is amoung the GREAT Old Men of the Chicago Blues and played Bass for Muddy Waters, Howlin´Wolf, John Lee Hooker and counless others. He also wrote some of the most common known Blues songs. 

To name a few, most of them included here: Spoonful, Little Red Rooster, Hoochie Coochie Man, Down in the Bottom, Back Door Man & Wang Dang Doodle.

Enjoy this great piece of Willie Dixon & Blues History!

Willie Dixon 1974-01-24
The Quiet Night, Chicago, IL
Exellent Stereo FM 

♫♪♪ Willie Dixon: voc, bass
♫♪♪ Freddy Dixon: bass
♫♪♪ Lafayette Leake: piano
♫♪♪ Buster Benton: guitar
♫♪♪ Clifton James: drums 

01. Intro Boogie  11.06
02. Crazy ´Bout My Baby  04.00
03. Rock Me  06.46
04. I Don´t Trust Nobody (When It Comes to My Girl)  05.39
05. 29 Ways  03.36
06. Wang Dang Doodle  06.38
07. Hoochie Coochie Man  04.46
08. Little Red Rooster  04.53
09. I Think I Got the Blues  05.44
10. My Baby  03.28
11. Spoonfull  04.19
12. Closing Boogie   01.24

1. Willie Dixon 1974
2. Willie Dixon 1974
3. Willie Dixon 1974