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Impeccable - Live on The Rox (Superb Private Hardrock US -79)

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Impeccable was formed in late 1976, although they were known as Live Wire and then Axxe before they eventually settled on calling themselves Impeccable. Early on, they had the intention of being an original music outfit, so they started creating their own material almost from the inception. Most of the raw musical compositions were written by Darren Welch, and then vocalist Don Allison would put together the lyrics, and they'd all get together to construct and finalize the tunes. 

So, there was also input from drummer Morris Payne & bassist Richard Rico. They were influenced by groups such as Led Zeppelin, Rush, The Beatles, Wiggy Bits, Moxy, Hendrix, Trapeze & Black Sabbath. Sometime in 1978, they met Rusty Zavitson, who said he'd like to record the band. So, they ended up recording their debut single in Rusty's living room on a 4 track reel to reel and it was at this time they were known as Axxe. 

They pressed 1,000 copies of the single, issued with a picture sleeve featuring a group photo on front. These were distributed locally and sold at shows. They toured around Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma shortly thereafter to support the release. The band did numerous shows at a club in Lubbock called The Rox, owned by Carlo Campanelli. 

This is where they decided to record the live show that would become the Live on the Rox album. It was at this time, they renamed the band Impeccable, after the classic Budgie album. They also happened to do several shows with Budgie & ended up becoming friends. They pressed up 1,000 copies of the Live on the Rox album under the GBC label. GBC wasn't a real label of any sort, it was just a fictional creation of Carlo, who loaned them the money for the pressing, he said it stood for Great Big Con.

Highly anticipated reissue of rare Texas hard rock private press record originally released in 1979. Loud, ferocious, untamed guitar work, courtesy of Darren Welch, dominates this Lubbock, Texas band's hard to find debut album. Impeccable deliver a massive dose of raw in-your-face rock and roll energy here, captured live in 1979 at a popular night club in Lubbock called The Rox. 

As a bonus, there are two tracks from the band's ultra-rare debut single from 1978 when they were still known as Axxe. This single is on a lot of collector want lists and is nearly impossible to find these days, even here in Texas. Includes liner notes and photos from the Impeccable archives.

01. Call of the Wild  03:51  
02. Traces of Time  04:07  
03. Seashore  05:34  
04. Lizzy  04:44  
05. Live Wire  03:49  
06. No Other Way  07:07  
07. Johnny B Goode  03:39

Bonus Tracks  
08. Axxe - Rock Away the City  03:09  
09. Axxe - Through the Night  05:55


King Bison - 1 (Heavy, Bluesy, Riff Rock Band US 2014-16)

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King Bison, a heavy, bluesy, riff rock band from southeastern Pennsylvania.

Born from the ashes of a defunct local rock outfit Chris and Dean set out to create a new band that took elements from all the music they loved and combine it into one. After musicians coming and going they finally found fellow bandmate Jason who rounded out the line-up perfectly. Their take on some classics from the 70's is a revamping of energy and heaviness. Their originals harken back to that era in rock music adding a modern edge. Check out the band coming to a venue near you soon.

Not to be confused with New York’s King Buffalo, Michigan’s Bison Machine or any number of other large mammals in the well-populated fur-covered contingent of American heavy rockers, King Bison make their self-titled debut via Snake Charmer Coalition, comprising seven riffy bruisers owing a deep debt to Clutch and, in that, reminding a bit of their Pennsylvanian countrymen in Kingsnake. 

Songs like “One for the Money” and “March of the Sasquatch” signal a watch for stoner-roller grooves to come in “Queen of the South” and “Pariah,” the dudeliness of the proceedings practically oozing from the speakers in the gruff vocals of guitarist/vocalist Chris Wojcik, who’s joined in the trio by bassist Dean Herber and drummer Scott Carey. 

The penchant for booze and blues, ladies and US auto manufacturing holds firm in “Night Ride” and the slower “I’m Gone,” and while one might expect a closer called “Space Boogie” to flesh out a bit, King Bison instead reinforce the foundation they’ve laid all along of Southern-style heft, remaining light on pretense and heavy on riffs.

The Band:
Chris Wojcik - Guitars, Vocals
 Dean Herber - Bass
 Jason Marshall - Drums
01. King Bison - Queen of the South  03.22
02. King Bison - Night Ride  03.49
03. King Bison - Road Without End  04.23
04. King Bison - One Step  04.29
05. King Bison - One for the Money  05.23
06. King Bison - March of the Sasquatch  04.21
07. King Bison - Pariah  05.05
08. King Bison - I'm Gone  03.40
09. King Bison - Space Boogie  03.59
10. King Bison - Odysseus  03.41
11. King Bison - Slaughter House  03.50
12. King Bison - One Foot  03.35
13. King Bison - Petra  03.50
14. King Bison - Dr. Strange  03.36
15. King Bison - Murder on High  05.08