Monday, August 03, 2020

Concert Posters For The Day...

Here comes some good concert posters, enjoy

1942-43 Let's Catch Him With His 'Panzers' Down! We Will - If We Keep 'em Firing! (USA)

Grateful Dead

Junior Wells - 1967

The Charlatans & Canned Heat Poster

The Velvet Underground, Van Morrison – 1969 Hilltop Pop Festival

Walt Disney Subscribe Magazine Advertise 1940

Adobe Photoshop Pictures of the day (Erik Johansson)

Hi. First of all, take a look for all his work for a picture on this film:

(Cut and Fold) All pictures taken by Erik Johansson©

Cut and Fold - Behind The Scenes

Up in The Past

Behind the scenes video of my latest creation Cut & Fold (, from shooting to final photo. The post production took about 15 hours, the clip contains a selection of that process played back at 80 times normal speed. Video was filmed and cut by me, music by Justice - New Lands (Falcon remix). If it for some reason doesn't work you can see it here as well: Scroll down in this blog post to see all the layers: Check out more of my work on Also available as a print here:

Some more of his fantastic works in Adobe Photoshop

Common Sense Crossing


You First

Fishing with Grandpa


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Enjoy, ChrisGoesRock

Amulet - Amulet (Good Hardrock US 1979)

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Bitrate: 256
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Artwork Included

Reissue of the only album from this four piece band from Indiana. First released in 1979, it's a set of original hard rock material mostly recorded live in the studio. It's a remarkably tight effort that is an essential piece for all collectors of US acid psyche and heavy rock. It's an extremely rare collector record that was recorded in 1979 and released on the band's own label! Punchy hard rock with screaming lead guitars all over the place!

Long-haired guitar rawk from the obscure Midwestern band known as Amulet, circa 1980. Reissued for your hessian pleasure by Monster Records, alongside the likes of Ultra, Full Moon, and Truth And Janey (all of whom we've previously listed). Amulet started off in '78 as a cover band doing stuff by ZZ Top, Van Halen, Hendrix, UFO and suchlike. Though a popular local concert draw, they still barely managed to save enough dough to record and self-release this album in 1980. 

No money for overdubs, so it's got that live feel, appropriate for their party hardy high power hard rock format. How much you're gonna like this kinda depends how you feel about lines like: "She was seventeen / young love machine" (from "Just Like A Woman"). Good times badass boogie rock wank fer shure. Actually, they had a heavier, more serious side too, with religious/philosophical themes ("Do You Live Again", "Life Is Living"). But don't look for a lot of sophistication and deep thoughts -- this mostly about groovy stuff like the unintentionally funny "Funk 'n' Punk" or "Radar Love" re-write "Person To Person". Fun and authentic. 

01. Just Like A Woman        
02. Sea of Fear        
03. Do You Live Again        
04. Kings & Queens        
05. Person to Person        
06. Funk 'n' Punk        
07. Gemini        
08. Life is Living        
09. New Day  

1. Amulet
2. Amulet
3. Amulet