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Dirtbag Republic - Downtown Eastside (Vancouver Sleaze Rockers 2017)

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Vancouver sleaze rockers deliver punishing sleazy tunes along the lines of Hanoi Rocks, D Generation, Aerosmith, NY Dolls. The bands 2015 debut album was critically received and ended up on several 2015 best of lists.

Dirtbag Republic started off as an idea to put the sleaze back in Rock n' Roll with zero shtick. Vancouver rock veterans Sandy Hazard (vocals/Drums) & Mick Wood (Guitars) were up to the task.

Wood & Hazard have been friends since 1985, when Hazard stole Wood from another group he saw at a local battle of the bands. 

Years later Hazard would call on Wood again when his then band Pretty Boy Floyd/Tommy Floyd (Canada) had just disbanded. The two were dismayed at the bandwagon grunge scene and had a vision to put together something that crossed Hanoi Rocks with the Ramones. Enter Grandma Moses, a freight train of a band that stormed the Vancouver scene, was featured in Metal Edge magazine and debut album released posthumously by Perris Records to critical acclaim. The band was also featured in Sleazegrinders Flash Metal Suicide.

After Grandma Moses imploded, Wood laid low in the scene surfacing now and then, and Hazard went on to play for 20 years with Bubblepunkers MCRACKINS releasing 17 albums from labels around the globe. The band were featured on the legendary John Peel Show (BBC), MTV Europe, Much Music, Spin, Molson Canadian commercial and a hilariously bad feature film called Downhill Willy. The MCRACKINS outlasted many of their contemporaries from the 90’s and consistently received critical acclaim for their albums.

Enter Dirtbag Republic. Hazard had an unstoppable urge to create an old school dragging your ass through the gutter filth rock record, with zero filler. 

His first thought was to call Mick Wood to run it by him. Wood was fully onboard and the two soon began to work on 12 songs for what would soon become the album. Hazard also brought in former Pretty Boy Floyd/Tommy Floyd bassist Steve Bratz to lay down bass. 

A year in the making, the debut Dirtbag Republic record has been recorded and will be ready for release this fall. It was mixed and mastered at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC by Stu McKillop who is a veteran of the Vancouver music scene.

Dirtbag Republic is a modern non-stop aural assault, crossing influences such as Hanoi Rocks, Aerosmith, The Faces, Cheap Trick, Rolling Stones & NY Dolls. The borders are wide open to expand their nation of two. 

Sandy Hazard - Drums, Vocals
Mick Wood - Lead Guitar
Andrew Cairns - Guitar
Kyle Richardson - Bass

01. Junkie Girl 03:04
02. Homeless 02:56
03. My Part Of Town 03:07
04. Fantasy World 03:02
05. Swing And A Miss 03:30
06. See You In The Morning 04:36
07. Thinking Of You 04:20
08. Don't Shoot Your Mouth Off 04:02
09. Free Falling 03:41
10. Crawling Back To Me 03:48

1. Dirtback
2. Dirtback
3. Dirtback

Biters - Electric Blood (Great Rock/Glamrock US 2015)

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It’s been a considerable amount of time since an up-and-coming no-nonsense rock n’ roll band has had the natural swagger and sophistication to turn heads in the music scene. The infinite effect and influence from bands like AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses in the height of 80’s rock music has had on the genre is still present to this very day and hoping to keep it very much alive in the modern age come four feisty guys from Atlanta, hungry to party hard and channel the spirit of rock under the banner of Biters, and their brand new hard-hitting album Electric Blood.

With a title like Electric Blood and an accompanying cover artwork that tips the hat to Metallica’s Ride The Lightning, one would expect this collection of modern day rock hits to be quite an impressive breakthrough, and they would be right. Biters have created an image for themselves that perfectly matches their sound, and this is ultimately defined in the album’s leading single and first track “Restless Hearts”, a positive, punchy and catchy rock n’ roll number that throws it’s weight around as a benchmark for Biters’ sound. 

The huge chorus and technical groove of the brilliant 1975 follows, containing some of the best instrumentals and vocal performances on the record. We’re treated to more of the same as Heart Fulla Rock N’ Roll brings with it some nostalgia and an impression of the spirit of what Biters are all about, while the enigmatic and heartfelt Dreams Don’t Die adds a real sense of class and sophistication to proceedings.

While listening to Electric Blood you pick up a very strong idea and atmosphere of what the Atlanta four-piece are trying to achieve. Many bands struggle to make an impression with early albums due to lack of direction and personality but this is definitely not the case with Biters, who are pushing for a revival in straight-talking rock n’ roll you can blast out your car speakers with shades and a leather jacket. This is particularly evident on takes from the second half of the album including the pacey riffage of “Low Lives In High Definition”, a loud and fast slab of textbook rock music that wouldn’t seem out of place as the soundtrack to a Saturday night bar fight. “The Kids Ain’t Alright” also spices things up from beginning as what is assumed to be a sweet rock ballad until it bursts into life in the form of a massive arena-filling anthem. The high from these tracks does fall slightly to make way for the repetitive and fairly derivative “Loose From The Noose” aside from its breakdown and finale, while “Time To Bleed” fails to make as much of an impression as similar tracks on the album.

With an album closer that contains very strong connotations of what sounds like an excellent Thin Lizzy tribute band in “Space Age Wasteland”, you are left exhausted and amused after an album that hits hard and fast with hit after hit. Although Biters’ style may seem all too familiar and out-dated by thirty-odd years they are able to put a modern day twist on the classic rock spectrum and produce an album that is as refreshing as it is entertaining. Biters are a band to keep an eye on, and Electric Blood is definitely an album you should sink your ‘teeth’ into.

01. Restless Hearts   03:31
02. 1975   03:23
03. Heart Fulla Rock N’ Roll   03:40
04. Dreams Don’t Die   03:43
05. Electric Blood   04:14  
06. The Kids Ain’t Alright   03:59
07. Low Lives In High Definition   03:15
08. Time To Bleed   03:35
09. Loose From The Noose   03:02
10. Space Age Wasteland   03:02

1. Biters - Elecric Blood
2. Biters - Electric Blood
3. Biters - Electric Blood

Slow Season - Westing (Retro Heavy Psychedelia Visalia, California US 2016)

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Press “play” on Slow Season’s second full-length album MOUNTAINS [RidingEasy Records], and you might just forget what era you’re in. It could very well be the sixties, seventies, or now. It almost doesn’t matter though because this is hypnotic, heavy, and howling rock ‘n’ roll that defies both musical and temporal categorization. 

The Central California quintet—Daniel Rice [vocals, guitar], David Kent [guitar], Hayden Doyel [bass], and Cody Tarbell [drums]—scale new heights, while recognizing where it all began.

I’d love for people to wonder if this record is actually from 1969,” grins Cody. “We wanted to capture that spirit. That was the goal.”

In order to do so, the musicians holed up in Cody’s home studio, which actually doubles as his parents’ garage, and cut the ten tracks on MOUNTAINS throughout the course of early 2014. Hayden had just returned home from a short detour at college in Idaho before recognizing he belonged jamming with his brothers. Officially back in the fold, excitement to record proved pervasive. Moving when inspiration struck, they actually recorded the songs live on reel-to-reel tape. Eschewing the digital mindset of today and not even uttering the words “Pro Tools”, everything was caught on analog, giving the music a crackling kinetic energy.

“I like everything associated with reel-to-reel,” Cody goes on. “I love the sound. I like the mojo that comes along with it.”

“Working with the limitations of tape really pushed us to play our best,” adds Daniel. “You have to prioritize your ideas. You can’t layer too much on there. You also have to nail the takes. You don’t get to go back and cut paste. You have to feel it when you’re playing it. When everything comes together, it really shines because we’re all playing together on tape.”

They lock in during the album opener and first single, “Sixty-Eight”. It snaps into a bluesy riff and bombastic beat before Daniel lets out a soaring refrain and a screeching solo roars. “We wanted to nod back to Led Zeppelin,” the vocalist says. “We managed to get this really big sound in the garage. It’s very organic and natural. The subject matter is pretty gnarly, and I’d encourage everyone to take a close listen to the lyrics.”

That mystique carries over to the hazy “Synanon”, which details the exploits of a mountain cult nearby where the boys reside. Meanwhile, “Endless Mountain” drives forward on robust guitars and propulsive drums. It also reflects the overarching theme inherent within the title.

“MOUNTAINS embody a few things,” explains Daniel. “They’re difficult, seemingly insurmountable, and bigger than us. They’re both foreboding and beautiful at the same time. 

I had been doing a lot of hiking and backpacking in the higher Sierra Nevada. It all fit together. We live right next to Sequoia National Park, and we go up there all the time. We connect with the idea of man versus nature.”

Slow Season first emerged in 2012 with their self-titled debut. Supported by shows throughout California and nationally, they began to garner palpable buzz. 

Now, MOUNTAINS kicks off their next chapter. However, they’ll continue to exist within an epoch of their own.

Daniel leaves off, “I want to people to walk away knowing there’s integrity behind the music, the process, the words being sung, and the notes being played. We love what we do, and we hope that listeners do too.”

01. Y'Wanna   04:20
02. Flag   03:44
03. The Jackal   04:37
04. Saurekonig   04:42
05. Damascus   05:37
06. Miranda   04:03
07. Manifest Echaton   05:57
08. Rainmaker   04:02

1. Slow Season
2. Slow Season
3. Slow Season

La Chinga - La Chinga (Great Hardrock US 2013)

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La Chinga is a hard Rock power trio with psychedelic powers sitting on the worlds edge in Vancouver, Canada. Drawing from Sabbath, Zep, the MC5 and their own superbad habits, La Chinga has established a beachhead with Detroit's Small Stone records and a penetrating buzz across Canadian campus radio. Released in 2013, the bands debut self-titled album prompted ecstatic reviews from the kind of people who wonder why they don't make em like this anymore.

Having signed with Small Stone Records, Canadian rockers La Chinga return this year with their sophomore effort Freewheelin’. This album is a nonstop, booty-shaking groove from beginning to end. By taking cues from 70s bands like James Gang and ZZ Top, La Chinga create a straightforward and infectious record that is loaded with fun.

It was in the year of the no lord 2012. In the dark wilderness of Vancouver, BC, where lost youths teemed in search of the true power of ROCK, three men chosen by occult forces too sinister to name rose up in answer to that dire and baleful call.

With their electric black magic unleashed and in full flight, they bonded with the children of the forest over Cro-Magnon riffage, pounding drums, banshee wails, bell bottoms, boogie vans and the sweet miracle of tequila. Through sheer stoopidity, brutality, violence and volume they honed their primordial craft into a sonic axe of stone, opening skulls with deadly precision for as far as the pterodactyl flew.

They would meet regularly, when the moon was full, filling their bellies with intoxicating wild berries, their faces wet with lizard blood as they summoned an unholy frenzy of righteous and orgiastic riffage, bashing out pagan odes to some long forgotten bronze age GOD.

Through their music they traveled back in time to year UR, where they became wild and their manes grew shaggier.

And thru this transmogrification their vision became clear, the seas of bullshit parted before them and they were free to shuffle off the chains of modern society and raise a stubby and musk-tinged middle finger to the craven new world.

Their war cry became their name, their name... La Chinga! Their mission: to vanquish all foes.

Three men. They howl, growl, prowl and stomp upon the terra in a glorious march to free man from his own mortal enemyHIMSELF!!! La Chinga!! La Chinga!!! La Chinga...!!!! 

This is the soundtrack for cruising around with your ragtop down, music blaring and breeze blowing through your hair. Afterwards, head to the bar, throw back a couple cold ones, jam out to the ten minute psych-fest that is “The Dawn of Man” and be content with life. — Boss the Ross

01. Early Grave   03:01
02. Snake Eyes   03:39
03. The Wheel   03:04
04. Catty   03:18
05. To Let Silver   06:08
06. Boogie Children   04:38
07. Country Mile   03:50
08. La Chinga   03:53
09. When I Get Free   03:47
10. The Universe Is Mine   04:20

1. La Chinga
2. La Chinga
3. La Chinga

Neon Warship - S/T EP (Four Piece Rock Band From Dayton, Ohio US 2013)

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Some Art Included

Dayton sludge rock trio Neon Warship recently released their self-titled debut EP as a free download on their Bandcamp page.  The band is led by vocalist and guitarist Kevin Shindel formerly of Dayton post-hardcore favorites Twelve Tribes and Mouth Of The Architect along with bassist Matt Tackett also formerly of Twelve Tribes and drummer Jay Bird who played with Shindel in Waking Kills The Dream.  Together they blend stomping riff-heavy stoner rock with a heavy Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin influence but incorporate enough melody and atmospherics to create a sound all their own. 

The epic-length EP (5 songs in over 36 minutes) opens with “Carry You Away” and its blistering blues rock riffs, mammoth-sized drums and melodic extended guitar solos that set the tone.  Standout track, “Weather Beater” follows and is highlighted by a head-banging rhythm, chugging guitars and a Southern rock-tinted vocal that recalls later-era Corrosion Of Conformity.  “Paralyzed” is over ten minutes long and showcases the band’s prog-rock tendencies with some slower psychedelic passages that contrast nicely with the more raging and rocking moments.  

Another standout, “In Waves” reinforces their stoner rock with energetic elements of 80’s thrash metal and some fancy fretwork.  Closing out the EP is “Burn The Breeze” with another thunderous burst of heavy psych-rock complete with fuzz-fueled bass lines, a crunching breakdown and Kevin’s soaring vocals.
You better break out your lava lamp and black light posters and get on this ship before it launches! Neon Warship is a Stoner Metal Band from Dayton, Ohio, USA. The members are: Kevin Schindel, Matt Tackett, Jay Bird
Now you should recognise some of those names. Kevin Schindel and Matt Tackett were part of much missed Post-Hardcore heroes- Twelve Tribes. Kevin is guitarist from amazing Sludge/Post-Metal band - Mouth Of The Architect. Now this is their new venture - The brilliant - Neon Warship - a superb Stoner Metal band who have just released their amazing S/T album. A 5 song and 36 minute monster of sublime Stoner Metal riffage.

Neon Warship is a totally different beast to the musicians other great bands. Neon Warship are a band who have released an album of fucking brilliant songs to rock the fuck out to. If your into Kyuss, QOTSA, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu and Clutch then your going to love this like I did. I have to thank the cool guys at The Soda Shop for bringing this to my attention as it has been the only thing I have been listening to over the last 48 hours or so.

First track - Carry You Away - is a 6 minute high octane blast of Stoner Metal riffs that will instantly make you fan of this great band. Great vocals and lyrics are matched perfectly with the great riffage on show. So buckle up, sit back and get ready for a wild Stoner Metal ride you won't get enough of.

Weather Breather and Paralyzed take this album onto another level. Paralyzed is a 10 minute epic that just kills everything in sight. It showcases how good a band Neon Warship actually are. In Waves is another outstanding track from this fucking brilliant album. It has riffs running through it's veins. Paying homage to legendary bands of past and present. This song has some of the best riffs on the album. It will have you rocking out from start to finish.

Now Neon Warship have saved the best for last. The 9 minute epic - Burn The Breeze - is just a gigantic track from start to finish. Starting off with a killer riff that seemingly never ends. If the original lineup of Kyuss were around today then this is what they would of sound like. As it has that brilliant classic Desert Rock vibe mixed in with great Stoner Metal riffage. Burn The Breeze ends this amazing album on an almighty high. All I can say about this album is WOW, WOW and fucking WOW. You all need to check this album out now. This album will be hitting all the excellent blogspots very soon. Mark my words. Neon Warship are on the verge of greatness.

It's brilliantly written, played and produced by all involved. Amazing. 
Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

01. Carry You Away   06:03
02. Weather Breeder   05:23
03. Paralyzed   10:04
04. In Waves   05:24
05. Burn the Breeze   09:18

1. Neon Warship
2. Neon Warship
3. Neon Warship