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The United States of America Album - Billboard Magazine Advertise 1968

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Lucas Sideras - One Day (Progressive Rock ex. Aphrodite's Child 1972)

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Lucas Sideras (Greek: Λουκάς Σιδεράς; 5 December 1944, Athens), is the former drummer of the Greek progressive rock band Aphrodite's Child.

He started playing drums at the age of 13. By the time he was 15 years old he started playing drums with several bands in Athens. Later on he met Vangelis and Demis Roussos, they formed Aphrodite's Child. In 1967 they signed with Mercury Records in France and they release three albums: End of the world (which includes the song "Rain and Tears"), It's Five O'Clock and 666, the latter of which sold 20 million copies worldwide.

Lucas Sideras is ex-drummer of the Greek Progressive Band Aphrodite's Child. One Day is the first solo album from Lucas Sideras, is a nice album. In this album play also A.Koulouris the ex-guitaris of the Aphrodite's Child and S.Spanoudakis.

After Aphrodite's Child split up in 1972, Lucas began to compose his own music and released his first solo album, One Day with Polydor-France, selling 28.000 copies. In 1974 Lucas released another solo album, Pax Spray, that sold 45.000 copies.

Sideras was also active as a producer. In 1975 he produced the album Alba for Riccardo Cocciante which hit #1 in Italy’s charts. In 1979 he produced the album Love's Fool for Sigma Fay, selling 75.000 copies. In 1981 he produced the album Dead Line for Sigma Fay, which sold 52.000 copies. In 1984 he produced the single "You're the Drug in My Life" for Sigma Fay, sold 34.000 copies.

In 1977 Sideras formed the group Ypsilon with Lakis Vlavianos and Dimitris Katakouzinos. They released an album Morning Sunrise, which sold 75.000 copies and followed this in 1984 with Alien child, which sold 60.000 copies.

In 1987 he formed the blues-rock band Diesel with Sigma Fay and Yanis Drolapas. The band was together for ten years and appeared regularly as a live act and in jamming sessions but their sole release was the 1995 album Diesel. Whilst with the band Sideras also composed music for several documentaries and advertisements in his studio.

In 2005 he formed the blues-rock band Los-Tres with Simos Kokavesis and Bary Zealy and they have appeared live numerous times. In 2008 Sideras released a solo album Stay With Me which he composed arranged and produced in his studio.

Lucas Sideras - Drums, Percussion, Piano, Vocals
 Anargyros "Silver" Koulouris - Guitar
 Stamatis Spanoudakis - Bass Guitar, Keyboards
 George Pentzikis - Backing vocals, Bass Guitar, Flute, Guitar, Organ, Piano
 Vlassis Bonatsos - Backing vocals, Percussion, Vocals
 Derek Wilson - Drums
 Franco Di Stefano - Drums
 Luciano Ciccaglione - Guitar

01. And I Cry 04:02
02. Lady 03:35
03. Rising Sun 05:00
04. I Was About To Die 04:05
05. One Day 03:40
06. Enough To Care 06:32
07. Zig-Zag 05:30
08. Do It 04:50
09. Saving Grace 02:00
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