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Mystic Siva - "Mystic Siva" (US 1970) + Bonus Album "Under The Influence" (Superb Psychedelia US 1969-70)

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Brightly toned but still substantially heavy, the 1970 self-titled debut from Mystic Siva was recorded when the Detroit outfit were teenagers. As the liner notes tell, they were unhappy with the mix at the time, with going direct line instead of mic’ing the amps, but the reissue addresses this with a new mix direct from the original tapes, as well as a new mastering job. 

As such, what you get is heavy, organ-laced rock that’s raw stylistically but still presented with an overarching sonic clarity — a rare balance. The songs themselves, cuts like opener “Keeper of the Keys,” “Come on Closer” and the penultimate “Touch the Sky,” demonstrate a nascent but already consistent approach on the part of the band, who also rereleased their second album, Under the Influence (1970), through World in Sound in 2002. 

For those who can’t get enough of the particular vibe and low groove of the heavy ’70s, Mystic Siva should be a welcome addition to the collection, and in this version, has major label sheen and private press dirt in just the right amounts, songs like “Eyes Have Seen Me” and the swirling, lead-topped “Supernatural Mind” offering sonic space and straightforward crunch in no less a satisfying balance.

From Michigan produced an excellent psych-rock album, which comes in an amazing sleeve and is as rare as hell.Finally from the master tapes! Be blown away by the mind bending power of "Supernatural Mind" in a previously unheard clarity. 

Mystic Siva - Sealed Copy 1970 (Sold for USD 3000)
Tripped out fluid guitar and rippling keyboards envelop mystical acid lyrics. Perfection! This legendary US '60s psych monster that under the right influences will destroy your head! 

First issue of these recordings from 1969-70, packaged in a heavy duty book-like folder. "Previously unreleased recordings of Mystic Siva from Detroit, very famous in the psychedelic collector´s scene for their outstanding and rare original album (already reissued by WIS). The music here, recorded live prior to the album is taken from the mastertapes. 

The opener is an instrumental cut, followed by six diff. versions of original album tracks in very powerful style, mixed with four long acid jamming cover tunes turned into typical Siva style with pounding and hypnotic Hammond B3 organ, wailing and distorted fuzz/wah-wah guitarwork, powerful (sometimes Doors influenced) vocals and massive drums which lead you to the holy grail of psychedelic music."

It's the rebirth of Mystic Siva, who are without any doubt one of the ultimate US psychedelic underground bands from the earliest 1970s. Finally, this album is now available with a more superior sound than anyone of us could ever have expected. The original album release featured guitar overdubs on three tracks, done with the intention to give the sound more power.

 However, the band wasn't entirely happy with the result. This Lp is remastered and remixed from the original tapes, with all the original guitar parts! Indeed, this version of the Mystic Siva album sounds the way it was meant to be! The four Sivas took '60s hippie/garage/psychedelic rock music to a darker and higher level of intensity. While the slower, atmospheric tunes remind of The Doors, Jimi Hendrix or Iron Butterfly, the heavy cuts are unexpectedly crazy, mind blowing and hypnotic, with flashes of the later upcoming rural 1980's thrash punk/metal vibe. 

Now, after 43 years, these original album recordings express the challenging and inventive concept and the pure beauty of Mystic Siva's music at their best. Eleven original songs with a total running time of 46 minutes.

Mystic Siva - Mystic Siva US 1970

01. Keeper Of The Keys - 4.29
02. And When You Go - 4.56
03. Eyes Have Seen Me - 3.30
04. Come On Closer - 3.29
05. Sunshine Is Too Long - 3.19
06. Spinning A Spell - 3.31
07. Supernatural Mind - 4.21
08. Find Out Why - 5.48
09. Magic Luv - 3.30
10. Touch The Sky - 3.57
11. In A Room - 5.31

Mystic Siva - Under The Influence US 1969-70 

Unreleased gem from 1969/70 perhaps even better than the original album. Features mind melting arrangements of "Come Together", "Tobacco Road","I'm A Man" and "Black Sheep" along with 7 of the groups own compositions. Live recordings from 1969-70 in Detroit with very good stereo sound. A legendary US psych band.

01. Keep Your Head - 04.48

02. Spinning A Spell - 03.21
03. Come On Closer - 03.10
04. Super Natural Mind - 05.00
05. Come Together - 05.14
06. Magic Luv - 03.02
07. Find Out Why - 04.52
08. I´m A Man - 07.09
09. Tobacco Road - 06.48
10. Sitting In A Room - 06.06
11. Black Sheep (S.R.C.) 04.16 

1. Mystic Siva
2. Mystic Siva
3. Mystic Siva

Crazy Bull - The Past Is Today (Retro Hardrock US 2017) (@320)

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True Hard Rock from Philadelphia.
Crazy Bull is a four- piece hard rock band from Philadelphia. Musically they strive to show reverence to bands like Mountain, Pentagram, mc5 and the Scorpions, without losing a fresh approach to their songwriting. They believe in tight, crushing riffage and soloing that draws you in and splits your head in half. Crazy Bull has that classic edge in their music. The edge that makes you remember. The edge that makes you light up and smile because you just have to. The riff sets in, the drums bellow through you, the vocals make your lower half rumble and your deep in it. Bong.

Crazy Bull plays rock and roll that knows when to give you a pounding force of foot stomping riffs and and when to let you drop back in the cut and feel something. Listening to Crazy Bull gives you an attitude. It gives you a Rok bullet and says "Do what you gotta do."

I can’t think of a more apt title for the debut full-length from this Philadelphia band. As you can tell by their logo, artwork, and their music if you give them a listen, they’re going whole hog on the retro 70s rock thing, though you can still hear punk in the band’s fast tempos and high energy level. Aside from the obvious points of comparison like Annihilation Time and North Carolina’s own Mind Dweller, the band that keeps coming to mind when I listen to Crazy Bull is Sir Lord Baltimore. 

Their Kingdom Come LP is one of my favorites, and just like that album The Past Is Today is a non-stop barrage of heavy, blues-inflected rock riffage. If you aren’t familiar with Sir Lord Baltimore, Crazy Bull also have a ton of Black Sabbath in their DNA, but they don’t have any parts I’d describe as doomy. If Sabbath had an entire LP that was nothing but fast and frantic songs like “War Pigs” and “Hole in the Sky” it might sound like The Past Is Today. While some might dislike how hard Crazy Bull leans into the retro rock aesthetic if you love classic rock riffs I can’t imagine you wouldn’t love this album.

The Band
 Jim - Vocals, Guitar
 Andy - Guitar, Smoke
 Brendan - Bass
• Ryan - Drums

1. Pull You In (Left Hand Path) 03:24
02. Winding On 03:35
03. Wrapped Up In Rock 03:50
04. Gangster Of Fortune 03:27
05. Royal Vice and Ancient Scenes 05:36
06. Lay On It 03:49
07. Dyin' Anyhow 03:45
08. What It Takes To Burn 04:20
09. The Past Is Today 06:48

10. Live For The Fire [Bonus] 03:09
11. Demon By Your Side [Bonus] 04:40
12. Won't Stop Now [Demo] [Bonus] 03:51
13. Wicked Machine [Demo] [Bonus] 03:35
14. Rok Bullet [Demo] [Bonus] 02:13
15. The Inferno [Extra Unknown Bonus] 04:30

1. Cazy Bull
2. Crazy Bull
3. Crazy Bull