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Zephyr - Zephyr (Blues-Based Hard Rock US 1969 w. Tommy Bolin)

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Zephyr is the debut album by the band Zephyr, released in 1969.

Zephyr was guitarist Tommy Bolin’s first recorded band before he joined the James Gang for two albums and his performance on Billy Cobham’s jazz fusion landmark Spectrum convinced David Coverdale to invite him to replace Ritchie Blackmore in Deep Purple (co-writing and playing on 1975’s Come Taste The Band).

Recording at Wally Heider’s state-of-the-art LA studio but with over-worked engineer Bill Halverson falling asleep at the desk, the band felt their volcanic live power diluted by the mixing. Producer Greg Hampshire has now remixed the original tapes with founding bassist David Givens (whose wife Candy was the band’s Joplin-style vocal powerhouse), finally doing justice to the band’s dynamic blues-rock and Bolin’s stinging pyrotechnics. 

Zephyr was a blues-based hard rock band formed in 1969 in Boulder, Colorado by guitarist Tommy Bolin, keyboardist John Faris, David Givens on bass guitar, Robbie Chamberlin on drums and Candy Givens on vocals. Although the charismatic performances by Candy Givens were originally the focal point for the band, it was the flashy guitar work of Tommy Bolin that the band is best remembered for. 

This late-'60s Denver group is most notable as the starting point for guitarist Tommy Bolin, who was still in his teens when they recorded their first album in 1969. A rather routine slab of bluesy, heavy rock, it made the Top 50. 

Aside from Bolin's extended hard rock riffing, it prominently featured the lead vocals of Candy Givens, who affected a blues-wailing pose along the lines of Janis Joplin. But she didn't have the full throat or guts to back it up, ending up closer to also-ran female psychedelic singers like Lydia Pense (of Cold Blood). Zephyr recorded one more album before Bolin left for stints with James Gang, Deep Purple, and a solo career; the group carried on throughout the 1970s.

After Bolin left, he was replaced by Jock Bartley, and the band recorded the album Sunset Ride, their second for Warner Brothers Records. The album is still in print and is much loved by a small but loyal following. On Sunset Ride, Candy Givens displayed her gifts as a singer, composer, and harmonica player. 

The album was produced by David Givens who also authored the majority of the tunes. As a result of his stint with Zephyr, Bartley went on to a successful career with Gram Parsons and Firefall and drummer, Michael Wooten, went on to play for several years with Carole King. Various versions of Zephyr continued to play in Colorado until Candy's death in 1984. The release of "Heartbeat" in 1982 was promoted by a video that incorporated very early examples of analog computer animation combined with live action.

Other Zephyr members of note include trance blues maven, Otis Taylor, who played bass during the mid-1970s, Kenny Wilkins (Drums) and also later on as (guitarist), guitarist Zack Smith (founder of Columbia Records band Scandal), and blues guitarist, Eddie Turner, who played guitar in the last incarnation during the early 1980s. 

Candie and David, Tommy, and John Faris were all founding members of The Legendary 4Nikators, Boulder's oldest and best loved party band. Taylor and Turner were later additions to The Legendary 4Nikators - Taylor noted for playing motorcycle on stage during "Leader Of The Pack" and performing in a kilt and Turner for his renditions of Jimi Hendrix classics.

♦♫♦ Candy Givens – lead vocals, harmonica
♦♫♦ Robbie Chamberlin – drums, backing vocals
♦♫♦ David Givens – bass, backing vocals
♦♫♦ John Faris – keyboards, flute
♦♫♦ Tommy Bolin – guitar, backing vocals

01. "Sail on" (Tommy Bolin, Candy Givens) – 7:22
02. "Sun's a Risin'" (Bolin, David Givens) – 4:45
03. "Raindrops" (Dee Clark) – 2:40
04. "Boom-Ba-Boom" (D. Givens) – 1.20
05. "Somebody Listen" (D. Givens, C. Givens, Bolin, John Faris) – 6:10
06. "Cross the River" (C. Givens, D. Givens) – 4:43
07. "St. James Infirmary" (Joe Primrose) – 5:15
08. "Huna Buna" (C. Givens, Bolin) – 2:26
09. "Hard Chargin' Woman" (Bolin, Robbie Chamberlin, Faris, C. Givens, D. Givens) – 8:40

1. Zephyr 1969
2. Zephyr 1969
3. Zephyr 1969

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