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Dire Straits - The New Old Waldorf March 31, 1979 San Francisco, California FM Broadcast (Bootleg)

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This is a show Dire Straits did in the Old Waldorf, San Francisco. It has been broadcasted on the radio and there are many bootlegs, all with different setlists. This bootleg, created by Button Recordings, has all available songs, with best available sound (soundboard/FM), mixed together from several sources in the right order.

Additional comments: After having the bootlegs Bijou, Old Waldorf 1979 and On the road to Philadelphia, 8 tracks of this concert appeared in perfect sound quality, better than any of these previous bootlegs. All the songs are combined to make one complete bootleg of it which resulted in "The new Old Waldorf". Really a great one with the best available sound on all tracks.

Recorded in early 1979, this concert captures the original four-piece lineup of Dire Straits, before rhythm guitarist David Knopfler departed to pursue a solo career. Shortly thereafter, his brother, Mark, would take control of the band, and eventually parlay his piloting role into a successful solo career of his own.

Since no official live recording of the original band was ever released (though there have been some unofficial bootleg circulations), this five-song show is important as documentation of the beginning of Mark Knopfler's extraordinary musical talent. All the early hits are here, including "Lady Writer," "Down To The Waterline" and ,of course, "Sultans Of Swing," with Mark Knopfler's now distinctive extended guitar solo.

There is a noticeable lack of energy here, possibly because they knew the lineup was changing and simply wanted to finish the tour. It's hard to say. What's clear, however, is the fact that after Mark took over as official band leader, the group would go on to release two of the greatest studio albums of the 1980s: Making Movies and the legendary Brothers in Arms.

Dire Straits - New Old Waldorf 444 Battery Street,  San Francisco, California,  March 31, 1979
FM Broadcast

Mark Knopfler - lead guitar, lead vocals
 David Knopfler - rhythm guitar
 John Illsley - bass
 Pick Withers - drums

01.Down to the waterline
02.Six blade knife
03.Once upon a time in the west
04.Lady writer
05.Water of love
06.In the gallery
08.What´s the matter baby
10.Sultans of swing
11.Wild west end
12.Where do you think you´re going?
13.Eastbound train
14.Southbound again

Tracks # 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 13 are taken from the new source
Track # 3 beginning from the bootleg On the road to Philadelphia, rest from Old Waldorf 1979
Track # 4 is taken from the bootleg Old Waldorf 1979
Tracks # 7, 12, 14 are taken from the bootleg Bijou
Track # 9 is taken from the bootleg On the road to Philadelphia

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