Saturday, December 07, 2019

The Chris Rolling Squad - Spitfire (Raw Rock ‘N’ Roll 2019

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Raw Rock ‘N’ Roll power-trio. Hard Rock riffing, Punk wildness, Psychobilly voodoo rhythm with wide and edgy backing vocals. The missing link between Bo Diddley and Slayer !!!

After an album with The Heavy Manic Souls, Chris Rolling decides to continue the adventure and creates The Chris Rolling Squad, a raw Rock ‘n’ Roll power-trio. 

Hard Rock riffing, Punk wildness, Psychobilly voodoo rhythm with wide and edgy backing vocals, the band is the missing link between Bo Diddley and Slayer! 

A 5 tracks EP was released in 2016 and received reviews from the whole world, they played many shows in bars, clubs and festivals and opened for bands like Ten Years After, 2018 seen the band started to play overseas with a couple of German shows.

This record contains 12 songs of awesome fast paced, high energetic, fuel octaned metal/punkabilly with great melodies, anthemic choruses and also raw and dirty rock n roll riffs in the basics of their song structures. The production is superb, but they still retained that dirty garage almost demo edge and you can feel the vibe of live shows on this record while listening. To me, the favorite songs on this record are Back on the horse again, psychobilly vibed Nothing we can do about it, and also We can be one. This is a great record for fans of metal, punks and billy´s too!

The Chris Rolling Squad is 
Chris Rolling : Guitar, Lead vocals
Brice Duval : Bass, Backing vocals
Thib' Adlersend : Drums, Backing vocals

01. Back On The Horse Again 03:00
02. Piece Of The Action 03:07
03. Crash And Burn (Vanishing Point) 02:09
04. Go Fuck Yourself 02:38
05. The Life You Waited For 02:34
06. We Can Be One 03:12
07. Tremors 02:10
08. The World Is Going Down 02:13
09. Nothing We Can Do About It 02:42
10. Get Back There 03:27
11. Devil Freak 02:10
12. The Sharpest Knife 03:58

1. Chris Rolling
2. Chris Rolling