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AcDc - Blues, Booze n' Tattoos 1978-08-08 (Bootleg) + Bonus - AcDc - Nijmegen Netherlands 1978-10-23 FM Broadcast)

AC/DC - Blues, Booze n' Tattoos 1978-08-08 (Bootleg)

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AC/DC - Blues, Booze n' Tattoos 
'Record Bar', Nashville 
TN August  8, 1978
Radio Broadcast 

AC/DC Live in Nashville on 8th August 1978 at the Atlantic Record Bar Convention With new bassist Cliff Williams on board. By the summer of 1978 AC/DC were starting to achieve worldwide fame. They toured heavily to promote the May release of their classic Powerage LP, criss-crossing the US from June to October. This superb show was performed at the Atlantic Record Bar Convention on 8th August 1978. Broadcast by WKDF-FM, it captures them on fiery form.

* Bass – Cliff Williams
* Drums – Phil Rudd
* Guitar – Angus Young, Malcolm Young
* Vocals – Bon Scott

01. Live Wire  06:25
02. Problem Child  04:37
03. Sin City  05:02
04. Gone Shootin'  05:59
05. Whole Lotta Rosie  04:52
06. Rocker  06:56

AC/DC - Nijmegen Netherlands 1978-10-23 FM Broadcast)

AC/DC De Vereeniging Hall 
Nijmegen Netherlands  
October 23rd 1978
FM Broadcast 

♦ Bon Scott vocals
♦ Angus Young lead guitar
♦ Malcolm Young rhythm guitar backing vocals
♦ Phil Rudd drums
♦ Cliff Williams bass backing vocals

01. DJ Intro
02. Live Wire  
03. Problem Child  
04. Sin City  
05. Gone Shooting   
06. High Voltage  
07. The Jack   
08. Whole Lotta Rosie   
09. Rocker  
10. Rock And Roll Damnation 
11. Let There Be Rock   

Part 1: Ac/Dc
Part II: Ac/Dc
Part I: Ac/Dc
Part II: Ac/Dc
Part I: Ac/Dc
Part II: Ac/Dc

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John Holland Experience - Selftitled (70s Retro Hardrock Italy 2016)

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John Holland Experience is a power trio, born in a little cellar near Cuneo, formed by Simone Calvo (Flying Disk), Alex Denina And Francesco Martinat. His sound is a mixture of classic rock n’ roll with shades of rootsy blues that sometimes came out with heavy acid-stoner sounds, all sang in a easy listening Italian.

A really good album for this power trio from the province of Cuneo that settles on psychedelic hard blues coordinates, with the great value and courage of preferring Italian singing in a quite refractory genre such as stoner and derivatives, a choice that also denotes originality. The fundamental matrix of their sound is a hard blues of the Hendrix's school that doesn't disdain stoner turns towards the Monster Magnet style  as in "Elicottero" or as in the heavy r'n'r of "Malvagio". 

Also very valid in terms of writing are "Revival" and "Canzone d'Amore" ,  the first with a nice " Festa Pesta" is a funky blues with Hendrix's breaks while the truly most original moments that brought me back to the pages of funky hard blues of forgotten bands of the post-grunge era such as Mind Funk and Mr. Bungle are  " Tenei Botta " true album masterpiece with acid and psychedelic breaks and "Ti Piace", a funky psych of remarkable workmanship. We carefully follow this band from Cuneo which has significant growth margins, especially in the funk psych territories, and this work proves it.

John Holland Experience:
Francesco Martinat - Guitar & Voice
Simone Calvo - Bass & Backing vocals
Alex Denina - Drums

01. Intro 02:23
02. Malvagio 02:13
03. Elicottero 03:14
04. Revival 03:53
05. Canzone D'amore 03:15
06. Festa Pesta 03:39
07. Tieni Botta 04:43
08. Ti Piace 03:44
09. Blues (Italy 2020)  02.41
10. Dayoff (Live Session 2015)  03.20
11. Lady (Italy 2020)  03.11
12. Raindogs (Live 2017)  03.08
13. Rocky Bilboa (Italy 2020)  03.03
14. Ti Piace (Live in Holland 2017)  04.26



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