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Mr. Bison - We'll Be Brief (Great Retro-Hardrock Italy 2012)

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Mr Bison is a rock band that formed in 2009 in Cecina (Tuscany, Italy) made up of Matteo (guitar/vocals), Federico (guitar/vocals) and Gabriele (drums) (I don't have last names). They play high-octane rock that is unpretentious and a blast to listen to at high volume. 

Their most recent album entitled We’ll Be Brief has 10 high-energy songs that quite often actually reminded me of Rage Against The Machine. Let me clarify that the music sounds like Rage while the vocal work couldn't sound further from that.

The album opens with a rocker that brings down the house called “Today” (No it’s not a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins). They hit the right tonal palette, as the distortion is just about perfect for the music they are playing and the snare sounds like a machine gun. 

What might be the best part of the song is the last minute where the go full drone metal and encase the song with an ominous white noise that Sunn O))) would be proud of. If you didn't hear the Rage Against The Machine influence on the first song it is hard to go unnoticed on the first couple of seconds on “Just One Time.” However, this seems a lot less apparent as the vocals are introduced. The song slams hard and has some brutal guitar tones that tantalize the senses.

“Grocery Store” was one of the highlights. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit when the chorus hits and he sings about a grocery store.

The dichotomy of a hard rock song that is sung somewhat aggressively and the vocals making me think that I needed to pick up ham later today was certainly appreciated. Mr Bison brings home the bacon again on “Wake Up,” which is another thumper that makes me want to take a shot of whiskey and watch Sons of Anarchy. 

Throughout the duration of this album Mr Bison never slows down. There are no breaks where the singer breaks out his acoustic and sings in a soft voice. This is a hard rock album with no lulls. If you are ready to rock out take a listen to We’ll Be Brief.

We don't like love songs EP 2011
01. Thin line 03:27
02. Wake up 02:47
03. Mr Bison 03:09
04. Dirty bitch 02:57

We'll be brief Album 2012
05. Today 03:40
06. Just one time 02:26
07. Grocery store 03:02
08. Wait 02:10
09. Thin line 03:35
10. Wake up 02:42
11. R&R cobra 02:41
12. Sweet music 03:09
13. Milady 03:12
14. Beat you down 03:13 

1. Mr Bison
2. Mr Bison
3. Mr Bison

Shanda & The Howlers - Trouble (50's R&B US 2017)

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Bitrate: 320
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Shanda & The Howlers is a Rhythm & Blues revivalist band from Las Vegas, NV playing 50s-60s influenced R&B, Blues, & Soul reminiscent of the Stax Sound. Influences in their sound can be traced to such artists as Big Maybelle, Ruth Brown, Otis Redding, The Crystals, LaVern Baker, and James Brown. 

In the bands’ short history, they have played on bills with such legendary acts as The Blasters, Wanda Jackson and Rev. Horton Heat. Their debut album "Trouble" delivers 11 soul seared songs that speak directly of breakups, heartaches and moving on after surviving both. 

Lead singer Shanda Cisneros' raw vocals seem to claw their way through your speakers as the band locks tight behind her with gritty saxophone riffs, a Motown inspired rhythm section and the occasional slide guitar.

Rhythm and blues, lounge, soul. I’m not sure what Shanda & the Howlers do. I just know that it’s FUN and that’s reason enough to give it a listen. Besides, I gather from their Facebook page that they recently played on a bill with Big Sandy & His Fly Rite Boys, an absolutely great rockabilly revival band. And if they’re good enough for Big Sandy, they have to be pretty damn good.

Big Sandy was right, of course, and Shanda & The Howlers’ Trouble is both powerful and engaging. “Keep Telling Me” is a great opener and makes it immediately evident that Shanda can REALLY sing. “She Don’t Want a Man” settles into an awesome groove and will remind you of old Motown or Stax recordings. God, how I love the horns here.

If David Johanssen‘s alter-ego, Buster Poindexter, had a sister, ever wonder what she’d sound like? Give “Don’t Need Your Love” a listen. While I typically don’t gravitate toward slower songs, “Born With a Broken Heart” showcases how really great a vocalist Shanda is. This track is killer.

Shanda & The Howlers won’t hit the spot with every power pop fan. It’s a sixties revivalist thing and not every song falls neatly into a pop category. But if you like 60’s soul (not unlike last year’s Charley Faye & The Fayettes) and emotive songs executed damn near to perfection, I suggest you give Trouble a listen. I’m surely glad I did. Now there’s only one thing left to do. See them perform live...

• Shanda Cisneros - Vocals 
• Luke Metz - Bass 
• Trevor Johnson - Guitar 
• Mich Lapping - Carr Sax 
• Keith Alcantara - Drums

01. Keep Telling Me 02:32
02. She Don't Want a Man 03:53
03. Trouble's Out to Play 03:08
04. Don't Need Your Love 02:37
05. Born With a Broken Heart 04:16
06. Don't Wait Up 02:43
07. Stay Awhile 03:57
08. Mind Made Up 03:18
09. Li'l Operator 03:33
10. You're Gonna Cry 03:35
11. Bad Love 04:29

1. Shanda
2. Shanda
3. Shanda