Monday, October 28, 2019

The Latest Album with: Nixon Now - The NOW Sound (Stooges Retro Band Germany 2018)

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If anyone could equal the MC5 and Stooges at their insane best, it's Nixon Now Among their fans are Michael Davis of the revived MC5, the legendary Thee Hypnotics or Nicke Royale of the Hellacopters. Everybody who has seen the furious four live can figure out why.

These dudes have listened to more than one Stooges record in their time. 

From the vocals to the fancy lead guitar work, this has Iggy Pop written all over it. Catchy and mid-tempo, with a pounding beat. It´s an excellent record from start to finish. Seriously - great songwriting, production, this has it all. The NOW Sound adds a vicious punk sneer to their psychedelic freak-out barrage, and it fits perfectly. It´s the super sonic equivalent of a tyre fire, belching out thick clouds of deliciously toxic black smoke.

Sweat drips down from the ceiling of the completely packed club. The smell of beer and weed is in the air, while the band plays its encore and all the people go crazy... This is how the first tunes of THE NOW SOUND sound like. It it has been 13 years since NIXON NOW, out of Hamburg Germany, released their last album. There has been much bottled up since then which is now being fired as an uncomplicated declaration of love for the '69 Detroit rock sound. THE NOW SOUND was recorded without much frippery on just one big weekend in Hamburg. 

This kind of music has to be recorded that way - impulsively and raw. NIXON NOW have licked that perfectly and created a great and dirty soundmonster with retro-charm and also zeitgeist. THE NOW SOUND! FILE UNDER: Garage | Rock | Punk | Fuzz FOR FANS OF: MC5 | The Stooges | The Hellacopters | Iggy Pop

Hamburg-based proto-punk garage-rockers Nixon Now release their first album in 13 years, but judging by the raw, Detroit '69 spirit of 'The Now Sound' the guys haven't aged one bit! Fans of Stooges, beware!

Nixon Now are:
 Andi Schmidt: guitar, vocals
 Sven Anders: lead guitar
 Tom Beege: bass
○ Torben Fischer: drums

01. Rouse  01:31
02. God Has Money  01:45
03. 313  02:59
04. A Matter Of Time  02:35
05. No Fun Man  01:51
06. Right  05:53
07. Feel Loud  01:38
08. Instant Mayhem In A  02:42
09. The Mover  02:02
10. Wrong Time This Time  04:50
11. Park Outside With The Motor Running  02:33
12. Too Soon Too Much  06:25
13. Heard This Song Before  01:37
14. Livermore Drone Part 1+2  06:28