Monday, November 30, 2020

Many "Japan Cardboard Sleeve CD" For Sell, and alot of them is now very rare as you will see...

Hi all.

To all collector of "Japan Cardboard Mini LP CD". I have now alot of them for sale, often to a really good price. If you find 6 copies or more, i will give you a better price for all of them.

Adress to my Japan Mini LP website: When you have scrolled down, click on "older post" and you will find my next page, and so on. I have around 300 items on my website, all albums is in Swedish Crown (SEK) so you need a currency converter.

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All Mini LP CD's is brand new and unplayed. What makes these Japanese CD albums interesting is that they are made as exact copies of the LP as it looked when it was released; Laminated, Relief cover, Triple Fold and much more. These CD albums started to be released in Japan from 1996 and they are available for all tastes.

Replica CDs are official audiophile releases manufactured in Japan with incredible attention to detail. CDs made in Japan are revered by collectors and specialists for their very clean sound, production quality, and they are superior in nearly every way to pressings from other countries.

The Japanese packaging of classic albums in cardboard sleeve miniature is a wonder to behold. Mini-LP CD albums are like precious stones or perfectly cut diamonds.

The superb mastering (often SHM-CD, 24 Bit, K2, DSD, or HDCD) and resultant sound quality is superior to that of MFSL releases.

Replicas are often the nearly exact duplications of the first pressings of the 12" LPs and everything that was present in the original LP may be included such as gatefolds, booklets, lyric sheets, posters, printed CD sleeves, stickers, embosses, special paper or inks, and die cuts.

In nearly all replica releases a detail sheet is included, and although the text may be in Japanese, the insert will often include the lyrics in English, which is a big plus if the original LP did not include them. Japan promotional strips, also called OBI, are usually included with the package as a way of advertising the CD to the Japanese buying public.

On occasion a replica CD will have bonus tracks included that were part of a later CD release. However, the notes about the bonus tracks are never added to the album artwork, only the promotional strip or the detail sheet. Thus the integrity of the original LP artwork is maintained.

Replica CDs are not officially for sale outside Japan, but they are worth the trouble and cost to get them. Replica CDs are expensive in Japan. New releases of replica CDs cost anywhere from $30 to $70 a piece and Japanese law forbids putting "new" CDs on sale or selling at any price other than listed on the Obi (promotional strip).

Most replica CDs are manufactured in a limited quantity and sell out quite quickly after release. Because of this replica CDs are splendid keepsakes that hold their value and will likely continue to be items sought by collectors.

The world of paper Jacquet collected the best of technology that Japan is proud of. Work is not only the music, the stunning artwork of the LP era, which has been talked about with its jacket, original color and form, of course, it has been thoroughly reprinted up to the texture and texture of the paper. Especially from the late 60's and 70's, special specification jacket elaborate stiffness are also many announcement, a perfect reproduction of them with miniaturized is also reminiscent of a miniature garden and elaborate model.

Folding the printed paper itself, pasted-made light jacket. This is called because many have been adopted in the United Kingdom (E). Especially works of 60's, laminated in order to give a gloss on the surface (PP stick) has been there are many. Other, form and the back of the upper and lower has been narrowed down, the margin of bonding there are variations, such as flipback cover.

Open When the jacket of luxury specifications on the inside, such as photos and lyrics are printed. Because it is similar to the photo of the album, there is a theory that began to call the album LP record for singles. Overseas called gatefold. Front and back, medium surface within bag work of Keefe and hypnosis that was designed (to be described later) in a consistent concept is popular. In addition, 2-Disc LP, etc., open state in the double-jacket that there is a pocket for accommodating the LP to the left or right, but what there is no pocket only one with a single thing called a semi-double jacket, double as their generic name - sometimes referred to as a jacket.

That of the jacket with a special design / production process in order to get a personality. It has been originally produced on the basis of a certain standard LP is there, spread and may become like the poster, or attach the 3D (three-dimensional), embossed ( embossing) or the processing, die cut (hollowed out) processing or the, that or use a paper that has been with the textured and pattern, the more attractive for the fans It increases. The box set that was bundled a booklet of materials and bonusand, what made a jacket with a special material.

Many are wound on the left side of the jacket, that of paper that describes the artist name and title in Japanese. Put the jacket top there is also a variation such as "covering zone". Japan and it is a unique specification, for the listener is often discarded after the purchase, a band with a valuable record LP is popular with enthusiasts around the world as "with OBI". In recent years, the design has been growing number of cases, which is also reproduced in the paper jacket CD.

Original and different (different) things jacket using the design. Or if the Publisher of the label in the UK and the US different, especially many in the world release of the mid '60s. The SHM-CD / paper jacket of Universal International, for a Def Jacquet title, has been set as much as possible in the form of "bonus paper jacket".

That of the bag to protect the records that are in the inside jacket. Although often nothing of what print is also not pure white, is designed with a jacket and a similar concept, that such as photos and lyrics are printed is reproduced even paper jacket CD. Other, there is also what is referred to as Company Sleeve which has been used the same general-purpose design and other LP that was released around the same time. The foreign Release LP disc was housed directly in these paper bags, Japanese board LP often are housed in clear plastic bag called Shaw Rex.

Generic name of the hand, adjunct that is not a bag-shaped. Many have described such as musicians, referred to as the ones that are especially me lyrics and lyrics card. Of course, it is the part that is reproduced in the paper jacket CD.

Paper label on the center of the record. Rarely in such singles some of which were the direct printing on PVC material. Artist name, album name, music, music creator, the label name is described, the production process, since the time of jacket printing to others not determined the song order is an important part reveal the recording contents. 

But usually it is used record company common design, there is also a place that changed the design to the each time as Island Records, become material, even for understanding the issue time of record. In addition, there are also those that are designed with a jacket and a consistent concept. The SHM-CD / paper jacket of Universal International, has this label was two-sided printing (AB surface) "label card" as much as possible inclusion.