Friday, August 25, 2017

Freedom Hawk - Sunlight (Superb Retro Hardrock US 2017)

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Hailing from the barrier dunes of Virginia, this quartet blends heavy riffs, a rolling groove, and soulful guitar melodies to produce the sound that is Freedom Hawk. Their brand of heavy rock coupled with a high energy live show, leaves many wondering if they’ve stepped through a time warp that has taken them to rock’s heyday of the 70’s by the power of their dark music fueled by the sun. 

Born from similar timbre as Black Sabbath, Zeppelin and Fu Manchu, Freedom Hawk wedges in psychedelia with groove heavy rock and roll. The band knows how to shake ground and be thunderous but also when to ease back, to wallow in the groove, the funk, the palatial sweep of shapely and echoing guitar riffs.

Sunlight transcends the genre, offering more than simply metal for the masses or the skate, surf and stoner crowd. There's no further proof than 'Going Down', a sultry, sexy slow groove that boasts fuzzed out guitar, gentle beats and T.R. Morton's vocals seemingly coming from another dimension. The track is a complete surprise, buried beneath the entire swagger and power found on Sunlight.-- Heavy Planet

Sunlight” is the excellent full-length debut from Virginia hard rock outfit Freedom Hawk. This group is solid. Driven by powerful drum beats and excellently crafted guitar work, Freedom Hawk have composed nine exceptional hard rock tracks that dabble in metal and psychedelic and have a certain timeless quality to them. Attributing to this timelessness is the lead singer’s vocal performance. His melodic high-pitched vocals are reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne with traces of Robert Plant. 

The songs are a lot of fun, meant to be played loud, and will immediately have you either bobbing your head or using your lap as a drum kit. “Sunlight” is well-produced, clean and ready to boom out of a pair of speakers. The title track, “Sunlight,” is a fun track with a great rocking arrangement that gets your head bobbing and features some great drum and guitar work. “Going Down” is a stripped down track with a slow drum beat and minimal guitar work that displays the fantastic vocal capabilities of the lead singer. 

“Sunlight” takes us back to a time where making hard rock wasn’t about making a lot of noise but rather about making very good music. Freedom Hawk have crafted a gem, and fans of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and classic hard rock are going to want to pick this one up.

Freedom Hawk is: 
T.R. Morton: Vocals, Guitars, Organ 
 Lenny Hines: Drums 
 Matt Cave: Leads, Guitars 
★ Mark Cave: Bass 

01. Executioner 04:19
02. Land of the Lost 03:32
03. Sunlight 04:55
04. Stand Back 03:19
05. Lightning Charge 03:50
06. Going Down 04:49
07. Palomino 05:16
08. Grab a Hold 06:08
09. King of Order 11:39

Bonus Tracks:
10. Living For Days  03:49
11. Edge Of Destiny  04:12
12. North Swell  04:01
13. Indian Summer  04:15
14. Blood Red Sky  04:58

1. Fredom Hawk
2. Freedom Hawk
3. Freedom Hawk