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Ted Nugent's Amboy Dukes - Tooth, Fang and Claw (US 1974)

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Tooth, Fang & Claw is the seventh and final album by Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes. It is the second offering on the DiscReet label. Re-issued in 1977 by Warner Bros as part of "Two Originals of... Ted Nugent".

The band consists of Nugent, Rob Grange on bass and drummer Vic Mastrianni. The album has the feel of the outdoors (esp. "Hibernation") and Nugent's love for hunting and rock and roll; the backsleeve pictures him playing hard in front of an amplifier stack, next to a wild boar trophy.

Like on the Amboy Dukes' previous three albums, the credits are followed by a short tongue-in-cheek statement. This time, "Fear not the crusted warblers, but be wary of the Mad Cheese Grater for he shall slaw the features from your face. Beware the public carnivores as they inevitably edibly have a soft nosed hollow point magnum behind every bush."

"Great White Buffalo" is one of the mainstays of Nugent's catalog and was generated on this album. In an interview with Classic Rock Revisited he discusses how he and Grange developed the song idea: "This was yet another magical moment like the original musical burst of so many of my songs. This amazing lick/song erupted spontaneously during a recording session around 1972-73," Nugent says. "As I was tuning up my Blonde Byrdland, that pattern leaped forth with a force to reckon with. Killer bass player, Rob Grange, stopped me and asked what the hell that was, and I said "I don't know, just jackin’ around, tuning up." He told me to play it again, but I failed to play the lick the same as I had just done moments before and he kept badgering me to re-discover the lick. I didn't. But after recording some other songs, I again went to tune up my Gibson and the lick burst forth again. Rob Grange yelled 'That's it! That's it!' So I played it a few times, showed the guys where I wanted to stop and start it up again, turned on the tape machine and recorded it in one fell swoop, making up the lyrics as I went along, articulating to the best of my ability my take on the great Indian legend of the spiritual beast of yore. Rob Grange came up with that wonderful fluid bass melody at the end, Vic the thundering double bass drum assault, and history was made. To this day it is one of my and the audiences' and band's all time favorites."

Also featured, a frantic and happily deranged version of "Maybellene", a 1955 classic of Chuck Berry (often quoted by Nugent in the late 70s as a major influence on his playing). Ted Nugent is credited for a one-finger guitar solo under the moniker "Rev Atrocious Theodosius".

The album includes one of very few "calm" Nugent songs of this era, "Sasha", which Nugent dedicated to his newly born daughter.

Due to Warner Bros distributing the album worldwide, Ted Nugent's music eventually began to reach overseas markets, but his royalties were not up to his expectations - DiscReet's manager & owner Frank Zappa reported mediocre sales. In late October 1974, rhythm guitarist Derek St. Holmes joined the band at least for one of the Amboy Dukes' final shows at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

By 1975, Nugent abandoned the troubled DiscReet label and signed with Epic Records. He teamed with producer Tom Werman and Aerosmith’s managers, Leber-Krebs, who organized his live tours into commercially successful operations. The only Amboy Dukes member who continued with Nugent in his solo career is bassist Rob Grange. Nugent's band also included Derek St. Holmes on vocals and guitar, and drummer Clifford Davies; Ted Nugent moved forward to national and worldwide success.

In the 1993 film Dazed and Confused, the character Wooderson, played by Matthew McConaughey, wears a t-shirt featuring the Tooth Fang & Claw album cover.

In 1995, "Tooth, Fang & Claw" was a song on the album Spirit of the Wild, which marked Ted Nugent's return to an outdoor lifestyle and his original sound of hard rock.

Ted Nugent – Guitar, vocals, percussion
 Rob Grange – Bass, vocals, arrangements, composer
 Vic Mastrianni – Drums, percussion
 Andy Jezowski (and the Crusted Warblers) – Backing vocals

01. "Lady Luck" - 5:57
02. "Living in the Woods" - 3:54
03. "Hibernation" - 9:19
04. "Free Flight" - 4:03
05. "Maybellene" - (Chuck Berry, Russ Fratto, Alan Freed) - 3:28
06. "The Great White Buffalo" - 4:57
07. "Sasha" - 3:06
08. "No Holds Barred" - 4:48

1. Tooth, Fang & Claw
2. Tooth, Fang & Claw
3. Tooth, Fang & Claw

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Asomvel - World Shaker (Fast Lemmy-Rock, Retro) (UK 2019)

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ASOMVEL released their well-respected debut LP, Kamikaze, in 2009. Barely a year later, the band was shaken to its core when front-man, Jay-Jay Winter, was killed in a road accident.

Although a devastating tragedy, co-founding guitarist, Lenny, knew that the band had to continue in tribute to the determined spirit of their founder.

A Dream to Some...A Nightmare to Others.
These guys calmly walk on, bludgeon your senses with a baseball bat and then retire to the bar, leaving you with what's left of your mind in a pool in your pants.

"The best heavy metal has plenty of dirt under its fingernails: this lot must never be allowed to work in a food preparation area."
- Dom Lawson, The Guardian

Although a devastating tragedy, co-founding guitarist, Lenny, knew that the band had to continue in tribute to the determined spirit of their founder.

Since releasing their 2013 album, Knuckle Duster, with Bad Omen Records to much critical acclaim, and recruiting Jay-Jay’s Nephew, Ralph, the band has spent the last couple of years playing around the world; including a tour of Brazil, dates in Japan, Slovenia, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland - these dates included many respected festivals such as Hammerfest, Party San Open Air, Siege of Limerick, and MetalDays.

It doesn’t take much more than passing glance at bassist/vocalist Ralph Robinson to see where UK classic metallers Asomvel are coming from. The Motörhead homage is palpable throughout “True Believer,” their latest single and the second track from their upcoming third long-player, World Shaker. It’s newly announced that Heavy Psych Sounds will release the album on May 3 with preorders up now, so if you’re feeling like you might indeed be a believer, you’ve got a chance to prove it. The band was founded in 1993 by guitarist Lenny Robinson — who also did a stint in Solstice — and lost original bassist/vocalist Jay-Jay Winter after the release of their 2009 debut. Ralph is his nephew, so only fitting he should carry the torch forward with this new album.

HEAVY PSYCH SOUNDS RECORDS is proud to welcome a new member to their eclectic artist roster and family: Heavy Metal overlords ASOMVEL have signed a worldwide deal with the Italian cult label! Today the band is sharing the first and hotly anticipated details about their forthcoming new album, World Shaker.

May 3rd 2019 will see the band release their third album titled World Shaker, followed by a heavy touring cycle all over the globe. Says vocalist & bassist Ralph: “We’ll be releasing World Shaker in May, through Heavy Psych Sounds. We’ve got 11 tracks ready to go; the best you’ve heard in a son-of-a-bitch long time!”

World Shaker is dedicated to the founding ASOMVEL member, Jay-Jay Winter. Carrying with it Jay’s attitude, grit, and determination this album is the first to feature the new line-up; Finnish drummer, Jani Pasanen, and Jay-Jay’s nephew, Ralph Robinson. Produced by James ‘Atko’ Atkinson, World Shaker was recorded in September 2018 at The Stationhouse, and comes with a blistering master by Jaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios. Sticking to the traditions of the very best in rock ‘n’ roll, while remaining utterly relevant, World Shaker is eleven heavy metal songs to live your life by; this is the album Moses would have brought down from Mount Sinai.

♦ Ralph - Bass/Vocals
♦ Lenny Robinson - Guitar
♦ Jani Pasanen - Drums

01. World Shaker 02:29
02. True Believer 02:31
03. Payback's A Bitch 03:41
04. Runnin' The Gauntlet 03:16
05. Reap The Whirlwind 04:00
06. The Law is the Law 04:30
07. Steamroller 03:03
08. Every Dog Has It's Day 03:01
09. Railroaded 02:33
10. Smokescreen 03:51
11. The Nightmare Ain't Over 02:55

1. World Shaker
2. World Shaker
3. World Shaker

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West Coast Natural Gas - Two's A Pair (US Psych Rock 1966-68)

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Killer West Coast psychedelic monster that took many years to be completed!!! West Coast Natural Gas began life in 1965 in Seattle. In early 1967 they went to San Francisco to work for a local music manager named Matthew Katz.  

Katz was the original manager for Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape and later It’s a Beautiful Day. He talked West Coast Natural Gas into signing a contract with him but they didn’t realize at the time, being young and stupid. That basically they signed over everything to him. They went to the studio and recorded some original tunes: A Favor, Go Run and Play, The Jumping Frog, Hashish, Water or Wine, Beyond This Place, and Two’s A Pair. 

In early 1968 the band broke up and went back to Seattle. Katz released a single – Go Run and Play / A Favor on his S.F. Sound label under the name West Coast Natural Gas. Later he released a compilation album - the first San Francisco Sound sampler - called “Fifth Pipe Dream”. The four songs mentioned before, Water or Wine, Hashish, Beyond This Place and Two’s A Pair were the ones recorded by WCNG and relabeled by Katz as Indian Puddin’ and Pipe. 

An album full of VINTAGE 1966-1968 Music by the band that brought you the incredible 'HASHISH' on the legendary San Franciso Sampler 'Fifth Pipe Dream'. First ever release of this killer Westcoast psychedelic monster that took many years to complete!!! West Coast Natural Gas started in 1965 in Seattle. In early 1967 they went to San Francisco to work for a local music manager named Matthew Katz. 

This superb release includes all the above mentioned songs, plus others from acetates. As a big surprise we found another four never before heard songs. All recorded 1966 in a local Seattle Recording Studio before they even went to San Francisco, all of which are included in this great release.

West Coast Natural Gas
Pat Craig - Vocals, Piano, Organ, Autoharp, Guitar
 Kris Larsen - Vocals, Guitar
 Steve Mack - Vocals, Lead Guitar
 Dave Burke - Bass
 Jeff Labrache- Drums, Vocals

01 Go Run and Play  02:34
02 A Favor  03:41
03 A Favor (version 2)  03:45
04 The Jumping Frog  03:34
05 Two's a Pair  04:16
06 Beyond This Place  02:33
07 Hashish  03:03
08 Water or Wine  03:40
09 The West Coast Natural Gas White Levis Commercial "Never Break"  00:46
10 Radio Promo From The Galaxy Club ca. 1968  00:38
11 Mr. You're a Better Man Than I  02:56
12 Younger Girl 02:12
13 You Make Me Feel So Good  02:13
14 He Was a Friend of Mine  02:39

1. Natural Gas
2. Natural Gas
3. Natural Gas