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Jefferson Airplane 1967-10-05 Rehearsal's & Finished Album (Bootleg)

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After Bathing at Baxter's was released in 1967 and is the third album by the San Francisco rock band Jefferson Airplane. Unlike Surrealistic Pillow, released earlier the same year, After Bathing at Baxter's is classified as psychedelic rock because it eschews the more commercial type pop songs, such as "Somebody to Love", that appeared on the earlier LP. As such, it was a watershed album; Jefferson Airplane was now a much heavier rock group. Jorma Kaukonen's electric guitar was especially more to the forefront in both volume and tone.

Divided into "suites", this musical shift is typified by lengthier and more experimental compositions such as the nine-minute instrumental "Spare Chaynge" and Grace Slick's mammoth and unusual "reJoyce", a homage to James Joyce's novel "Ulysses", with its quirky arrangement and Jack Casady's stentorian bass-line. Many of the album tracks reflect the band's heavy use of the drug LSD. The cover art is by artist Ron Cobb.

Japane Front Cover Version
The membership of Jefferson Airplane remained relatively stable until 1970, during which time they recorded five more albums and performed extensively in the USA and Europe, but the group's music underwent a significant transformation after Surrealistic Pillow and the influence of founder Marty Balin began to wane after their first commercial peak.

The band delved deeper into acid rock with their third LP, After Bathing at Baxter's. The product of many sessions over several months, it was released on 27 November 1967, and entered the charts in December, eventually peaking at #17. Its famous cover, drawn by renowned artist and cartoonist Ron Cobb, features a whimsical re-imagining of the group's Haight-Ashbury house on Fulton Street, depicted as a Heath Robinson-inspired flying machine soaring about the chaos of American commercial culture.

Key influences on the group's new direction was the popularity and success of Jimi Hendrix and in particular the first headlining U.S. tour by British supergroup Cream, which prompted many groups including the Airplane to adopt a 'heavier' sound and to place a greater emphasis on improvisation.

Advertise From Billboard Magasine
Baxter's took more than four months to record, with little interference from the nominal producer Al Schmitt. Where the previous LP had consisted entirely of short 2-3 minute songs, the new album was dominated by long multi-part suites, demonstrating the group's growing engagement with psychedelic rock. 

It also marked the emergence of Kantner and Slick as the band's major composers and the concurrent decline as major contributor of Marty Balin, who was becoming increasingly disenchanted with the "star trips" and inflated egos that their runaway commercial success had produced.

Baxter's also marked the end of the Airplane's brief run of success on the singles chart. Both "White Rabbit" and "Somebody To Love" were US Top 10 hits, but the single from Baxter's, "The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil", peaked at #43. None of their subsequent singles made it into the Top 50 and several did not chart at all.

Despite this, Jefferson Airplane continued to enjoy significant success as "album" artists and between 1967 and 1972 they scored a run of eight consecutive Top 20 albums in the USA, with both Surrealistic Pillow and Crown of Creation making the Top 10.

Grace Slick - vocals 
 Marty Balin - vocals
 Jorma Kaukonen - guitar 
 Paul Kantner - guitar
 Jack Casady - bass 
 Spencer Dryden - drums

Jefferson Airplane, October 05, 1967
Rehearsals for "After Bathing at Baxter's"

Disc 1
01. Satisfaction 01:03
02. It's Allright 02:22
03. It's Allright 02:13
04. Won't You Try - Saturday Afternoon 04:03
05. Won't You Try Rehearsal Session 03:49
06. Won't You Try Rehearsal Session 04:24
07. Won't You Try Rehearsal Session 00:23
08. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 1 02:54
09. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 1 & 2 06:31
10. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 00:21
11. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 00:25
12. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 01:49
13. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 00:20
14. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 00:23
15. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 07:48
16. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 00:23
17. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 02:55
18. Martha Rehearsal Session Part 2 05:05
19. It's Alright 01:22
20. Young Girl Sunday Blues 03:48
21. Go To Her 03:47

Jefferson Airplane, October 5, 1967
Pacific High Studios, San Francisco, CA
After Bathing At Baxter's studio rehearsals

Disc 2
01. It's Alright  05:44
02. Won't You Try, Saturday Afternoon  08:32
03. Jaam session - part 1  04:31
04. Won't You Try  04:00
05. Jam Session - part 2  03:00
06. Martha  17:31

The Finished Original Album 
"After Bathing at Baxter's" 1967

Disc 3
01. "The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil" (Kantner) – 4:29 
02. "A Small Package of Value Will Come to You Shortly" (Dryden/Blackman/Thompson) – 1:39 
03. "Young Girl Sunday Blues" (Balin/Kantner) – 3:33 
The War is Over
04. "Martha" (Kantner) – 3:26 
05. "Wild Tyme" (Kantner) – 3:08 
Hymn To An Older Generation
06. "The Last Wall of the Castle" (Kaukonen) – 2:40 
07. "rejoyce" (Slick) – 4:01 
How Suite It Is
08. "Watch Her Ride" (Kantner) – 3:11 
09."Spare Chaynge" (Casady/Dryden/Kaukonen) - 9:12 
Shizoforest Love Suite
10. "Two Heads" (Slick) – 3:10 
11. "Won't You Try / Saturday Afternoon" (Kantner) - 5:09 

Bonus Tracks:
12. "The Ballad of You & Me & Pooneil" (Live Long Version) (Paul Kantner) - 11:04 
13. "Martha" (Mono Single Version) (Grace Slick)- 3:26 
14. "Two Heads" (Alternate Version) (Paul Kantner) - 3:15 
15. "Things Are Better In The East" (Demo Version) (Marty Balin) - 2:31 
16. "Young Girl Sunday Blues" (instrumental - hidden track) - 3:59 

Part 1: Baxter
Part 2: Baxter
Part 1: Baxter
Part 2: Baxter


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