Friday, 5 June 2015

★★ Five Good Suprises For Record Collectors ★★

Part 1: Link
Part 2: Link
Part 3: Link
Part 1: Link
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krautrockfan said...

Cope's Krautrock Sampler is a great book for fans of the genre but contains some glaring errors on the part of the author. For one he misidentifies the Grim Reaper figure on his book's cover as Amon Düül II's bongo player Shrat... when in fact this was Thomas Krischke, AD's sound man who froze to death during an LSD trip shortly before the album was released. Also his famous "Top 50" list ignores a lot of great albums and puts some lesser ones in their place, due to the author's limited access to the genre through import record shops at the time the book was written. Today we have the almost endless reaches of the internet to seek out these treasures. However Krautrocksampler is still an excellent read and an out of print rarity, well worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

Chris, thanks very much for this VERY nice collection of surprises!

AussieRock said...

Thanks so much for these great resources Chris

They will come in real handy for researching stuff for my blog

cheers from DownUnder

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for all this stuff, especially for dbPoweramp.

Woody said...

Thank you very much for all.

Pete Cost said...

Chris, you rock!
Fuzz, Acid and Flowers and the rest of the books bunch are sadly inadequate, but remain - along with Acid Archives - the only known books on 60's and 70's garage, punk and psychedelic records and artists. Too bad they don't cover even 1/6th of the recording artists of the era. I am gathering info for a book myself, and I have already collected more than 2,000 names that are not included in these publications.
Keep up the awesome work, you are one of the few lighthouses standing on a Rock out there :)

BÖCido said...

Chris please, what are the procedures for installing the 'dBpoweramp'?
thnk you

ChrisGoesRock said...

To "BÖCido" how to install dBpowerAMP:

1. "dMC-R15.3-Ref-Registered"
2. "dBpoweramp-dMC-DSP"
3. "dBpoweramp-Codec-[Audio_Info]"
4. Finish

Aftr install, you can do your settings in the program. open: and read about settings, you can also read in the forum:

Take it slow to learn the program, it took my several month before i saw how much this little program can do. But i think this is the best rip/convert program in the world.


danilo said...

Thanks for this helpful post

Ron said...

Can't get these open. Keep being told that they can't be unpacked.