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Deep Purple - Scandinavian Nights (Live in Stockholm, Sweden FM Broadcast 1970)

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Scandinavian Nights is a live album by Deep Purple. It was originally recorded by Swedish National Radio for a radio show called Tonkraft at the Stockholm Konserthuset on 12th November 1970.

Live in Stockholm is a live album by English hard rock group Deep Purple. The album was recorded in the capital of Sweden on November 12 1970, at Stockholm Konserthus and recorded by Swedish "Tonkraft" (a radio show).

This concert was originally released in 1988 as Scandinavian Nights in Europe and as Live and Rare in the USA. The original mastertapes were later discovered and are remixed for this release.

Additionally, the Scandinavian Nights 2CD had the same running-order as the vinyl release, the set being adjusted to fit the timing-restrictions of vinyl. For Live in Stockholm the correct order was restored and this, together with the improved sound-quality, makes it the definitive release of this recording.

Songs on the album are from the Deep Purple in Rock album, and long instrumentals from earlier albums. The two songs "Mandrake Root" and "Wring that Neck" took up half the concert in the early days, until the Fireball tour.

This early live set by Purple Mark II, complete on two discs, was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1970, and it showcases the band at its most extended. The jams on "Wring That Neck" and "Mandrake Root" clock in at around half an hour apiece. 

An instrumental version of the Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black" leads into the requisite drum solo, and also included is the longest-ever recording of "Child in Time." Some of this (especially "Mandrake Root") can be trying to the patience of someone who wasn't there.

But this was the era when hundreds of bands were stretching out every night, and Purple, with the skills and imaginations of Jon Lord and Ritchie Blackmore to call on, did it better than many, at its climaxes reaching a fiery intensity matched by few others.

Disc 1: 
01."Wring That Neck" (Blackmore, Nick Simper, Lord, Paice) - 32:06  
02."Speed King" - 10:20  
03."Into the Fire" - 04:00
04"Paint It, Black" (Mick Jagger, Keith Richards) - 09:08

Disc 2:  
01."Mandrake Root" (Rod Evans, Blackmore, Lord) - 28:42  
02."Child in Time" - 20:29 
03."Black Night" - 06:54

Part 1: Deep Purple 1
Part 2: Deep Purple 2
Part 1: Deep Purple 1
Part 2: Deep Purple 2
Part 1: Deep Purple 1
Part 2: Deep Purple 2


Ales Novak said...

Thank you for this one and all the others. One thing: when you provide live recordings, would it be possible to give us an estimation of sound quality?
I am somehow between music and (old times) hi-fi freak, so if i get a bad quality recording, I delete it.
Thank you again.

Zen Archer said...

This is the official release from 1988 which is not in proper order and misses most of the inbetween song chatter, this album ws re-released in the late ninetees and a newer versionwas aldo re-released in 2015 that runs in the right order, with all the inbetwen song bantere and in waaaaaaay better sound quality... in 1988 this release was the bomb!... I must have worn out m old LP's but by 2016 standards... just avoid and get the better soundong and more complete version from 2015 if you can... easily found online...