Friday, 28 July 2017

Info: Wucan - "Reap The Storm" (LP, CD & Japan Mini LP) Sep 29th

Dear Dopetrotters,

'Reap The Storm' Double LP out Sep 29th 2017

After we have spent months in the studios developing, recording and mixing the new record, we are beyond stoked to finally tell you that our

80 minutes Double LP 'Reap The Storm', also aviable on Compact Disc & and a very limited Japan Mini LP CD Edition.

Will be out on Sep 29th 2017 via MIG music. Yup, it's a lot of music we have coming up for you!

Francis: "With this record we took what musically developed and just became apparent on our first LP 'Sow The Wind' to the next level. 'Reap The Storm' is not just a snapshot of our own personal and emotional state at this point, but the logical follow up to all our previous work."

And damn, we are excited for you to hear the outcome! This time we'll have two German songs, one of them being an acoustic ballad, one a politically/ socially critical piece and two songs longer than 15 minutes, that'll take you on an adventurous trip through the fields of Psychedelic and Progressive Rock. Plus the Heavy Flute Rock tunes that shaped our style in the past.

Buy here: Wucan - Reap the Storm 2017
Buy here: Wucan - Sow The Wind (Japan Mini LP) 2015

Side A
Wie Die Welt Sich Dreht
Ebb And Flute/ The Eternal Groove
Out Of Sight, Out Of MInd

Side B
I'm Gonna Leave You
The Rat Catcher

Side C
Aging Ten Years in Two Seconds

Side D
Cosmic Guilt

We truly hope you guys will enjoy the results of our and our team's hard work! 

Yours truly,