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Nobody's Business - S/T (Superb Engelsk Hårdrock, Their Only Album From 1978)

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Source: Japan 24-Bit Remaster

Nobody's Business was formed in the summer of 1977 and was a ‘SUPERGROUP’ with a pedigree that shone brightly. Tasteful guitar licks, masculine bass playing that will constantly keep you alert, and an eager vocal performance...are at the heart of this album – and it's truly as simple and as classic as that!

                                 This package is a treat for fans of hard rock!

Spreading across a bonus-stacked reissue of their one and only album. Nobody's Business emerge from this package sounding like the best band you've never heard of.

One more in the long line of solid funk-rock bands led by onetime Procol Harum man Bobby Harrison, Nobody's Business pick up precisely where Snafu left off, with pulsating bass, contagious keys, and irresistible rhythms -- and one can only speculate why America didn't enfold them to its musical heart, especially when one remembers that bassist Tony Stevens was still relatively fresh from Foghat. 

Well, the fact that Nobody's Business was only released in Japan probably didn't help them, so the 2007 reissue isn't simply the album's CD debut, it's the Western premiere as well, the full original album plus a three-song demo that they recorded later in the year, in the hope of interesting Atlantic Records. They failed, but that's no reflection on the strength of the songs.

This album is good, It's very good hardrock. The album was only released in Japan. Therefore unknown for most of hardrock collectors. Try to get this album, you will not be disappointed, believe me!

The album is also released as a Mini LP (cardboard sleve CD) by "Airmail Records" in Japan 2007 (AIRAC-1366)

Band Members:
Bobby Harrison (Procol Harum, Freedom, Snafu) 
Tony Stevens (Savoy Brown. Foghat, Rock Follies, Midnight Flyer) 
Joe Jammer (Olympic Runners) 
Jerry Frank (Session drummer extraordinaire).

01. Bleed Me Dry  04:25
02. Tell Me You Love Me  02:59
03. Losing You  04.23
04. Cut In Two  03:20
05. Living Up To Love  03:09
06. Looks Like I’m In Love  02:55
07. Unsettled Dust  06:10
08. White Boy Blue  02:45
09. Doing The Best I Can  03:26
10. Nobody’s Business  03:18

Bonus Track
11. Rainbow Bend  03:14
12. Crucifer  04:03
13. Highway  03:24

1. Nobody's Business
2. Nobody's Business
3. Nobody's Business

Listen here: Nobody's Business

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