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Ray Owen - Ray Owens Moon (UK Hardrock 1971, ex Juicy Lucy) A MUST TO BE HEARD!

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Ex-front man of British blues progressive rock band Juicy Lucy, Ray Owen left the band and released his own solo album in 1971. Compared to his career with Juicy Lucy, 'Moon'is a nicely arranged progressive rock album.

Taken off his first and only seff-titled solo album, released in 1971. Ray Owen was the original vocalist in British outfit Juicy Lucy, and he appeared on their first self titled album in 1969. He was also a member of the UK band "Killing Floor". He left the band, his replacement being Paul Williams, and formed his own band, with Dick Stubbs and Les Nicol on guitars, Ian McLean on drums and Sid Gardner on bass. 

Their first and only album, which is quite rare and collectible, was released on Polydor Records, and it featured a number of really good riff laden tracks, in addition to a stunning version of Hendrix's "Voodoo Child", which Owen would redo in the mid 90's when he reformed his own version of Juicy Lucy. His career after Ray Owen's Moon is much of a mystery, as no record can be found of any other bands he may have featured with afterwards. 

As was mentioned, he reformed Juicy Lucy in the mid nineties and released an album called "Here she comes again" on HTD Records, with three unknown, but very good, musicians. For the record, Paul Williams also reformed another version of Juicy Lucy in the mid to late nineties, under the name "Blue Thunder". 

01. Talk To Me  05:03
02. Try My Love  04:58
03. Hey Sweety  02:33
04. Free Man  03:05
05. Don't Matter  06:12
06. Voodoo Chile  04:45
07. Ouiji  04:53
08. Mississippi Woman  04:23
09. 50 Years Older  05:08

1. Ray Owen
2. Ray Owen
3. Ray Owen


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