Friday, 14 February 2020

Please, Help me with good links upload sites..

Hi all. 

I'm looking for good upload sites, so non member can downlod my files without "popup  hell", or re-direct to "spam-sites".

Would be very glad for some help with good upload sites.


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cosmo kidd said...

Zippyshare or SugarSync are generally pretty good.

sto54 said...

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BarrieB said...

I upload to Mega & Mediafire & usually download with JDownloader.
I'm downloading something from Gigapeta at the moment which doesn't work with JDownloader but also has given me no problems with popups.

cosmo kidd said...

Let me be more specific regarding what I said earlier today.

You can take inspirations from other blogs:

for example
uses Sugarsync, but it's not free. I mean you would have to pay to create an account, but for us who download it's free.

Similar platforms (not free for you):, used by, used by

on the other hand, Zippyshare is still free for everbody. I think there's only one pop-up window that opens when you click "download". But there are pop-up blockers (add-ons) for browsers that can prevent that from happening.

Anonymous said...

zippy share is no good for most UK users.

Phantom Of The Rock Opera said...

Users (in UK, Spain, Germany, Italy etc) who have problems with accessing zippyshare can bypass any blocks if they use the 'Browsec' free add on for Firefox or Opera(It might also be available with Chrome). Alternatively they can use another VPN.

Similarly I use Firefox and have few if any problems with 'Pop-up Hell' or redirection by utilising the various add-ons (UBlock, Ad-Block, Pop Up Blocker etc) that are availlable for Firefox and still get adequate performance out of a Windows 7 machine.

There are plenty of tools out there to deal with these issues so if it were me I would ignore the whiners as they basically can't be bothered to fix the issues themselves.

Milos de Azaola said...

Mega is the best.