Sunday, 20 October 2019

Hey!, Not to be missed: Nixon Now - Solution Revolution (The Stooges Alike Retro-Sound Germany 1999)

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Ripped by: ChrisGoesRock
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Solution Revolution snarls like early Stooges, time tripping back to a time when Detroit had the most dangerous Rock and Roll music on earth. Full robust Iggy on steroids kinda sound - rips like stonerrock on speed with a growling groove driving home thee irresistable power of loud, forcerful uptempo and heavy Rock and Roll fury. 

This is one German band that definetly knows how to put the jackboot into some butt. I can't get enough of Andi Schmidt's nasal sneering vocals belting out the most incredible rock life lyrics. Pure punk legend stuff. Every song is a killer. Get ready to be nixonized.

Nixon Now. "Solution: Revolution" tunnels deep into the black heart of it all, the burning napalm, the hippie death cults, and all of it lorded over by a Motor City grind of twisted metal and wounded howls. Yeah, the MC5. 

The Stooges. But not in the lo-fi, pseudo-blues New York fake-out or the pill bottle trip and drone way you're used to, oh no. Nixon Now are Super Rockers, after all. Brothers and sisters, bring this record and as many flame throwers as your muscle car can carry, because it's gonna be a long, black night.

If anyone could equal the MC5 and Stooges at their insane best, it's Nixon Now. 

There's so much fuzzed-out, punked-up riff-crazy power that you'll feel like brother Wayne Kramer or Fred "Sonic" Smith, whirling with their guitars like dervishes at an early MC5 show, convinced that rock was going to change the world and that the lifestyle would simply PREVAIL.

01. 1999 03:01
02. Into The Nixon 03:49
03. Make My Day 01:54
04. I´ve Been Around 03:43
05. Do The Strand 02:43
06. U.C.P. 02:00
07. Ann Arbor 01:38
08. Sick Me 02:44
09. Addicted To Love 04:02
10. The Solution 05:25
11. Don`t Want You 02:59
12. More Ann Arbor 02:00
13. The Politician 03:12
14. Altamont Rose 03:40
15. Sympathy For Meredith 07:42

1. Nixon Now
2. Nixon Now
3. Nixon Now


Jobe said...

Thanks...right up my alley

Johnny Redrock said...

I can't thank you enough for enlightening me about this awesome band. They will be playing on my stereo and in my headphones as much as The Stooges, MC5, Thee Hypnotics and thus they join the holy grail of righteous rockers.