Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Nixon Now - Altamont Nation Express (Raw "The Stooges" Rock 2015)

Size: 135 MB
Bitrate: 320
Ripped by: ChrisGoesRock
Some Artwork Included

If anyone could equal the MC5 and Stooges at their insane best, it's Nixon Now Among their fans are Michael Davis of the revived MC5, the legendary Thee Hypnotics or Nicke Royale of the Hellacopters. Everybody who has seen the furious four live can figure out why.

From the starz n' stripes bellbottom-clad chick on the front to the song titles to the friggin' group name fer crissake, Nixon Now are the Compleat Package, classic underground white-knuckle hard rockers with guitars set on kill. This is all packed into 15 easy-to-swallow short sharp dollops of distortion and excitement, a mere one of which could provide enough energy for an entire album by most bands, not to mention light up the city of your choice on New Year's eve. .

Hamburg´s hipshakers Nixon Now are one such example of the MC5 legacy and, to tell you the truth, they do the two-minute-and-change supercharged fuzzbomb better than the originals. 

The one thing that can be said for Nixon Now is that the exude that rare rock n´ roll energy that is so friggin´ hard to capture on a studio recording. 

Altamont Nation Express actually sounds like the band going Chernobyl in front of a rabid, sweaty and panty-throwing audience. It´s all stun guitars with Kamikaze divebomb solos, Keith Moon-like percussive abandon and pre-Punk snotty spit n´ fuck you attitude. You´ll most certainly dig Nixon Now if the MC5 appeals to you.

The Band
andi schmidt - guitar & vocals
 sven anders - guitar
 marc zimmermann - bass
 stephan rath -  drums

01. Revolver 02:40
02. Today Is The Day 02:43
03. Bad World 03:38
04. Shake 03:15
05. You & Me 02:51
06. Car Wash 03:59
07. Burning Down The Neighborhood 03:21
08. Altamont Nation Express 02:16
09. I Live In A Car 02:15
10. The Rocker 02:07
11. Madman 01:26
12. Fastest Thing 01:39
13. I Can Boogie 02:29
14. Brian Jones 01:44
15. Electric Teenage Nürnberg 04:1

1. Nixon Now
2. Nixon Now
3. Nixon Now


Anonymous said...

Another MC-5-sound-a-like band are The Schizophonics. Recommended albums: Oogaa Booga and The Land Of The Living. thx for Nixon Now.

Anonymous said...

I cannot thank you enough for the Nixon Now dl's. I have been raving to my REAL friends, ie, people who dig the Holy Trinity, MC5, Stooges, Dolls, that you have to hear Nixon Now, god between them and Union Carbide Productions, "what's a poor boy gonna do?"
Thanks a ton, Jeremy

rbarban said...

Why haven't I ever heard of this band? Damn, you've done it again! Thank you so much, sir!!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you very much!