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Marianne Faithfull - Come My Way (1st Album UK 1965)

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Come My Way is the first studio album by Marianne Faithfull. The album was arranged by acoustic guitarist, Jon Mark. The cover photography is by Gered Mankowitz.

When Marianne Faithfull released her first two albums for the U.K. market in the spring of 1965, she took the unusual step of issuing them simultaneously. One, simply titled Marianne Faithfull, was the pop-oriented collection that listeners of her hit singles would have expected. The other, Come My Way, by contrast was comprised solely of folk tunes, most of them traditional, the acoustic settings arranged by guitarist Jon Mark.

Faithfull at this very early stage in her career still had the tremulous soprano common to many woman folk singers of the era. While her singing here is pleasant and competent, it's rather average when stacked against the emotional commitment and personality the best interpreters of such tunes brought to the material at the time. Indeed, Faithfull herself would do the same kind of repertoire, with considerably greater vocal imagination and more forceful musical backing, on her underrated third U.K. album, 1966's North Country Maid. 

Still, it's an OK record, Faithfull putting her pipes to reverent use on folk revival staples like "Portland Town," "House of the Rising Sun," "Once I Had a Sweetheart," and "Black Girl," taking on a contemporary writer with Ian Tyson's "Four Strong Winds." Her reading of "Lonesome Traveller" stands out for the propulsive backing, with hasty 12-string guitar strums and what sound like bongos. The CD reissue, available briefly in Britain in the early '90s and then in Japan in the early 2000s, adds four bonus tracks: the 1964 B-side "Blowin' in the Wind"; "Et Maintenant," from a 1965 EP; the poppy and bluesy 1966 B-side "That's Right Baby"; and her classic 1969 single "Sister Morphine," which predated the Rolling Stones' version by a couple of years.

Well, what can one say about Marianne Faithfull that hasn't been written
Netherland Single 1965
a million times before? A true legend in British music, boasting a career that spans more than forty years that is showing no sign of slowing down yet. Over the course of a dozen or so albums and any number of hit singles she's consistently re-invented herself; from the teenage convent schoolgirl folk-pop of her early Decca recordings (penned by Jagger/Richards, Donovan, Tim Hardin, Jackie De Shannon, Bert Jansch et al) through the controversial years of "Sister Morphine", Girl On A Motorcycle and her well-publicised late '60s drug-induced breakdown to her rebirth in the late-'70s with the manifesto that is Broken English and subsequent acceptance into the pantheon of great rock and roll survivors. 

Not to mention the fact that she now sounds better than ever and puts on one hell of a good show! In a classic spin by her manager/mentor Andrew Loog Oldham, Faithfull's first two long players were released on the same day in April 1965. While Marianne Faithfull was full of the kind of fragile, baroque torch-pop with which she'd become successfully associated, it's the sister release Come My Way that was effectively a pure folk album with shades of children's songs and a sense of the avant garde. Magnificent!

01. "Come My Way"
02. "Jabberwoc"
03. "Portland Town"
04. "House of the Rising Sun"
05. "Spanish Is a Loving Tongue"
06. "Fare Thee Well"
07. "Lonesome Travelers" (Lee Hays)
08. "Down in the Salley Garden"
09. "Mary Ann"
10. "Full Fathom Five"
11. "Four Strong Winds" (Ian Tyson)
12. "Black Girl - also known as In the Pines"
13. "Once I Had a Sweetheart"
14. "Bells of Freedom"

15. "Come My Way"
16. "Jabberwoc"
17. "Portland Town"
18. "House of the Rising Sun"
19. "Spanish Is a Loving Tongue"
20. "Fare Thee Well"
21. "Lonesome Travelers" (Lee Hays)
22. "Down in the Salley Garden"
23. "Mary Ann"
24. "Full Fathom Five"
25. "Four Strong Winds" (Ian Tyson)
26. "Black Girl - also known as In the Pines"
27. "Once I Had a Sweetheart"
28. "Bells of Freedom"

Extra Bonus:
29. "Greensleeves" [Bonus Mono]
30. "Blowin' in The Wind" [Mono]
31. "House of The Rising Sun" [Single Version]
32. "Come My Way" [Version Two]
33. "Mary Ann" [Version Two]

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