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Al Kooper - Al's Big Deal (Anthology US 1975)

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Al's Big Deal – Unclaimed Freight is a compilation album by Al Kooper. It was released as a double-LP in 1975.

As an anthology, the humorously titled Al's Big Deal/Unclaimed Freight captures the stylistic essence of what has made Al Kooper such a vital addition to rock & roll. Although somewhat superseded in the digital domain by Rare + Well Done: The Greatest & Most Obscure Recordings, this title was available almost two decades prior to that 2001 two-CD set. This collection delves into Kooper's solo canon as well as his ensemble work with the Child Is Father to the Man version of Blood, Sweat & Tears. There is also a healthy sampling of his super sessions and collaborations with such luminaries as Michael Bloomfield, Stephen Stills, Shuggie Otis, and even Bob Dylan. 

The material is split into the self-explanatory subheadings of "The Songs" and "The Jams." The former incorporates shorter and more focused standout performances such as "I Can't Quit Her" and "I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know" from BS&T. There are highlights from Kooper's solo discs as well. These include "Brand New Day" and the haunting cover of John Prine's "Sam Stone," as well as the respective title tracks from the LPs I Stand Alone and New York City (You're a Woman). 

Incidentally, the latter track is available here in a remixed form exclusive to this package. "The Jams" reveal the amazing instrumental prowess that Kooper brings to his collaborative efforts. As a musician, his ability to interact and improvise are no more evident than on "Albert's Shuffle" and "Season of the Witch" from the definitive Super Session album. However, at the center is Kooper's uncanny ability to support guitarists Stills and Bloomfield. In essence, he aurally corrals their sinuous and soulful fretwork with his tastefully pervasive organ leads. 

01. New York City (You're A Woman) 4:44  
02. I Can't Quit Her 3:26
03. I Stand Alone 3:41  
04. Brand New Day 5:09  
05. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter 4:18
06. Sam Stone 4:40  
07. Jolie 3:41  
08. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 5:52
09. Bury My Body 8:44  
10. Albert's Shuffle 6:52
11. The Weight 4:02
12. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) 5:36
13. If Dogs Run Free 3:36
14. Al Kooper - Season Of The Witch 11:06

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Anonymous said...

I've been looking for this! Thank you!

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Thanks Chris.Definitely enjoying these Al Kooper posts.Cheers!

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Thanks for the Al Kooper entries, all I have is the Super Session album that's pretty much Stephan Stills parade. Good to hear him shine. The Coot

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hi, chris, tank you for al! very nice collection of songs with an brilliant "the 59th street bridge son" ;-) lg, m

Magic Kaic's Music said...

Hi, I knew Al Kooper with "Naked Songs" and "New York City (You're A Woman) and I loved it. With "Easy Does It" Al Kooper became for me the most important artist in Music History( for this month...). So big Thanks for this one!

The Demon said...

Thanx For This Did Not Know That There was a " Greatest Hits " of His Was Out !!!!

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Thanks! It looks and sounds great.

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Muchas gracias por este excelente recopilatorio.

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Thanks! My first listening experience with Al Kooper material. I think i like this compilation because it is very fluffy and groovy. My favorite titles are 4, 5 and 8.

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Thanks for the Al Kooper music, been a fan since the Super Session LP

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You're spoiling us with another Al Cooper album I had never heard of!;-)
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