Monday, January 06, 2014

Picture of the day (Very rare poster for Electric Ladyland 1968)

(open picture in A NEW WINDOW for 100% size)


Anonymous said...

WOW Thanks. Where did you find this rarity? I've run across all kinds of posters & photos of Jimi over the years[like most of us], but never saw this anywhere! Great job.

AussieRock said...

Likewise Chris - I've been collecting Hendrix stuff for absolute years and years, and have never seen this image before
Thanks so much for sharing it
heers from DownUnder

heathcliff said...

Awesome. Thought I'd seen them all...

Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

"We just keep grinding 'em out"? How tacky can a record company get?
Sounds a bit like an automated "stick the musician in a recording machine and push 'start'"
Truth be told, that IS what it feels like when you have a record contract.. but their admitting to it so easily?
Great poster though.. I don't know where you find these things, Chris.
Incidentally, I'm going to be adding a whole lot of new cassette scans to my library this week..
Lastly Happy New Year all!

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Thanks Chris.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Chris!
It's not issued by the record company, but the studio, the Record Plant. So the "grinding 'em out" line is forgiveable - they saw themselves as a kind of production line factory for great albums.