Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Led Zeppelin perform Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductions 1995

Here is another god one: "When The Leeve Breaks"


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Doccus Rockus Maximus said...

Dear God.. that is absolutely horrible! Jimmy's guitar is wildly out of tune, and the playing is so stiff and forced that it makes me cringe. If this was the first time I had ever heard them live, I would not ever listen to another thin of theirs.
Luckily, though, there are the bootleg recordings of 1969 to 1979.. many of which are really good.
The 1969 - 71 BBC perfoirmances are particularly good.
But why couldn't Jimmy have had a better road tech, or even insisted on tuning his guitar first? I don't think anyone would have thaken offense..