Wednesday, April 02, 2014

About My Added Bootlegs..

Hi all. 

If you wonder about many added bootlegs, this site will NOT become a bootleg site but right now i have a couple of them in good quality who i will added. So don't worry, i will added my rips also, promise.


The Rolling Stones - Record Mirror of May 11th 1963.
(open picture in a new window for 100% size)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Post whatever you feel like, it is your blog, and you have to be happy. You will never please everyone(too many boots, too few boots, etc.) Enjoy yourself, and others with like interests swill be happy.

Bob W.

Karl AceModrules Decaux said...

I really like a lot of these bootlegs! Thanks for sharing

Luuk said...

You're doing great, Chris. Thanks a lot for sharing all that.

Anonymous said...

Do what you like Chris! (Blind Faith)