Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Bunch of Billboard Magazines Album Review From 60's to early 70's

Black Sabbath Billboard Review
February 1971
Arthur Lee Billboard Review Jule 1972

Plum Nelly Billboard Magazine Review
March 1971

The Byrds Billboard Review October 1970

Neighb'hood Childr'n Billboard April 1968
Marc Ellington Billboard Review
October 1971
The Rockets Billboard Magazine
Jule 1968
Curt Newbury Billboard Review 
Jule 1971
Head Over Heels Billboard Review
June 1971
Fleetwood Mac - Billboard Review
June 1968
Jade Billboard Reviw April 1971
Jefferson Airplane Billboard December 1967
Jethro Tull Billboard Reviw May 1971
The United States of America Billboard
March 1968
Them - Billboard Review March 1968
Thunderclap Newman Billboard Review
September 1970
The Rose Garden Billboard February 1968
The Stooges Billboard Magazine
August 1969
Leslie West Mountain Billboard Review
September 1969
Sir Lord Baltimore Billboard Review
January 1971
Mothers of Invention Billboard Review
February 1970
Curt Newbury Billboard Review Jule 1971
Bubble Puppy Billboard Review
May 1969
Clear Ligth Billboard October 1967

Blue Cheer Billboard Review April 1969

Bloodrock Billboard Review May 1972


Anonymous said...

Interesting trip down memory lane

Anonymous said...

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing (as always)!