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Children of The Americas Radiothon 1988-11-12 FM Broadcast (Bootleg) (3CD)

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Everybody knows about Jerry's Kids--the young victims of muscular dystrophy for whom Jerry Lewis raises money during his annual telethons.

Say hello to pop music's counterparts: Graham's Kids. These are the youngsters who go to bed hungry or malnourished in North, Central and South America, the kids for whom Graham Nash and a bunch of his friends raised about $100,000 during a nationwide radio broadcast on Saturday afternoon.

Officially titled "Graham Nash's Children of the Americas Radiothon," the event consisted of a live broadcast of concert performances from the Palace in Hollywood and the United Nations building in New York City. The four-hour program was broadcast on KLSX-FM in Los Angeles and about 65 stations around the country, said Richard Linnell, the show's executive producer.

While the day's lineup included Jackson Browne, Randy Newman and Midnight Oil (the last two from New York), the main attraction was the appearance by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young--their first performance since recording their first studio album in almost two decades, the just-released "American Dream."

The re-teaming of the four, whose work together in the early '70s has been heralded as among rock's most creative collaborations, marks the end of the obstacles that kept Neil Young from participating with his former partners, who had continued working together in various configurations.

The quartet's seven-song, 45-minute set at the Palace included four tunes from "American Dream," plus the chestnuts "Love the One You're With," "Southern Cross" and "Long Time Gone." The crowd reaction at the Palace to the group's familiar harmonies was overwhelming.

In radio-land, though, the audience was falling short of expectations. When the CSN&Y set ended, listener pledges totaled $89,650, short of the $100,000 the organizers were hoping to raise.

So as soon as they finished performing a drastically revamped version of "My Country 'Tis of Thee" with John David Souther and (on tape) acoustic guitarist Michael Hedges, Graham Nash and David Crosby said they'd make up the shortfall by giving $5,000 each.

The show had many of the earmarks of traditional telethons: appeals from celebrities (George Harrison, Tom Petty), a toll-free number for viewer contributions (1-800-FOR-KIDS), pledges from entertainment industry heavies ($10,000 from Bruce Springsteen, $5,000 each from Rod Stewart and Atlantic Records) and needy beneficiaries (World Hunger Year and UNICEF).

But while Nash says he wants to be known for helping these children, he doesn't like the idea that the event--which is in its second year--is billed with his name up front.

" 'Graham Nash's Children of the Americas' is just too pompous for me," Nash said backstage at the Palace. "I understand why they want to bill it that way, but it makes me very uncomfortable, and I think I'll change it next year. It should just be the 'Children of the Americas Radiothon, with your host Graham Nash.' "

A longtime activist for liberal, environmental and humanist causes, Nash got involved in an annual hunger-themed radiothon by New York radio station WNEW-FM, and decided it had the potential to be a nationwide effort to help starving children throughout the Americas.

"When all's said and done, we're going to be gone a lot sooner than our kids are," he said. "We're going to leave this planet to them. I hope it can sustain them, I hope it will make them flourish instead of being blown apart in a nuclear holocaust, I hope that AIDS doesn't totally screw up the planet. . . .

"I hope for a lot of things, but I know that I'll be gone and they'll still be here. They are our future, and I can't put my energy any better place than this."

And what about Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young? They've said they don't plan to tour together, but with the new album, the radiothon success and another appearance due soon at a benefit show in Oakland, might they change their minds?

"I don't know, I truly don't know," Nash said. "I don't think any of us do. We're reeling under the realization that we've made what we consider to be a great record. So we'll sit back, see what happens . . . get Christmas under our belts and look at the new year. Then we'll figure out what we're going to do."

Nash said that Young wants to make another CSN&Y album before considering a tour, but he added with a laugh: "We've already got 25 years of music to draw on. . . . We could do a hell of a show."

The Second Annual Children of The Americas Radiothon
w/ Randy Newman, Jackson Browne, Sangre Machehual, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Pat Benetar, Boston, Al Stewart, Midnight Oil and  Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, 

Live from 2 coasts:
West Coast - The Palace Theatre in Hollywood, California
East Coast - The Lobby of the United Nations Building in New York City

01. Introduction to Concert

MC (Graham Nash)
MC (Pete Fornatale) and Bill Ayers

Graham Nash
02. Teach Your Children (some applause added between 5:42 to 5:51 of disc 1-to smooth out the transition)
03. MC (Graham Nash), MC (Pete Fornatale) 

Randy Newman
04. I Love L.A.
05. Dixie Flyer
06. Sail Away
07. Political Science
08. Short People
09. I Want You To Hurt Like I Do

10. MC (Pete Fornatale)

David Crosby Introduces..

Jackson Browne and Graham Nash
11. Crow On The Cradle

12. David Crosby talks about the CONCERT FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE AMERICAS benefit and introduces....

Jackson Browne with Sangre Machehual
13. Lives In The Balance (w/ David Crosby and Graham Nash)
14. My Personal Revenge
15. Fruita Almarga (Bitter Fruit)
16. Lene' Verde

17. MC (Pete Fornatale)

Paul Barrere and Billy Pain promo

Jackson Browne, Graham Nash & David Crosby
18. Rock Me On The Water

19. George Harrison calls Graham Nash for the telethon

Disc 2
01. MC (Pete Fornatale)

Fabulous Thunderbirds
02. Powerful Stuff
03. Look At That, Look At That
04. She's Tough

05. Paul Kantner telethon promo
Mark Knofler telethon promo

MC (Pete Fornatale) introduces Pierre Robaire who re-introduces the ...

Fabulious Thunderbirds
promo for telethon
06. Wrap It Up

07. MC (Pete Fornatale)

Discussion on the Purpose and Funding Of The Charity

A short trip to Boston and WBCN-FM Rodney J.
Rodney J. introduction to...

Pat Benetar
08. All Fired Up
09. Run Between The Raindrops
10. Let's Stay Together
promo for telethon

MC (Graham Nash)

11. Tom Shultz promo for telethon

(Live song prepared for this broadcast)
12. To Be A Man

13. MC (Graham Nash)

A conversation with Harry Chapin (previously taped)

MC (Graham Nash) talk with Bill Ayers and others

Al Stewart
14. Antarctica (technical issue at start of song)
15. Princess Olivia
16. The Year Of The Cat

17. Graham Nash telethon promo and introduction to...

Midnight Oil
18. Wealth Is Virtue
19. The Dead Heart

Disc 3
01. MC (Graham Nash)

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
02. This Old House
03. Love The One You're With
04. telethon promo
05. In the Name of Love (end is clipped and faded to remove MC talking over the last notes)

06. snip of the crowd singing Happy Birthday to Neil.
MC (Graham Nash)
MC (Pete Fornatale)

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
07. Tracks in the Dust
08. Don’t Say Goodbye (w/ Craig Doerge on Keyboards and Steve Lawrence on Saxophone)
09. Southern Cross
10. Long Time Gone

11. MC (Pete Fornatale)

Graham Nash, David Crosby, John David Souther and Michael Hedges
12. My Country ‘tis of Thee

13. MC (Graham Nash)
MC (Pete Fornatale)
technical and support closing credits

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