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Black Sabbath - Live at Montreux Casino, August 1970 and in Brussels 1970

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“No questions asked of ultra-name board”. The end.
…… No, no, I will explain properly. This work, latest remastered of “MONTREUX 1970,” which caused a whirlwind in 2010. Is this “remastered” is or was a point, but first from the basic description. If you know the existing airport, … a while now wait.

LED ZEPPELIN, DEEP PURPLE and sequence, BLACK SABBATH to represent the ’70s UK HR. However, when compared to both bands that identify and organize the live sound source progresses, it is not said that blessed unfortunately. Among such, Speaking of record who are recognized as “no questions asked great” from, “1970 Brussels (video, which has been referred to as the conventional” Paris 70 “),” “1975 Asbury Park”, and of this work “Montreux 1970” Big 3. The three, not official “LIVE AT LAST” “NEVER SAY DIE” even a problem, I just top in top.

※ Note: top version of the 1970 Brussels “THE ULTIMATE OZZY OSBOOURNE YEARS”, the top version of the 1975 Asbury Park is already in stock as “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST”. If those of non-experience (although I think …… not Irasshara), it all means.

Well, responsible for the corner of the sound source Big 3 “MONTREUX 1970” is, in 2010 to suddenly to transcendence sound board recording that has been excavated. Its contents, is the last day, Montreux performances August 31, 1970 debut album “BLACK SABBATH” tour, which celebrated its 45th anniversary this year. Its appearance and the other was a fuss. After all, five years ago did not know even that there was a live in “August 31, 1970”. And yet, because I’ve been jumped suddenly ultra-ultra-high quality sound board. The Ya its sound serving, well by far among the sound source Big 3, mono “Brussels 1970 (formerly Paris 1970)” What stage do you also referred to as the above …… than the video, even beyond the level of the live recording, studio album Beams Sound of. Moreover, initial BLACK SABBATH that has been recorded in the super sound quality, was “just now, in repainting the history”. Since recording of ultra-name board “PARANOID” is June 16 to 21, 1970, that two months later. It anymore, best of … (snip) in superb in superb in superb’s a British rock of …

Only tremendous so far, but the storm also compressed file on the net from the moment of appearance was raging, that was released as “original master itself” in such circumstances was a press album “MONTREUX 1970”. First press, sold out to it what “between say was with”. Unabated momentum in shades of Jacquet is different only in the second edition, it was I have also sold out.

This impact was also beyond the sea. According to the officials, how to obtain a press board of Tony Iommi and Giza? Butler himself “MONTREUX 1970” (the “LIVE LONGEST … DIE AT LAST”). It is said that much to Ai聴 (By the way, Ozzy Osbourne is so it was the end in “Hmm”: laughs). Question your identity our hearts even it’s a shock operation of shock Sakuchu that had to eagle Zukami!

5 years from the appearance was so of the incident, this time super-name board of “this I say with BLACK SABBATH” is, is why was revived in the latest remastered this time! Although I have become to long long prelude, finally main issue. Identity What is the of this work Meiutsu “DEFINITIVE”. It is “official sense remastered”. In fact, even when appeared incident five years ago, “it has been officially recorded, discovered during research for the bonus sound source of Deluxe Edition, eventually became the unpublished” it had been said. In fact, it also has is why it was clear of convincing, “Well, I had been really official release, kana?” Remains raw “far” and was also the a sound that seems also. Perhaps by performing a digital remastered, it …… or not it was to listen alongside the original album.

This time, to deliver “DEFINITIVE MONTREUX 1970”, has been remastered the “really I had been the official release?” Motif. Intact original ultra-clear sound, modern force, the dynamism has been dusted plenty. When you be honest, sound source with the In “meaning the weight of the” original as it is of “MONTREUX 1970” is by far great. Well another, Metchakucha great (So, please do not let go of the person who you have absolutely!). Did on affirmed up there, if you Ai聴 from the usual, I recommend this work. After all, it is familiar way of also excellent when I heard sprinkled with studio albums remastered CD. Sharpness sharp edges Standing, thundering bass of plump sounds comfortably. Is irresistible, really.

Also Iommi also always “debut album, was only live album of there are no spectators” Ozzy but says, Sashizume this work What “the stage version”. Was created a super-name board “BLACK SABBATH” “PARANOID”, “1970”. To special year in special just two, had even joined one.

Although it is your embarrassing story, Ever since then to hand this work, the recording order “because tour last day 1st album → this work → 2nd and Kana will listen in the order of the album” “Today in 1st album → 2nd album → this work as such will kana “try to repeat every day settlement. Subsequently you listened to as the “Iron Man and though why that after recording War Pigs is provisional lyrics that do wonder? … No way, do not remember yet!?”, etc., etc., as jumped almost 70 years. This fun, the real thrill to warp to ’45 before. Come, please experience you also in the press album.

Live at Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerland 31st August 1970

01. Intro - 01.22 
02. Paranoid - 02.59
03. N.I.B. - 05.45
04. Behind The Wall Of Sleep - 06.03
05. Iron Man - 06.23
06. War Pigs - 07.43
07. Fairies Wear Boots - 08.42
08. Hand Of Doom - 08.30


Size: 127MB
Bitrate: 320
Found in OuterSpace
Artwork Included

Along with their 1974 performance at the California Jam and the glorious 1975 Asbury Park show, Black Sabbath‘s December, 1970, performance in Paris, France is among the group’s most famous bootlegs. Various snippets have made the rounds over the years — mostly video — but the soundboard audio from the show, coupled with the fact that it’s the original lineup in their Paranoid-era, was too good for me to pass up on eBay recently. Maybe it was posting the “N.I.B.” video last week that did it. Maybe it was the wine. Could go either way.

Whatever the case, it was one of those shows I had downloaded forever ago, but definitely of a quality worth owning physically. Even as Ozzy butchers the lyrics to nearly every song — “War Pigs” and “Hand of Doom” are especially brutal — the energy with which he does so practically punches you in the face through the speakers, and Bill Ward holds down “Black Sabbath” like I haven’t heard in any other era of the band. All the material was fresh, immediate, and fortunately, the sound on the War Pigs bootleg is good enough to capture that.

I’m pretty sure it’s a home-print job, inkjet, burner, whatnot, but it’s a silver-backed disc and I paid less than $20 for it, and in this age of sabboots, each of those is rare enough on its own that to have them both at the same time feels like getting away with something. If you’re into Sabbath bootlegs, you probably already have this show one way or another — I’ve never had much interest in collecting bootleg videos, but I know plenty of people who do — but if you don’t, it’s an essential piece to the catalog.

Interestingly (or maybe not), the track list on the back of the CD is wrong, and “Black Sabbath” is not the closer of the show, “Fairies Wear Boots” is. “Black Sabbath” comes after “Iron Man” — written as one word on the CD — though it kicks enough ass it could have just as easily ended the set. “Behind the Wall of Sleep” is another highlight, for Tony Iommi‘s hypnotic solo if not Geezer Butler‘s running bass, which is low on “War Pigs” to the point of needing to be adjusted on the EQ, but well worth the minimal effort of doing so.

There are plenty of other copies out there, and even if it’s a cheap inkjet knockoff that you’re getting, the War Pigs bootleg captures young Sabbath at their most vital and as they never would be again. If you see it, get it.

Live in Brussels 1970

01. Paranoid
02. Hand Of Doom
03. Rat Salad
04. Iron Man
05. Black Sabbath
06. N.I.B.
07. Behind The Wall Of Sleep
08. War Pigs
09. Fairies Wear Boots 

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Part 2: Sabbath 2
Part 1: Sabbath 1
Part 2: Sabbath 2
Part 1: Sabbath 1
Part 2: Sabbath 2


boogieman said...

Brussels, Theatre 140, 1970. Vertigo Tour with Cressida, Black Sabbath (May Blitz). Manfred Mann Chapter III was on the initial bill but did not turn up as the band had dissolved in the meantime. Manfred Mann jazz-oriented aggregation was the reason I went to the concert. I was rather disappointed when they did not show up. I think May Blitz did replace them.I never was a hard rock fan, I wanted to hear jazz-oriented prog. Cressida was OK but not impressive, sort of a milder version of The Nice, i found that their tunes sounded all fairly similar. I don't have the faintest recollection of May Blitz. So, for me, the show was a disappointment. All what people wanted to hear was Paranoid.

HeySuchAndSuch said...

Hi! Totally new to your site, having landed here off a link from the venerable Twilightzone blog. Very cool Sabbath post though, and look forward to poking around and seeing what else piques my interest. And: I appreciate that you put some effort into building posts that offer info about the material being offered, beyond simply listing the tracks and maybe a review. That's not a dig at TWZ or any other site that devotes the time and effort to share their interests with the rest of us; its just an honest appreciation of what you do to make this site stand out from the pack. Keep up the good work!

AussieRock said...

Nice post Chris - Any day when there is Double Sabbath on the plate is a good day.
Appreciate the share and enjoyed the read

Cheers from Down Under

martin said...

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