Friday, October 06, 2017

Neon Warship - S/T EP (Four Piece Rock Band From Dayton, Ohio US 2013)

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Dayton sludge rock trio Neon Warship recently released their self-titled debut EP as a free download on their Bandcamp page.  The band is led by vocalist and guitarist Kevin Shindel formerly of Dayton post-hardcore favorites Twelve Tribes and Mouth Of The Architect along with bassist Matt Tackett also formerly of Twelve Tribes and drummer Jay Bird who played with Shindel in Waking Kills The Dream.  Together they blend stomping riff-heavy stoner rock with a heavy Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin influence but incorporate enough melody and atmospherics to create a sound all their own. 

The epic-length EP (5 songs in over 36 minutes) opens with “Carry You Away” and its blistering blues rock riffs, mammoth-sized drums and melodic extended guitar solos that set the tone.  Standout track, “Weather Beater” follows and is highlighted by a head-banging rhythm, chugging guitars and a Southern rock-tinted vocal that recalls later-era Corrosion Of Conformity.  “Paralyzed” is over ten minutes long and showcases the band’s prog-rock tendencies with some slower psychedelic passages that contrast nicely with the more raging and rocking moments.  

Another standout, “In Waves” reinforces their stoner rock with energetic elements of 80’s thrash metal and some fancy fretwork.  Closing out the EP is “Burn The Breeze” with another thunderous burst of heavy psych-rock complete with fuzz-fueled bass lines, a crunching breakdown and Kevin’s soaring vocals.
You better break out your lava lamp and black light posters and get on this ship before it launches! Neon Warship is a Stoner Metal Band from Dayton, Ohio, USA. The members are: Kevin Schindel, Matt Tackett, Jay Bird
Now you should recognise some of those names. Kevin Schindel and Matt Tackett were part of much missed Post-Hardcore heroes- Twelve Tribes. Kevin is guitarist from amazing Sludge/Post-Metal band - Mouth Of The Architect. Now this is their new venture - The brilliant - Neon Warship - a superb Stoner Metal band who have just released their amazing S/T album. A 5 song and 36 minute monster of sublime Stoner Metal riffage.

Neon Warship is a totally different beast to the musicians other great bands. Neon Warship are a band who have released an album of fucking brilliant songs to rock the fuck out to. If your into Kyuss, QOTSA, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu and Clutch then your going to love this like I did. I have to thank the cool guys at The Soda Shop for bringing this to my attention as it has been the only thing I have been listening to over the last 48 hours or so.

First track - Carry You Away - is a 6 minute high octane blast of Stoner Metal riffs that will instantly make you fan of this great band. Great vocals and lyrics are matched perfectly with the great riffage on show. So buckle up, sit back and get ready for a wild Stoner Metal ride you won't get enough of.

Weather Breather and Paralyzed take this album onto another level. Paralyzed is a 10 minute epic that just kills everything in sight. It showcases how good a band Neon Warship actually are. In Waves is another outstanding track from this fucking brilliant album. It has riffs running through it's veins. Paying homage to legendary bands of past and present. This song has some of the best riffs on the album. It will have you rocking out from start to finish.

Now Neon Warship have saved the best for last. The 9 minute epic - Burn The Breeze - is just a gigantic track from start to finish. Starting off with a killer riff that seemingly never ends. If the original lineup of Kyuss were around today then this is what they would of sound like. As it has that brilliant classic Desert Rock vibe mixed in with great Stoner Metal riffage. Burn The Breeze ends this amazing album on an almighty high. All I can say about this album is WOW, WOW and fucking WOW. You all need to check this album out now. This album will be hitting all the excellent blogspots very soon. Mark my words. Neon Warship are on the verge of greatness.

It's brilliantly written, played and produced by all involved. Amazing. 
Brilliant and Highly Recommended.

01. Carry You Away   06:03
02. Weather Breeder   05:23
03. Paralyzed   10:04
04. In Waves   05:24
05. Burn the Breeze   09:18

1. Neon Warship
2. Neon Warship
3. Neon Warship