Monday, December 18, 2017

dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.3 Reference (51.8MB) (2017-12-17)

dBpoweramp Music Converter R16.3 Reference

For a perfect Install dbPowerAMP 16.3 with perfect settings:

01. Run: dMC-R16.0-Ref-Registered

02. Install: dBpoweramp-PerfectMeta-PowerPack

03. Most of all codec is already installed, if you need more, go here: Codecs

04. Help with all setting, Follow: "Spoons Audio Guide": It will take a hour or two, but you get settings and sound for: FLAC, Wave, mp3 etc.

05. Take it slow and read the whole text before you change "Spon's" setting guide.

This is full program, no serial needed.


1. dbPowerAMP
2. dbowerAMP
3. dbPowerAMP


jef said...

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MrXindeed said...

Any chance of a repost of this gem?