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Request: Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb - Portland (Great Folkrock US 1972)

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The year was 1971 and Elektra Records A&R man, producer, and artist, Marlin Greene, had flown to Portland to hear a promising new band called, The Portland Zoo. Although this band of Reed College kids was quite popular in The Rose City at the time, and managed to impress Marlin, it was soon discovered they had no original material of their own. Marlin needed to sign an act that brought along their own songs.

Lucky for me because Greg Branson, who was hosting Marlin’s visit to Portland, also knew about two local kids fresh out of a highscool who actually did have their own songs. He quickly phoned Bill Lamb and myself to ask if we were interested in auditioning for Eleckta Records. We hussled our butts down to the old Russion Embassy headquarters which was doubling as local country radio station KUPL and an 8-track recording facility called, REX, which stills operates in Portland today.

We sat and traded a few songs with Marlin, who was impressed enough to eventually sign us on to record our first album that he co-produced with Branson.

The rest is rock n’ roll history, and Marlin has remained a very dear friend.

Most people don't recognize the name Gary Ogan although he's shared the stage with many superstars. He's a mainstay of the Portland music scene. Inspired by the Beatles, he developed his talents early with his high-school basement band. Just after graduation he recorded for his first major record label. But despite his association with the likes of Leon Russell and Michael McDonald, he's spurned the short cut to fame, choosing instead to stay true to his music.

As a veteran of 35 years in the music business, and CEO / manager of the new Portland, Oregon based music conglomerate, Sound Ground, Gary maintains a youthful enthusiasm in his quest for new music and fresh projects. From his first major label release on Elektra Records in 1972, called Portland, Gary has created an ever-evolving world of activity. Moving to Los Angeles in 1977 to sign with Leon Russell’s Paradise Records on the Warner Brothers label, Gary released his first self-titled album that year, co-produced with Russell. He also co-produced Leon and Mary Russell’s duet album, Make Love to the Music, and toured the U.S. extensively with them, including shows at Radio City Music Hall and the Universal Amphitheater.

A close cousin to the first album by Aztec Two-Step from 1972, this is one of those classic records that has continued to escape almost everyone. As a fan of this album from day one I can tell you that it deserved to remain in my list of favorite albums even though the original mastering was not quite on par with so many of my other cherished records from that era.

01. Send It Over 3:24
02. Reborn 3:33
03. Portland Rain 2:30
04. Love Lost Lady 3:01
05. Everything You Knew 1:53
06. Kac 2:25
07. Our Sweet Love 3:14
08. Just for Awhile 3:53
09. Ogan Tea 3:00
10. You Make Me Love You 5:05
11. I Wanna Live 4:43

Link: Gary Ogan
Link: Gary Ogan
Link: Gary Ogan

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