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Fire Down Below - Hymn of the Cosmic Man (Belgium Heavy 2018)

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Belgium desert rock band Fire Down Below will release its new album, Hymn of the Cosmic Man, on June 8 via Ripple Music (Mothership, BANG!). The surging quartet -- once hailed as "a stoner version of Tool" -- created the LP as an outer space concept album detailing "a single soul against an unnamed threat to mankind." Hymn of the Cosmic Man was mixed for maximum trajectory by Brad Boatright (Windhand, SUNN O))), Bell Witch) and is the follow up to Fire Down Below's 2016 debut, Viper, Vixen, Goddess, Saint. 

On Hymn of the Cosmic Man, Fire Down Below trades the hot desert winds of its debut for the cold desolation of outer space. "Saviour of Man", the first track released from the album, debuts in the form of a music video which builds on the album's cosmic concept. See and hear "Saviour of Man" at this location. 

"Rock n’ roll ain’t dead…stoner, classic, psyche, late 60s/early 70s style, etc., you just gotta look for the good stuff. Fire Down Below is pound for pound one of the best the style has to offer in current times."

Belgium's Fire Down Below refer to themselves as "amp-hugging, hard-hitting, fuzz-loving, ear-splitting, riff-worshipping rock 'n rollers", it is a bold claim but one the band, Sam Nuytens (drums)Jeroen Van Troyen (rhythm guitar and vocals), Kevin Gernaey (lead guitar) and Bert Wynsberghe (bass guitar), can more than back up, as can be witnessed by giving their latest release "Hymn of the Cosmic Man" (Ripple Music) a spin.

The word "cosmic" is well used in this albums title as the album has very much a space related theme running through its songs, titles like "Red Giant", "Ignition/Space Cruiser", "The Cosmic Pilgrim", "Nebula" and "Adrift in a Sea of Stars" are scattered liberally over the album length and even those songs with no reference to the vast Cosmos in their titles, " Saviour of Man" and "Ascension", are lyrically concerned with the great unknown and our place within it. 

What we all come to an album for however is the music and even if you have the most mind blowing concept for your album if the music does not match the integrity of your themes/concepts then you are more or less sunk before you have begun. Thankfully Fire Down Below's grooves are more than a match for their lofty conceptual aspirations and deliver both musically and lyrically within their spacial structures, the band rocking and vibrant on "Ignition/Space Cruiser", tranquil and trippy on "Nebula" and even a little prog(ish) and Tool like on the superb "Ascension". 

Fire Down Below:
Bert Wynsberghe - bass 
 Jeroen Van Troyen - guitar, vocals 
 Kevin Gernaey - guitar
 Sam Nuytens - drums

01. Red Giant 02:10
02. Ignition-Space Cruiser 07:47
03. Saviour of Man 03:08
04. The Cosmic Pilgrim 09:16
05. Nebula 02:34
06. Ascension 07:46
07. Adrift in a Sea of Stars 11:08

1. Fire Down Below
2. Fire Down Below
3. Fire Down Below

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